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Armed Protestors?

“New Hampshire’s Republican governor said Wednesday that he is canceling his outdoor inauguration ceremony next month because of public safety concerns — namely, armed protesters who have been gathering outside his home in the weeks since he issued a mask order,” wrote Roanoke Virginia’s WSLS NBC Affiliate today  

mask keep calm and lets play

Virus Shutdown Games

Virus Shutdown Games Virus Shutdown games are a means by which one can enjoy his or herself in the midst of the, “Rona.” In the military we often said, “Embrace the Suck,” A less-known contemporary military colloqialism is, “Another Fallujah,” denoting a screwed up place, just crawling with bad guys. Presently, we have all these …

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The Pomeranian Prince Buttigeig

Pete Buttigieg looks for opportunities to talk about his, “Military Service.” “I have the experience of being commanded into a war zone by an American president,” exclaimed Buttigeig during the November debates. “I have more military experience since anybody to arrive behind that desk since George H.W. Bush.” Buttigeig added. Well, that sounds impressive, does it …

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Draft Dodging Cowards

D. Allan Kerr takes to the pages of the Seacoast Online to call President Trump a, “Draft Dodging Coward.” This is rather timely in the wake of the Mueller Investigation concluding last week. It is admirable how tenacious these left wing scumbags can be when a particular event does not go their way. Kerr, in …

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Leftist Pseudonym Writers

Pseudonyms. Fake Names. False Information brokers. “I’ll take irrational people that run publications for one-hundred, Alex.” Yes Indeed. I do believe the Seacoast Online has indeed created a pseudonym in order to put forth a narrative. On Friday, March 15 Seacoast Online posted a Letter to the editor, penned by one “Dr. Linda Rhodes, Durham, …

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