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Rick Olson

Rick Olson is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Social Science. Rick subsequently attended Massachusetts School of Law in Andover MA. Rick takes up second amendment issues on Granite Grok, as well as issues surrounding hunting, fishing, trapping and wildlife issues. Rick Olson is a former Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff. He is Past President of the New Hampshire Wildlife Federation, Past President of the Londonderry Fish & Game Club, and current Board Chairman.  Rick is a nationally certified firearms instructor and a Hunter Education Instructor. He can frequently be found teaching Urban Rifle and Defensive Pistol classes as an Instructor with Defensive Strategies in Goffstown, NH.  Rick resides in Manchester with is wife Lisa. He has three children and six Grandchildren.


“Republican-Caused,” Riots, Looting And Insurrection

Republicans are at fault for all of this unrest…So says the leftist mouthpieces. And most are buying that line hook, line and sinker. Yes, our rubber-spined Republicans sit mute…while Rome burns and they fiddle…doing nothing. Nothing. Tom Cotton has spoken out, but Senator Cotton is a lone voice. Again, we see how Leftists are eating …

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Defund the Police

Defund Police

“Defund the Police,” is a now a mainstream moniker. Minneapolis now has a veto-proof majority in city government to scrap the entire police department. The problem is they have no plan to replace the police with an alternative.

mask keep calm and lets play

Virus Shutdown Games

Virus Shutdown Games Virus Shutdown games are a means by which one can enjoy his or herself in the midst of the, “Rona.” In the military we often said, “Embrace the Suck,” A less-known contemporary military colloqialism is, “Another Fallujah,” denoting a screwed up place, just crawling with bad guys. Presently, we have all these …

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Truth About COVID19 Told HERE…

The video below is one hour and five minutes long. It is fully acknowledged that this is EXTREMELY LONG for a Youtube Video. But, If you’ve bought into the shams of Isolation, masks, and other tomfoolery associated with the political arm of COVID19, you should watch this video twice.

The Pomeranian Prince Buttigeig

Pete Buttigieg looks for opportunities to talk about his, “Military Service.” “I have the experience of being commanded into a war zone by an American president,” exclaimed Buttigeig during the November debates. “I have more military experience since anybody to arrive behind that desk since George H.W. Bush.” Buttigeig added. Well, that sounds impressive, does it …

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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of Silver. What was Mittens’ price?  Burisma comes to mind.  And, at the end of it Judas felt remorse and hanged himself.