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A small price to pay for nice tweets

A “Small Price to Pay” for Nice Tweets.

More than a few folks have had a political come-to Jesus moment during the brief reign of F. Joe Biden I (the First). It’s hard not to with gas prices rising, inflation, shortages, and the rest of it. But are they having a real moment? Do they see the big picture?

Medical socialism vial and syringe - boosters will be required

Vaccine Mandates and the Nationalization of American Health Care

What if you could wave a magic wand (or write a memo) and have a nonexistent government mandate enforced by fearful private sector factions? You get what you want without having to expend any actual political capital, and no one can sue you over it because no existing law or rule exists.

Jason Osborne-Headshot-300x300 NH Journal

Notable Quote: It’s All about the Controlling with Democrats

Upon the news that President Asterisk and the self-appointed Ambassadors from the Federal Government to New Hampshire known as Jeanne “Granny” Shaheen, Maggie “The Red” Hassan, Annie “Let me attach myself to AOC” Kuster, and Chris “I smile a lot, don’t I?” Pappas) support the IRS data mining our personal banking accounts over $600.

Monday Memes

NOTE: This is a big collection.  Next time, if I have this many, I’ll split it up but I’m pressed for time now.