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Democracy is tyranny.

Democracy is Tyranny

Democracy is tyranny. It was true in ancient Greece and it is true today. America was designed to foster a spirit of freedom. The nation, through the Constitution, as written, promotes enterprise among its people. The U.S. Constitution intends to thwart tyranny from majority rule. America is a free-market society.

Wouldn't it be Wonderful

Are you going to work for free to pay for all of this?

According to “Main Stream Media,” President Trump is corrupt and evil, if so where is the evidence of that? Look, there have been numerous charges leveled at him. And any number of non-official and at least four official investigations.

Wouldn't it be Wonderful

Wouldn’t it be Wonderful?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a cure for all things that ail us? Perhaps we could make the cure from divine fruit. What do you think? Should the cure be fair to the eye? Would it be inviting to the palate? Would it grant us the virtue of wisdom?

moochers electing looters to steal from producers

Destroy America Based on a False Narrative

Cities across America have been burning. There has been widespread looting. In the aftermath property owners who were defending their life’s work were beaten senseless. What we see taking place throughout the country has nothing to do with George Floyd. It is an attempt at a totalitarian takeover.