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Quick Thought – Steve is Right! – We ‘Should’ do it for Them

Steve’s post on “ICE Scores Huge Win in the People’s Republic of Maskachusetts” caught my eye with this gem. “Don’t worry, A**achusetts Democrats are still going to fight this in the lower court. No price is too high (for you to pay) to ensure that there is no price too high for you to pay.”

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Do We Really Want To Get Our Leadership From San Francisco?

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to powerful progressive politicians. There’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Gavin Newsom. Yes, and don’t forget U.S. Senator and vice-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. It’s producing a disproportionate number of influential political actors, all leftists.

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It’s Make America Great vs. Make Government Grate

I’d like to thank Democrats for being so accommodating. Whether we mean the local, state, or federal Democrats in elected office, the contrast is much the same. Republicans want to make citizens great while Democrats want to make big government greater (and more grating).