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Back to School Budgets in the Age of Wuhan Flus

If the threat of the Chinese Wuhan Virus is to be taken seriously enough that government schools had to be closed for the rest of the year it might be time to re-think public education operating out of huge child and administrator warehouses.


NH House Ignores ITL and Supports More Local Budget Transparency

This is not the sort of thing you expect from your Democrat-majority legislature, but we’re fans of giving credit when it is due. And it is due. HB1460 is a budget bill that incorporates line item detail at the local level. The Committee panned it 10-8, but the full House did something amazing.

Democrat 100 million dollar deficit Budget

“A True NH Budget”

by NH GOP  |   NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding the ad: “New Hampshire Democrats proposed a budget that raised taxes, included bloated spending, and contained a massive structural deficit of over $100 million. Democrats are fighting for a budget that destroys the New Hampshire Advantage while Governor Chris Sununu continues to …

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The Claremont Way

In the mid-1990’s, the town of Claremont pleaded poverty, insisting that the rest of the state should pony up more money to fund its local schools. The result was the imposition of a wealth-redistribution scheme on the rest of our state. A decade later, Claremont wasn’t looking so poverty-stricken after all.