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Draft Dodging Cowards

D. Allan Kerr takes to the pages of the Seacoast Online to call President Trump a, “Draft Dodging Coward.” This is rather timely in the wake of the Mueller Investigation concluding last week. It is admirable how tenacious these left wing scumbags can be when a particular event does not go their way. Kerr, in …

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Leftist Pseudonym Writers

Pseudonyms. Fake Names. False Information brokers. “I’ll take irrational people that run publications for one-hundred, Alex.” Yes Indeed. I do believe the Seacoast Online has indeed created a pseudonym in order to put forth a narrative. On Friday, March 15 Seacoast Online posted a Letter to the editor, penned by one “Dr. Linda Rhodes, Durham, …

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Fudds are all around us. What is a Fudd? A Fudd is a gun-owner who supports and sometimes advocates for traditional hunting guns but favors gun controls and the banning of other guns such as handguns, tactical rifles, standard capacity magazines. These people misguidedly call said magazines, “high capacity” because they hold more than ten …

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Bullies: Teach Your Kids How to Deal With Bullies Because the Schools Will Not

School Anti-Bullying Programs do not work. In many cases, it appears as incidences of bullying have increased. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Criminology suggests that the anti-bullying programs, now popular in many schools may not be useful. Seven thousand kids at 195 different schools were examined and the authors found that schools …

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