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What Has Socialism Brought The World?

What Has Socialism Brought The World?

Did you ever stop to think, what has socialism brought the world? All of the Democrat presidential primary candidates are socialists or their policy proposals are. So let’s run through some of the results of socialism.

The Rage of the Democrats

What underlies the rage of the Democrat Party and of the leftist Democrat Establishment vis-a-vis President Donald Trump? Over forty years ago, during my high school years in Iran, my father and I had a conversation. He was an avid Republican, even though he lived on the other side of the world. Right before I …

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Socialism Event Flyer

An event: The Truth About Socialism

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Democrat Socialism is Greed at the End of a Gun

No human being is immune to greed. Avarice. Lust (for power). Nor are they immune to what we sometimes refer to as the Seven Deadly sins. It is human nature. The best we can do is find ways to limit it. The founders thought this critical to the matter of government.