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Tyranny of A Single Constituency

Tyranny of a single constituency paved the way for this present Impeachment sham. Just 0.005% of voters were given the power to put forth the biggest coup attempt in the United States. The Left coast wants to impose its values on all of America, by their proxy Adam Schiff.

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Could the Biden Family Be Dirtier Than We Imagined – Yes!

One of the rat leftist’s pull-toy refrains goes like this (pull string). “Trump’s Kids Work in the White House!” By which they mean political self-enrichment. Well, I can’t speak to that beyond the fact that none of them are on the White House payroll. But wait until you hear about Joe’s family!

Biden's Latin Lesson

There’s quid pro quo, and then there’s political corruption

As Democrats continue to push for open borders while obsessing about multiculturalism, they seem to have discovered a new appreciation for multilingualism as well.  Ever since that controversial phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky, Democrats across the country have been endlessly repeating one Latin phrase they believe will lead to President Trump’s …

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