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THE SHRILL KATHY And Her Bill O’Brien Rant

“Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.” ~Ronald Reagan


When one reads the Shrill Kathy’s latest diatribe in the Union Leader, there is one theme that plays like a broken record: Tax, Tax, Tax…Spend, Spend, Spend.  The Shrill Kathy complains, “a 10-cent cut in the cigarette tax, did not change prices for smokers because the tobacco companies raised their prices…” I think I missed something because the former argument of the day was that the tobacco tax reduction would increase youth smoking. So, now here’s Kathy Sullivan arguing the ill merits of a tax typically inflicted upon Granite Staters who earn the least….a tax on the poor…which of many, smoke.

Next, the Shrill Kathy complains that, “House budget writers ignored every signal that the federal government was about to impose a $35 million penalty for Medicaid errors dating back to the Benson administration…” adding that, “Their irresponsibility has caused a gaping hole in their ballyhooed ‘balanced budget’.”  How conveniently she ignores the fact that her beloved Democratic party, led by Teri “Billion-dollar deficit” Norelli had two full terms to reconcile and fix this issue, but did not do so. Instead, they created more layers of government, increased over one-hundred fees and taxes and put into motion record unsustainable budgets, creating the fiscal mess this state now faces.

The Shrill Kathy whines, “New Hampshire hospitals are laying off hundreds of employees because O’Brien and his Republican colleagues took away federal money that had paid hospital costs for the poor…” Yet it hard to ignore the countless millions of construction dollars hospitals are using to competitively outspend one-another in an unquenchable drive to be better than the next facility.  Now that the Democrats have created yet another constituency cash cow that becomes as angry as any other when bloated coffers are not being filled, The dependable Shrill Kathy is all too willing to step into the limelight and pimp their cash loss off onto the poor. Isn’t it about time we stop the demagoguing and manipulation of the less fortunate? Let’s be honest here; You don’t really care about poor people, Kathy.

Mayor Gatsas is no different than any other cash cow constituent, be it Republican or Democrat. Every entity that gets some form of funding for something from the state or federal government cries, cut theirs…but NOT MINE!  Cuts made to the at-risk juvenile program, shows no indication of any highly-paid hacks taking any pay cuts or losing their jobs. Nope! self-preservation trumps program delivery.

The Shrill Kathy complains the state budget ended a program providing meals, laundry and other services to low-income, frail elderly in public housing, yet she fails to mention that such state-run programs are duplicitous and often overlap with more efficient, cost-effective local programs that receive renewable Federal Grant monies regularly. Again, pure demagoguery is the forte of the Shrill Kathy.

The Shrill Kathy next points her tax and spend finger at cuts to UNH, calling the cuts, “petty and punitive.” But fails to point out that UNH has steadily raised its tuition costs without respect to what kind of funding the never-ending Nanny-state gives it, further making the case for more unsustainable spending and out of control, unaccountable budgets.

The in yet another galling self-righteous rant, the Shrill Kathy writes, “During the last legislative session, the Speaker cleared the House visitors gallery and locked the doors after firefighters shouted at the legislators from the gallery.” Giving her seal of approval to the disgraceful unruly mob who somehow think of themselves as our public servants, yet act like a flash mob with their disruptions, yelling and swearing.

Kathy asserts, “The move ignored a constitutional requirement that the gallery doors be open…” Well, Kathy, I hate to break it to you, but just like you and your anti-gun liberals assert, “It may be a constitutional requirement, but its not absolute when people cannot keep within the decorum that has been insisted upon, irrespective of the legislation or the party in power. Remember all the hell raised about people open-carrying in the gallery during the defeat of HCR6? Remember when a rule was enacted without any public notice or comment?

Her is what is clear: The Shrill Kathy wants the continuation of the same unsustainable budget deficits, Nanny-state government and the ever repressive entitlement world where government is all things to all people. The election in 2010 where her party was routed like never before is clear and convincing evidence that Granite-Staters thought spending in Concord was out of control…Still they deny and argue for the status quo, picking at this morsel and that in furtherance of their Charlatanry.

It is tough medicine and no good news to cut anything that people benefit from. And tax and spend liberals absolutely love when the opposition party is in power fixing it because they get to demagogue it all the while. The Shill Kathy’s New Hampshire Democratic party lacks accountability which enable her to get ink in the Union Leader and write the crap she writes.


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