Choice Versus Force

Herbert Spencer describes the difference in “political parties” circa 1850 in a manner wholly appropriate to our circumstances today. Exactly, in fact. On the one side, compulsory cooperation and on the other, voluntary association.

The ‘Pride Flag’ is Now a Symbol of Oppression

It’s ‘Pride Month.’ This is the month that the LGBTQ (and whatever else they’ve decided to add) Community celebrates their pride for being part of the community and celebrates no longer being ‘oppressed’ because of their sexual orientation or choices. I’ve never taken issue with this, I agree that this community was oppressed for years …

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Democrats Believe You Are Too Stupid to Be Trusted With Much of Anything

Democrats demonstrate their lack in trust of you as a fellow citizen with every breath. Their legislative priorities deny you resources. Regulatory endeavors shift decision making from individuals or job creators to bureaucrats. You can’t even lay claim to how you vote; they insist third parties and foreign interlopers manipulated you.