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“Protect Freedom PAC Releases “Stop Socialism”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 30, 2019 Contact: Michael Biundo, 202-809-6014 Protect Freedom PAC Releases “Stop Socialism” TV Ad Will run in New Hampshire during the Democratic presidential debates  Warrenton, VA – Protect Freedom PAC, an independent organization dedicated to supporting pro-liberty and freedom-minded candidates, announced that they will be running a television ad …

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Blogline of the Day – be afraid, be VERY afraid

Progressives use the Government to crowd out traditional Civil Society charitable organizations. And the Leftists have made it plain that only Government should and can be doing “good things.” To the point that they are now openly Socialist enough to be advocating the Government nationalization of complete industries.


House Votes 419-6 to Repeal Obama Care Cadillac Tax

Once the Unions read it and found out what was in it, they pushed back. Yes, socialized medicine is something the left desires. And Obama Care was the groundwork for that. But like all tyrannies, you have to dance with them that brought you, at least at first.

Megan Rapinoe

Lesbian World Cup Socialism!

I self-identify as a lesbian so shout out to the brotherhood of the sisterhood. I suspect there are a lot of ‘men’ like me out there living in the shadows. Peacefully using men’s public bathrooms without protest. Even doing our part to protect the Republic.