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Choose Socialism

What if We Choose Socialism?

What if we choose socialism? What should we expect? Does Marxism have merit? Socialism as an economic system does not work. With that said, it might be the most attractive political ideology ever.

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You are responsible for me so I can control you (as I like)

Alternative title 1:  Community above the Individual Alternative title 2: the government has made us all our brothers’ keepers. That is a political philosophy called Communitarianism. The short definition is a feeling of community but on steroids with the control clamps being brought out of the secret drawers.

The Left’s History of Bigotry

The Left’s History of Bigotry

The Left’s History of Bigotry is long and deep. Socialists and leftists generally claim they support equality and diversity. Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s part of virtue signaling in this age of political correctness.