Puritan Thanksgiving

I like reading John Stossel as often he proclaims a down to earth message with common sense appeal.  In addition, what he talks about is grounded in results rather then an ideological background.  When I saw his column, so apropo for today, it does need to be reviewed.

Why?  Allow me to inject a bit of what some might consider politics on a day given over for other-than-politics.  The lesson learned by the Pilgrims is one that we should be paying close attention to, as we are looking to select a new leader, just as the Pilgrims selected Bradford as their new leader. I see the Democratic candidates all running to socialistic tendancies more and more – think “it takes a village” on steroids.  Yet, given history’s results on “the common good” and the hatred that seems to be simmering on the Left for capitalism, sometimes we do need to pay attention to what history tells us of certain choices and actions, lest we repeat them over and over….

Every year around this time, schoolchildren are taught about that wonderful day when Pilgrims and Native Americans shared the fruits of the harvest. “Isn’t sharing wonderful?” say the teachers.

They miss the point.

Because of sharing, the first Thanksgiving in 1623 almost didn’t happen.

The failure of Soviet communism is only the latest demonstration that freedom and property rights, not sharing, are essential to prosperity. The earliest European settlers in America had a dramatic demonstration of that lesson, but few people today know it.

When the Pilgrims first settled the Plymouth Colony, they organized their farm economy along communal lines. The goal was to share everything equally, work and produce.

They nearly all starved.


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Continental CongressForasmuch as it is the indispensable duty of all men to adore the superintending providence of Almighty God; to acknowledge with gratitude their obligation to Him for benefits received, and to implore such farther blessings as they stand in need of; and it having pleased Him in his abundant mercy not only to continue to us the innumerable bounties of His common providence, but also smile upon us in the prosecution of a just and necessary war, for the defense and establishment of our unalienable rights and liberties … :

It is therefore recommended to the legislative or executive powers of these United States, to set apart Thursday, the 18th day of December next, for solemn thanksgiving and praise; that with one heart and one voice the good people may express the grateful feelings of their hearts, and consecrate themselves to the service of their divine benefactor;  Read the whole thing!


Which nation contributed most to defeating Germany in 1945? French polls from 1945, 1994, 2004?

France appreciates USA more and more

See, someone appreciates us!

(H/T: Ned Hardy)


George Washington on arms and own govt“Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor– and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.

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In many countries, that would be true.  But we aren’t most countries (at least, not yet) – it is clear that our radical Founding Fathers determined that our Rights pre-exist the formation of Government (e.g., I didn’t happen to be safe from illegal search and seizure or posses the self-defense rights simply because the Constitution was signed).  Our Constitution, the practical manifestation of the philosophy in the Declaration only enumerates those Rights.

It does NOT grant them.  In fact, the Constitution was written to tell those in Government that THEY DO NOT grant (and therefore, having the ability to rescind) RIGHTS!  So why is yet another Government school claiming exactly that??

School - Government grants Rights

Note the phrasing in two of the points:

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Welfare-WagonFrom End of the American Dream comes this question:

“If you could stay home and watch television, play video games and hang out with your friends all day at government expense, would you do it?”

It goes on to talk about the safety net vs what I call the Govt hammock with the soft cocooning that eventually either convinces one to just lay there – or traps them there.  Yes, I have used the former (as I have said many times before) – a hand up.  And I have known those that have answered that question above with a resounding “YES!”  The carrot is dangled out there, by the policies of the Left, who believe that government kindness is only kindness offered by their mindset (without ever saying thank you for those that actually fund them) – it is only one’s sense of morality that says “thanks for the hand up – no longer needed” or (in the cases I have seen) “you owe me more – I want more”.

So EofAD lists some of the reasons why Americans are falling into that dependency disaster that the Government offers (reformatted, much left at the above link, emphasis mine):

Of course most Americans that collect money from the government each month are not abusing the system.  Many truly are incapable of taking care of themselves, and others are just receiving government benefits (such as Social Security) that they feel that they have earned by a lifetime of hard work.  But with each passing year the number of Americans jumping on board “the safety net” continues to grow rapidly, and a lot of these people should be able to take care of themselves.

The Left doth protest too much when they say “YOU are cold-hearted and selfish!” but again, the only thing that is important to the Left is that they think they’ve done good (again, via someone else’s money and detriment), their intentions are good – but being accountable for those results are immaterial.

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In the [Food Network's] holiday promotion their spokespeople cite the much-debunked statistic that one in five children in America goes hungry on a regular basis.  .

Something is truly out of whack here.  If one in five American children are going hungry how can there also be an epidemic of obesity that requires the downsizing the heavily subsidized public school lunch program to help correct?   Basic observation indicates the children of the affluent are neither overweight nor emaciated.  If anything, many middle class children tend to look a little pudgy, while a great many of the children of the welfare class and the working poor are noticeably obese.  So who and where are those twenty percent of American children who go hungry?

For more details from Smith on the breakdown of the hungry-kids deception, keep reading.

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White meat equals racism


For the past few years I’ve taken a moment on the day before Thanksgiving to post the latest DCCC Annual Let’s Ruin Thanksgiving Flyer.  There’s one every year.  It’s a bullet  punch check list to guide the drone army in a national dinner-time defense of the progressive narrative.

Ever ask yourself why?  Why does the left need to send its fawning acolytes a turkey-day palm card to help them get their Democrat ducks in a row?  Ace nails it.

Supposedly progressives are super-informed and Love Science. Indeed, that’s the main “political” argument they’re actually arguing for.

So why is it so many of them seem to need these bluffer’s guides to explain to them why they believe the things they believe?

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Some things should not be forgotten, like Democrat Robert ‘Renny’ Cushing’s Legislative Service Request (LSR) 2015-H-0005-R.

The Cushing Sex Act: requiring colleges and universities to adopt policies regarding sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking as a condition for receiving state funds.

I guess NH campuses are like Indian reservations – not subject to NH or Federal laws on such mattress?  That aside, you’d think that Islands peopled with intellectual experts stewing in cultural Marxism, would have covered all of these bases already?

Renny Cushing thinks not!, and like a good Democrat he knows government can “fix it.”

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nutcrackerimageOnce again the moonbats in Marxichusetts have decided to embarrass themselves.  At a school in Belmont, a trip to see the Nutcracker Ballet was cancelled because some parents found there to be ‘questionable material’ in the production.  From EAGNews:

The Butler Elementary School PTA in Belmont, Massachusetts makes an annual trip to the Nutcracker ballet, but this year, some parents complained the show has portions of the show that some viewers may find offensive.

At the PTA meeting, parents were supposedly told they were being “discriminatory” if they supported their children attending the production, WHDH reports.

The PTA “secretly” canceled the trip.

What was so offensive in the Nutcracker to some of them?

More moonbattery here




Insecure Feminist

“Feminism is a political herding mechanism for insecure women. It’s thus no surprise that (1) feminists tend to be insecure; and (2) they send messages that tend to enhance insecurity in other women.”

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People like us

Indeed – it IS up to us and no one else.  So get up off that couch and get to work – 2016 is coming (and yes, the Left has forced the perpetual campaign upon us)

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Congressional Black CaucusThese are part of our highest level of lawmakers – the Congressional Black Caucus.  One would expect that they would take the time to do what we pay them for – read the bills before voting on them.  Fat chance of that happening if you have EVER read their remarks concerning one bill or another – some are simply clueless about them or on other things (like Congressman Hank “we’ll tip over Guam if we put more troops there” Johnson) like this (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Congressional Black Caucus denounces Ferguson grand jury

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus on Monday called the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson a “slap in the face” for those seeking justice for the death of Michael Brown.  “The Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown is a miscarriage of justice,” CBC Chair Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) said in a statement released after the decision was announced late Monday evening in Missouri. “It is a slap in the face to Americans nationwide who continue to hope and believe that justice will prevail.”

The evidence given to the grand jury in Ferguson was just released today and somewhere I have bookmarked a post that says 60 witnesses and 4,900+ pages of testimony.  To my knowledge, there is no mechanism that automatically sends such evidence to black CongressCritters in cases where other blacks die in confrontations with whites (regardless of the circumstances) ahead of decisions.

Thus, when did CongressCritter Fudge have the time to read (or Read the whole thing!


SchoolhouseThis from Instapundit (the rest is behind the Wall Street Journal paywall) (emphasis mine):

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Number of College Students Taking Remedial Courses Explodes. “The number of college students taking at least one remedial course rose to 2.7 million in the 2011-2012 academic year from 1.04 million in 1999-2000, federal data show. During the same span, the amount of federal grants spent by undergraduates enrolled in at least one remedial course rose 380%, after inflation, Education Department figures show. There was also a drastic rise in remedial students taking on student debt. . . . Now, the high dropout rate among remedial-education students—along with a sharp rise in student debt—is fueling debate about whether the government should be more stringent in awarding student aid. Critics—ranging from some think-tank academics and conservatives to a trustee of a community-college system in Texas—say aid should be targeted toward students who are better-prepared.” These are students who shouldn’t be in college. Colleges are letting them in because they want their money.

The above is about student debt – my emphasis is on asking the question “What about the student education? WHY are so many students leaving mostly government high schools SO unprepared for college level work?”  It can’t be that Gruber word: stupidity, right?

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fergusonLast night after the Grand Jury’s findings resulted in no indictment for Officer Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown; protesters in Ferguson, Missouri took to the streets. They did not peacefully protest the results but destroyed their community. They burned down businesses, cars and anything they felt like burning down. The protesters looted and destroyed the businesses they didn’t burn.

An elderly man on oxygen was carjacked and then run over with his car according to a CBS news reporter on the scene. Shots rang out across the city and many were injured. What exactly did the rioting achieve? Absolutely nothing but to further devastate the black community.

Read more about the devastation


Terrorists Claim A Scalp (Hagel wanted to fight them) Jerry Holbert, Nov 25th

Terrorists Claim A Scalp (Hagel wanted to fight them)
Jerry Holbert, Nov 25th

Home for Thanksgiving! Steve Kelley, Nov 25th

Home for Thanksgiving!
Steve Kelley, Nov 25th

All bow lose their heads for Obama! Glenn Foden, Nov 25th

All bow lose their heads for Obama!
Glenn Foden, Nov 25th

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Government is what we pay for, to alienate our kids from us?

SchoolhouseIs this the Proper Role of Government and OUR employees?  Yes, another case of our public servants decreeing that they are our Public Masters; from The Blaze (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Cassidy Vines was so horrified by what a teacher in Texas allegedly told her that she is planning on home-schooling her daughter after Christmas break. Vines told Glenn Beck on Monday that she recently began noticing a change in her daughter’s behavior. Her daughter — who is in kindergarten — started to “snap” at her when she corrected her homework, saying “I’m her mommy, not her teacher.”  Vines said a few days after her daughter first snapped at her, she started pronouncing a word incorrectly. Vines corrected her daughter “in the most gentle way possible,” but she said her daughter broke down crying, saying “that’s how she was taught, and I can’t tell her something different because I’m a mommy, not a teacher.”  Vines said she was horrified and asked, “Is somebody telling you this at school?”

“She said, ‘Yes, I’m only allowed to learn from my teacher,’” Vines remarked.

Yeah, I got that from my kids when they were in school, too – and trust me, having two STEM degrees, I knew the subject matter in which I was trying to help my kids far better than the teachers did.  “THIS is the way my teacher wants me to do it!”; tough noogies – I’m your Dad and until you do it this way (which you WILL see is simpler, faster, and less prone for mistakes), you aren’t moving from chair”. Read the whole thing!


Terry Bean and Kiah Lawson, and...it looks like Kiah is old enough to shave.

Terry Bean and Kiah Lawson, and…it looks like Kiah is old enough to shave.

Again, kudos to Steve for breaking the Terry Bean story here (and here) in NH (DNC Committeeman-bigwhig / Obama donor / NHDP Chair Ray Buckley) being rrested on charges of sodomy on a minor-aged boy and the NH Democrat Party stonewall silence - so as NOT to disavow Raybo’s friend?  Or avoiding the mud of this homosexual rape (I leave you all to connect the dots yourselves).  I’ve been watching the NH media (First in the Nation Primary and all – you’d think news of a Democrat National Committee member would make it into their conscienceness, eh?  Nary a peep.

And not at the national level with the lone exception of CNN; from the Media Research Center:

CNN Covers Sex Abuse Case Against Obama ‘Friend,’ As Big Three Censor Story

CNN stood out on Sunday and Monday for actually covering the sex abuse charges against Terry Bean, a “major fundraiser for President Obama,” as correspondent Erin McPike labeled him. The cable network devoted three full segments and two news briefs to the criminal charges against Bean, who is also the co-founder of the left-wing homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign.  As of Monday morning, the Big Three networks have yet to cover the story on their morning and evening newscasts.

Republicans bad (even if for allegedly spitting on the sidewalk); Democrats good (even when allegedly committing under-aged rape). Read the whole thing!

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Royal Order of JestersSteve broke the news that Terry Bean, millionaire founder of the Human Rights Campaign, massive Democrat / Obama donor, and friend of NH Democrat Chair Ray Buckley, was arrested on charges of sodomy on a minor-aged boy (here) and the silence from the NH Democrats in NOT speaking to disavow that same important Democrat Terry Bean (here) even as they have no problem at all in going after NH Republicans for merely saying something they disagree with (which they used to do to us – except we punch back).

Well, here’s a story where a high ranking Democrat, formerly the IRS person who was in charge of approving charities for tax exemptions, approved a prostitution ring (you know her – the one that DISAPPROVED a lot of TEA Party groups because, well, she’s a raging Democrat - Lois Lerner).  Seriously – approving a group, Royal Order of Jesters, that, in some cases, used under-aged prostitutes and approved a museum as their charity “home”?  She protects her own ideological Party over political disagreement but approves a group that has abused young girls; am I the only one that thinks Lois Lerner’s moral pointers are all crooked? Reformatted, emphasis mine:

This reads like a James O’Keefe scandalSandy Frost reported:

This seemingly boring property tax story began when attorney Ron Pruitt filed nonprofit incorporation documents with Texas’ Secretary of State on 7/11/2003.These documents were then filed with the IRS, where Lois Lerner, the former Director of Exempt Organization Rulings and Agreements, decided the Royal Order of Jesters deserved 501(c)(3) status as a charity and, on July 24, 2004, approved their application that classified their new headquarters as a “museum.”…

Read the whole thing!

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Keep attacking our fundamental values and guess what happens?

by Skip November 25, 2014

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Breaking: no indictment for Ferguson, MO Police Officer Darren Wilson

by Skip November 24, 2014

Well, what will happen now in Ferguson?  I predict there will be rioting all over.  Just in watching the press conference, there were already questions whose main premise was “What, no justice for this black boy” with shades of “white power”? The only justice these people were seeking had already been predetermined months ago, sans […]

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The modern equivalent of “thirty pieces of silver”?

by Skip November 24, 2014

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.  -Matthew 6:24 This is very disturbing that clergy and churches agree to turn from preaching the Gospel to a more […]

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Would I need a prescription for this kind of Turkey or is it an over-the-counter?

by Skip November 24, 2014

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Press Release: NH Right To Life elects Jane Cormier as new President

by Skip November 24, 2014

For Immediate Release New Hampshire Right to Life (603) 626-7950 New Hampshire Right to Life Announces New President Merrimack, N.H. — The Board of Trustees of New Hampshire Right to Life is happy to announce the election of a new President for the organization. During its November board meeting, NHRTL trustees unanimously voted for Jane […]

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Adam Carolla – ‘You’re Unlucky’

by Steve MacDonald November 24, 2014
Thumbnail image for Adam Carolla – ‘You’re Unlucky’

Adam Corolla on why you’re unlucky and why that is good.   Prager U

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I Guess New Hampshire Democrats support Child-Rape Then….

by Steve MacDonald November 24, 2014
Thumbnail image for I Guess New Hampshire Democrats support Child-Rape Then….

Democrats have more to answer for with regards to DNC Committee member Terry Bean, one-percenter, Democrat-fundraiser, and accused pedophile. Bean got his 24 year old partner access to the President of the United States, event, handshake, photo-op, even though his boyfriend Kiah Lawson (Love the matching scarves or is that one scarf) had a criminal […]

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It Is Worth Note’n Where He’s Vote’n

by Ed Naile November 24, 2014

The NH State Supreme Court caught an interstate voter for us!! Well, thank you Supremes for at least this bit of sunshine. Cited is a State Supreme Court appeal regarding what looks like a dog bite case (that’s not slang, a dog bit someone) and who, from where, insured by what coverage, of what residence, […]

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Sad-Sacked: Hagel Was Too Warlike!

by Mike November 24, 2014

Poor Chuck Hagel, the guy always looks like the definition of a “sad sack”, and now he has more reasons to be sad. Hired by Obama to be the “Token Republican”, the most un-warlike Hagel was intended to preside over a general troop drawdown and shrinking budgets. Things went well until the ISIS crisis became […]

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The Democrat War on Work…

by Steve MacDonald November 24, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Democrat War on Work…

Figure this one out. The official U.S. unemployment rate has indeed fallen steadily during the past few years, but the economic recovery has created the fewest jobs relative to the previous employment peak of any prior recovery. The labor-force participation rate recently touched a 36-year low of 62.7%. The number of Americans not in the […]

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