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“Tax Relief Continues to Fuel Economy”

NEWS RELEASE  | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 18, 2019 CONTACT: Greg Moore, Tax Relief Continues to Fuel Economy Unemployment data shows 610 more NH residents working CONCORD, NH – Following today’s release of another strong employment report showing 610 more New Hampshire residents working and the state’s workforce adding 890 individuals, both of which …

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Democrats Believe You Are Too Stupid to Be Trusted With Much of Anything

Democrats demonstrate their lack in trust of you as a fellow citizen with every breath. Their legislative priorities deny you resources. Regulatory endeavors shift decision making from individuals or job creators to bureaucrats. You can’t even lay claim to how you vote; they insist third parties and foreign interlopers manipulated you.

Really, ahGAIN Joel Desilets makes us put our sights on him?

Last October Joel Desilets (R-Windham) got all bent out of shape because we were “trashing” him.  Actually, when I heard this, I couldn’t stop laughing. No Joel, WE didn’t do anything. You did. And if you recall, WE just, well, pointed it out: “NH GOP Town Chair supports a Democrat.”

Promise, Tax, Grow Government, Borrow, Grander Promises, Until…

Promise me this… The Donkey’s running for President are locked in battle. Socialists all, they are competing to become the candidate who promises to give away the most tax dollars of yours. They are promising to give away everything to anyone who might be a potential voter whether or not they are a citizen. Why …

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