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Why Does the Liberal Cancel Culture Keep Cancelling Itself?

Media, in general, is a left-wing goldmine. Billions of dollars flow from consumers to the Democrats who own or run the entertainment industry, media, music, stage, movies, and television. A sector that is dropping programming (virtue-signaling) ‘cuz Riots and unemploying…liberals.

Liberals ordering a gun

It’s the Millennial version of ordering from Starbucks

I’m thinking of what the few gun shop sales folks I have dealt with would have done or said if such an over-condescending, self-arrogant guy came into their dealerships and uttered something similar to the meme above.

KY 2A Red Flag Rally

KY ‘Red Flag Law’ Protest Triggers Liberal Media

“How many ‘Red Flags’ Do You See in These Photos from Kentucky Gun Owners Swarming the Capitol?” is the headline from Yahoo! News, who shared an Equire post about the protests in Frankfurt on Friday. One thing is certain, the protestors that gathered to oppose a Red Flag Law in KY certainly triggered the liberal …

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Ah, the hypocrisy of the Left. But they’ll blame Trump for it!

After drone striking Iranian Quds Force leader General Qasem Soleimani who has been killing Americans for years, either directly through Iranian forces/resources or via proxies in the Middle East when Iranian backed militias attacked an Iraqi based American embassy (and thereby crossing a red line that Trump had laid down).


What Do Chick-fil-A and Gov. Chris Sununu Have in Common?

The Salvation Army, by their own estimate, provides more poverty assistance to the LGBT community than perhaps any organization on the planet. They help people in need without regard to anything other than the need. But militant, leftist, douchebags don’t care.