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Those on the Left Should Enjoy the Illusion While It Lasts

Now that Joe Biden is the president we need to “all come together,” said the voices from the left. Sure, but don’t forget for more than just the last four years those same voices preached hate, lies, smears, slanders, excused assaults, rioting, looting, burning, and murders, but we on the right, the targets of all …

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John Kerry magic hat

Biden Couldn’t Find Someone That Actually Walks The Talk?

So, by Biden appointing Kerry (failed Presidential candidate, blowhard Senator, rich because of his second wife’s first husband’s hard work, and silly Secretary of State), is just yet another Democrat “showtime” – yet another fine for me but not for thee?

Supreme Court Building

“When Democrats are in Charge…”

David Harsanyi has a piece published at The Daily Signal on how Democrats view “norms” about the  United States Supreme Court. When Democrats are in charge…

Fauxcahontas Warren Speaks At the Native American Caucus Meeting

Fauxcahontas Warren Speaks

DNA testing confirmed that Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024th native America. That doesn’t pass muster as Native American… anywhere. Why then is her claim that Joe Biden will listen to tribal concerns any more believable than her heritage?

Joe Biden wink

Biden is a Hypocrite

Joe Biden is a hypocrite, he’s a Democrat and a nominal Catholic. The man touts his Catholic faith out of one side of his mouth. Out of the other side, he vows to crack down on nuns. The man can’t keep his story straight. But then again these days it probably isn’t his story anymore.