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MAGA Hat As Free Speech

It’s Make America Great vs. Make Government Grate

I’d like to thank Democrats for being so accommodating. Whether we mean the local, state, or federal Democrats in elected office, the contrast is much the same. Republicans want to make citizens great while Democrats want to make big government greater (and more grating).

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After Brutal 2020, Tax Hikes Could Loom for N.H. Businesses in 2021

The House on Thursday rejected a Republican proposal to prevent significant business tax increases that are likely to hit on January 1. Unless legislators act between now and the end of the year, New Hampshire businesses that survive 2020 should prepare to begin paying higher tax rates in 2021.

Graph - Diminishing Returns

Higher Tax, Less Rehiring

With the pandemic driven business shutdowns, New Hampshire is expecting enough of a drop in Business Enterprise Tax (BET) to trigger a tax rate increase under a law passed a few years ago. The BET is a tax on having employees.