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gran·ite: n. 1. A common… hard igneous rock… used in monuments and for building. 2. Unyielding endurance or steadfastness: a will of granite.

grok: /grok/, var. /grohk/ vt. [from the novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”, by Robert Heinlein; metaphorically `to be one with’]. The emphatic form is `grok in fullness.’ 1. To understand, usually in a global sense. Connotes intimate and exhaustive knowledge.– The Jargon File 3.2.0

We ARE your feared:

Fire-breathing, extremist, right-wing, hard-charging, gun-toting, opinionated, outspoken, rabble-rousing, letter-writing, radio microphone stomping, buying ink electrons by the barrel Conservatives and Rational Libertarians!

We take on all Progressives/Liberals/Moderates/ Squishy Republicans and fly to the aid of rock-ribbed freedom-loving and liberty seeking/leaning folk anywhere!

We are those that are striking fear into the hearts of Democrats, Progressives (in any Party), and Socialists everywhere in NH. After all, none of them DARE to take us on, mano-y-mano in the blogosphere or any other place in any debate anywhere. As with fabled Texas Rangers of old (1 mob – 1 Ranger): we’re just ordinary schlubs in New Hampsha vs the whole of the NH Dem/Progressive Party – no contest!

Anything that amuses us is game!


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