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“When Libs Give You Triggers, Squeeze!”

Bill Burr ranks high on my list of favorite comedians. He says whatever he wants, and he doesn’t care if you are offended. That’s the point. If it bugs you don’t listen or turn it off (I think Liberals used to say that back in the day™, so double irony).

Omnipotent Government

Notable Quote – Progressives want Government in charge of everything

“The essence of progressivism’s agenda is to create a government-centered society by increasing government’s control of society’s resources, then distributing those resources in ways that increase the dependency of individuals and social groups on government.”


“Why Did You Let Them Do It?”

Good question. A sad question, really, but a question that has to be asked. What happened? The WHY is easy – but that’s for later. Many folks I’ve been talking to are just overwhelmed about what is happening. If you weren’t paying attention to politics all the time, you wouldn’t know.

JP Sears Freedom is dangerous

“10 Reasons Why Freedom is DANGEROUS”

JP Sears, once again, puts another spin on Freedom. This time, playing Devil’s Advocate for Progressives who truly believe that THEY can take care of you and are trying mighty hard to make sure that they WILL take care of you.


Notable Quote – WHOSE “Democracy”?

Reformatted, emphasis mine: Who’s a Threat to ‘Our Democracy’? When progressives single out threats to ‘our democracy,’ what they mean is their democracy.

If you can keep it

The Left’s Burning Desire for Revenge

Every. Damned. Word.  E.g.: “In other words, are you out of your ever-loving little minds? These people STOLE two elections – it’s now absolutely obvious the nominal right is fine with this. They hope for crumbs from their masters’ tables.”