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The problem isn’t Gun control, it is SELF-control

Again, the chasm between the Left and the Right on this issue is enormous. It can’t and won’t be solved until the root problem is finally admitted to, recognized, and acknowledged. But, I fear, it won’t because it really isn’t about Gun control as the Left is yammering.


Don’t let emotions get in the way of trapping facts

To The Daily Sun, N.H. selling trapped wildlife for $8 each a fair price? I believe that has already been determined by New Hampshire wildlife professionals, biologists, and trappers. Before LDSun readers get emotional over this issue, they may like to do some educational (facts/data) research. I suggest first going to the NH Fish and …

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Trojan Horse

Proving Once Again That Journalists Are Mouthpieces for Socialists

We Conservatives want the other side to keep talking and talking and talking – and the Left lives to silence their opponents.  It is becoming clear that “journalists” are becoming the shock troops for the socialists Cancel Movement, where only the “approved” speech can be uttered.

Progressive Hate

“Can’t ‘Progressives’ Discuss Conflicting Ideas without Impugning Motives?”

Yoda: ““Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”” No, Progressives can’t engage in debate and debate fairly using reasoning and fact. They can’t and it has been obvious for a long, long time. Racist, homophobic, hater, xenophobic, denier, nativists, religious fairy tale …

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