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New Hampshire

Decision Making in New Hampshire

The government, through its actions, is doing far more harm to us, than can be rationalized. This does not say the people in government did not have good intentions. But the harm done is real. It is unquestionable.

Why Does It Make Sense to Quarantine the Well?

Does It Make Sense to Quarantine the Well?

New Hampshire does not seem to be asking itself the obvious question: Why does it make sense to quarantine the well? And emergency room doctors are being pressured to add coronavirus to death reports: Why is that? Is it in order to make the disease look worse than it really is?

The permanent tourniquet

A tourniquet can be a lifesaver when serious bleeding is occurring.  But when the bleeding has stopped — when the source of the problem has been identified, and fixed — you remove the tourniquet.  Otherwise, you risk developing gangrene in the limb that needs the blood supply that you’ve just cut off.  At least, that’s …

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Got health Insurance, Bernie Will Take it Away

Bernie’s Boondoggle Medicare for All

What does Medicare for All mean to you? Do you get your health insurance from your employer? Would Medicare for All do something for you… or to you? Will you have the same level of coverage? Is it going to cost you money or save you money?

RNC video Power Screen grab Tyranny has many forms

Democrats Only Want Power (video)

The RNC has been doing a great job setting the tone under Trump instead of just reacting to Democrats. They are also doing good air-cover in general. This latest video makes the case that for Democrats, It’s All About Power.