It Was A Fire-Stormy: The California BAR and Avenatti

The California State Bar oversees the 250,000 licensed attorneys in that state. They have a web site and publish news releases. Here is a recent press release, warning California citizens caught in the recent wild fires in the tinderbox forests of California to be on the lookout for unscrupulous lawyers: The State Bar of California Issues …

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Pointless Passion for a Porn Star

Ever since the last presidential election, Democrats have obsessed over the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. For months, they’ve pontificated about some international conspiracy and its damage to our election process. Now that it’s becoming increasingly clear that such a conspiracy never existed, they’ve shifted their attention to President Trump’s character. In …

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Remember the Export Import Bank?

David McIntosh, the President of Club for Growth, is back to talk about the Export-Import bank. Congress reauthorized the institution so it could fund crony corruption with your tax dollars. We also touch on the upcoming elections and what Club for Growth is focused on for November.  

When Guests Collide Part II

We continue the conflict and discussion of New Hampshire’s FRM scandal with Mike Gill and George Lambert, but mostly Mike Gill.  

When Guests Collide

What you don’t know can make for interesting radio. Our 9:30 guest arrived late. Our 10:00 guest arrived early, the latter has a problem with the former. (Fireworks!) George Lambert, Mike Gill, Unseating Jennifer Horn, FRM, scandals, corruption, and more….Part I