“Lifting off from an airfield in Germany, Lilium Aviation’s Jet Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), zero-emission, electric Eagle prototype has completed its maiden flight. Being controlled from the ground, the unmanned two-seater was subjected to a series of tests, including a mid-air transition from hovering to horizontal flight. The company is aiming for a manned flight in 2019 and is setting its sights on a five-seater for on-demand air taxi and ridesharing services.

According to Lilium, its air taxi will be “jet-powered,” though this means it uses 36 ducted fans run by electric motors rather than using gas turbines. The motors are set on the wings and canards with 12 movable flaps that direct the airflow downwards for taking off and landing, then directing it aft over the wings to provide lift and forward flight.”

(H/T: New Atlas)


“My analysis is that most faith based systems depend upon an absolute moral order. The declaration of things as absolutely evil or absolutely good, as sin or virtue, puts liberalism into a horrible position because it’s founded on no judgment on anything. As a result, any faith that is seriously practiced or understood is a challenge to the politics that depend on constituencies that would rather not be told that their choices are bad and their lives are not virtuous.”

-Hugh Hewitt (lawyer, blogger, writer, speaker, talk show host)

(H/T: RightWingNews)


SHOT: In Manchester public schools, 22 topped $100K in 2016

CHASER: In Gilford public schools, 12 topped $100K in 2016

Here’s the deal: difference in student enrollment:

Manchester: 13,387

Gilford: 1,164

So, where is the problem? Manchester has twice the number of $100K+ employees but 11.5 times the enrollment.

So, who is getting the shaft here? Who is the better steward of taxpayer monies?

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All it takes is one question over and over and over again.  And then the guts to act when they either act stupid or won’t answer:

Cal State Can’t Explain Why It Needs So Many Bureaucrats.

The California State University system has increased its hiring of managers at a steeper rate than its hiring of other employees over the past 10 years, according to a new state audit…in a report on the audit released on Thursday, the state auditor, Elaine M. Howle, wrote that the system could not sufficiently explain why it needed all the new managers, including deans, head coaches, and vice presidents, among other positions.

…The audit also found that the system’s 23 campuses did not have policies for periodically comparing their spending levels or reviewing their budget limits.

The Question:  Read the whole thing!


SHOT: Nancy Pelosi: There Is Room In The Party For Pro-Life Democrats

“Of course” you can be a pro-life Democrat, Pelosi said. “I’ve served in the House with many members who did not share my very positive, aggressive position on promoting a woman’s right to choose.”…”Why don’t you interview Tom Perez, and not me!” she joked.

Translations: idiotic traitors

Tom Perez?  OK

CHASER: Tom Perez, DNC Chair:

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” Perez said in a statement. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”

Hangover: Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin:

“As long as they are prepared to back … Roe vs. Wade… then I think they can be part of the party.”

Translation: you can be pro-life, just shut up and vote against your conscience.  Yeah, that’s about right.

Mores stuff here.

Update: US Senator Ben Sasse pwns Tom Perez:

Tweeting a picture of a 12-week-old unborn baby, Sasse wrote: “Your profile says you fight for the little guy. Please check out this little fella — special, isn’t he? (He’s 12 weeks old.)”



RNC LogoThe Republican National Committee’s most recent fundraising spam to hit my mailbox (snail mail not email) includes a survey, as they often do. In question two, it asks me to rank my priorities from a list of choices.  Build a border wall, reverse Obama EO’s, Enforce Immigration Law, Rebuild the military, Cut regulations and taxes, domestic energy development, trade deals, shrink the bureaucracy, tax reform, and other.

No mention of Repealing or replacing ObamaCare.

Sure, I could put that under “other,” but I find it fascinating that the RNC not only didn’t include it as a likely priority, health care reform does not appear anywhere in the survey.




Results matter.  To most.  Them?  Unions.

(H/T: Powerline)

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Trump Admin Reassigns Obama Holdover Iran Deal Architect Who Snuck into Senior Position

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, a senior career service employee at the State Department and a hold-over from the Obama and Bush administrations, has been removed from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s policy planning team, according to a report by Politico.
Nowrouzzadeh was an integral member of the team that drafted the much-maligned 2015 deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran over that theocratic dictatorship’s nuclear program. During the negotiations leading up to that deal, Breitbart News reported that Nowrouzzadeh previously had worked for the National-Iranian American Council, a lobbying group with connections to Iran’s Islamic fundamentalist leadership.

According to Politico, Nowrouzzadeh has been reassigned to the State Department’s Office of Iranian Affairs. As a career service employee, Nowrouzzadeh is protected from outright dismissal over political leanings.

This does NOT solve the problem, it only shifts it to somewhere else.  I’m no expert on Civil Service rules (although I’ve been moving to a position to go BACK to the time when elections mattered and the spoils went to the winner given what I’ve been reading about the burrowing in” by Obama spawns) but re-assignment seems to be acceptable.  I have a great idea on WHERE to re-assign these kinds of folks that are all willing to fight against the policies of the Trump Administration.

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Caution – no tires were hurt in the filming of this exercise.  Nor has any attempt been made to translate it from its native Japanese.  Who cares – what commentary is needed about tires going down a hill?

I did gaffaw at the last tire as it left the ramp….

(H/T: RedState)


White House ‘confident’ government shutdown can be avoided but still tells agencies to prepare for it

It’s not like this deadline, the Feds running out of money because, once AGAIN, our overpaid and over-ego’d CongressCritters have failed to do their jobs – pass a series of appropriation bills for each area of the government in time to have them signed by the President.  This time, we can blame Republicans for not doing their jobs and the Democrats for doing their very best to be the next Ted Cruz’s (how’s that in making the Dems become of their most hated Republicans?).

As I’ve said before, Read the whole thing!

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The Clintons are the political equivalent of herpes. They keep coming back, whether people like it or not.

There’s no “graceful retiring” about them. Or just “graceful”.  Or just “retiring”.

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Al_Gore_Fire bannerThe end is near. No, I’m not talking about some robed wacko in a sandwich board pacing around a busy street corner. I’m referring to the environmental movement, whose holiest of holy days is today. Earth Day.

Since 1970, when the first celebration was organized (by a guy who would turn out to be a murderer) the chicken-little predictions have continued to be, what’s the word…wrong. Biologists, theorists, engineers, actors, politicians, professors, psychologists, geologists, actual climatologists, the media, and weathermen (above ground and underground), have a rediculous track record of being wrong.

To celebrate the wrongness, (Courtesy of Ricochet.com) is a list of the most ridiculous predictions (or statements) from that very first earth day.

Read the whole thing!


Keynote Speaker at Rockingham County’s Freedom Founders Dinner: Lewandowski’s Tales of the Campaign Trail, and More

Updated video:

Original video here
Tales of life on the trail with Donald Trump, the man who works 18 hours, 7 days a week. The strategy of flaunting the Trump brand during the campaign (Americans like success stories). Real empathy with suffering Americans. The perils of trying to schedule the last event of the day (hint, 8pm is way too early). The obvious ongoing relationship of the man the Media thought they’d banished, with President Trump.


At Rockingham County’s Freedom Founders Dinner last night, MC Jeff Chidester declared that he thought it foolish to measure an executive by the first 100 days, but that he was very impressed with the work that Governor Chris Sununu has done thus far.

Video includes introductory comments as well as invocation and pledge of allegiance.
Updated video – Sununu begins at 12:15

Original video here.


The Declaration of Independence conspicuously listed life as an unalienable right. It’s impossible to know for certain how the founders would weigh in on the modern abortion debate, but the Federalist Party holds to the idea that protecting life at all stages is a self-evident truth.

The opportunities to write about this to the nation as well as directly to the people of New Hampshire that GraniteGrok serves are greatly appreciated. As such, we chose life as one of three core issues to discuss specifically because we feel New Hampshire is a microcosm of America. There are strongly polarized groups on both sides present in the “Live Free or Die” state just as there are diverse perspectives at every level in between. Since abortion is as much a cultural issue as it is a political one, we see it bridging the gap between pro-lifers on both sides of the political spectrum. The key is making sure the messaging is aligned with the Constitution in order to stay true to our other core beliefs of reining in the federal government and defending our freedoms.

Read the whole thing!

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Mariellen MacKay

Mariellen MacKay Image: Union Leader

Hillsborough District 30 New Hampshire Democrat Mariellen MacKay has changed her party affiliation. From now on she’d like to be called a Republican. But there’s a problem. The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NHHRA) which tracks legislators votes based on their adherence to the Republican Party platform reports that of the 43 votes they have followed in the 2017 session, MacKay, who cast a vote on all of them, only voted “Republican” on one.

Read the whole thing!


freedom_of_speechTomorrow is Earth Day, and as I have already pointed out the March for Science that coincides is a march for junk science. Junk science whose junkiness is so junky it has always required those who question the faith to be silenced.  Denier!

We should call it the March for Silence because it’s not about science it is about a photo-op with earth day Commies, tenured rent-seekers in the climate community, and the Democrat Party in general, who are looking for a lift and think this will help pass themselves off as the Party of Science!

(From How Carl Sagan Ruined Science) The organizers may say the march is nonpartisan and has a variety of goals, but it’s mostly just about global warming. It’s not just about whether global warming is happening, or whether it is caused by human activity, but about a specific political program for dealing with global warming.

The political program is (old, not new), a global conquest better suited to a fat man in a white suit cackling while stroking a Persian cat. It is to use “science” to control energy policy, to control the means of production and the people while redistributing trillions to favored groups and cronies.

Pussy hat teslaIt’s every high-tax, low-return, centrally planned system the Socialist-Democrat Party ever coughed up with a hairball all rolled into one. It is THE preferred modern tool of freedom’s final destruction. Why else would they work so hard to make excuses for something that has failed so miserably? (Which we could also be talking about Hillary.)

It’s scientific socialism. Same old whore, not so new dress. I wonder if they’ll wear pussy Tesla hats.




Exchange thus requires a kind of other-regardingness. To be sure, it is not altruism. Our concern with the advantages of the butcher, the brewer, and the baker is not the love of our neighbors. Exchange does not require such love. Commerce, however, is impossible when I am indifferent to the concerns of my trading partner. In a more aristocratic age, tradespeople were an object of scorn precisely because of the servility that the market imposed on them. Gentlemen possessed the luxury of satisfying their needs while maintaining indifference to others. The tradesman, in contrast, could not afford hauteur because he was dependent on the satisfaction of others’ interests for the gratification of his own needs.

-Nathan Oman ( The Dignity of Commerce)

Progressives / Socialists are like the old aristocrats of old like Oman describes – they look Read the whole thing!


If you really think hard about Classical Western Liberalism, have an affinity for Liberty / Freedom in the everyday choices of your life, and hate the idea that government should make all the “hard” decisions and decide what your behavior should be, you’re not a progressive.

This guy used to be – and then thought about it.

“A Faux Moral Movement”

(H/T: RedState)


Sanders Is Headlining the DNC Unity Tour…But Still Doesn’t Want to Be Called a Democrat

bernie-sandersSo the Dems are parading around a guy, Bernie Sanders, that calles himself a “democrat socialist” before running for Prez, signed up to run as a Dem, immediately resigned after the race…

“No, I’m an Independent,” Sanders said when asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes whether he now identifies as a Democrat.

…and now calls himself an “independent”. Thus, we have two levels of lying going on:

  • First, he’s more popular, as a Socialist, than any of the actual Democrats in the Democrat Party
  • Second, what does that say about the perception of the Democrat Party as a whole that it has to have someone front them that isn’t one of them? How sad is that – for the Party of Diversity to have a really old white guy that gets cheers and the Chair of the Party gets boos at rallys?
  • Third, what does it ALSO say about the Democrat Party ideologically that a Socialist is now the face of their Party?

Can we now unequivocally say that there are no differences between Socialists and Democrats?

(H/T: Townhall)


Guess they didn’t plan 2 gud

by Skip April 21, 2017

(H/T: Linkiest)

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Sea Level Rise Fraud

by Steve MacDonald April 21, 2017

Just for perspective, I’ve modified NOAA’s Sea Level Rise (SLR) graph (mostly to scale) for Portland ME to illustrate what needs to happen for the scaremongering climate cult’s mythical six feet of sea level rise to happen by 2100. Portland, Maine has reported a very constant interglacial change of 1.87mm/year for the past 100+ years. […]

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Dad Teaches Son a Valuable Lesson About Hard Work

by Scott Morales April 21, 2017

Watch: Surprised with @Cubs tickets for working hard at school, on the farm, and on the baseball field ?? He may or may not be their biggest fan! pic.twitter.com/EVsufB5cSF — Hannah Himes (@HannahHimes) April 16, 2017 Man, that’s beautiful … there’s something in my eye.

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GrokTV: Live blogging from the RCRC’s Annual Freedom Founders Dinner

by Skip April 20, 2017

Grokster Mike will be there to livestream the event starting at around 7pm tonite.  Speakers include NH Gov. Chris Sununu and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and MC is Jeff Chidester.  I’m quite sure that Mike will also try to get a few words with as many folks as he can outside of the […]

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Notable Quote – Ann Alhouse

by Skip April 20, 2017

I get really tired of Democratic partisan emotion. I’m someone who sometimes votes for Democrats, and I’ve voted for a lot more Democratic candidates than Republicans over the years, but I have nothing but a negative reaction to all this anger at losing. If they’d won, they’d be exulting and gloating, with no empathy for […]

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Data Point – ongoing war against Trump by the MSM

by Skip April 20, 2017

And the MSM keeps insisting that they aren’t “the Opposition Party”.  They’re still Democrats with bylines… (H/T: Newsbusters)

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NOAA – Altering the Data to Match Their Theory

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2017

Tony Heller from Real Climate Science shows how NOAA change past and current data own to produce their desired outcome.

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Palate Cleanser- RYNO Single-Wheel Electric ‘Scooter’

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2017

RYNO Motors is a single-wheeled electric scooter. According to CNET, it is self-balancing, has a turning radius of zero when stopped, and only takes up about as much space as a folding bicycle. Top speed is 12.5 MPH (to keep it in the personal mobility/scooter category) and has a maximum range of 20 miles on a […]

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Taliban: using that old “I killed my parents so have mercy on me, an orphan” schtick

by Skip April 20, 2017

Well, can’t say that I blame them – a large part of war is the propaganda effort.  Hey, it worked well for Ho Chi Minh to win the Viet Nam war, right?  So the Taliban is copying them, I suppose, in the aftermath of losing a whole bunch of insurgent fighters, lots of material, and […]

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Illegal Immigrants Not that Hard to Find After All?

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2017

How many times did you hear some politician, bureaucrat, or talking head say we’d never be able to find all those illegal immigrants? It seems like it was not as big a problem as they suggested but that the Obama administration did its best to make it worse. The Obama administration left the government’s deportation force […]

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