At least, if that campus is located at Dartmouth here in my “Life Free or Die” State.  Apparently, these Democrats would rather have their roommates die instead of having them as, you know, roommates.

Dartmouth Study Finds Democrats Are The Least Tolerant Students On Campus

A new survey of students at Dartmouth College found that those who identified as Democrats are the least tolerant on campus.

In the campus-wide field survey, students of all political stripes were asked how comfortable they would be about living with a roommate who holds opposing political views. Of the 432 students surveyed, only 39 percent of students who identified as Democrats said they would feel comfortable living with a Republican, 16 percent said they felt neutral about the proposed arrangement, while 45 percent, a plurality, said they felt uncomfortable.

Republicans, on the other hand:

A majority of students who identified as Republicans (69 percent) said they were comfortable living with someone of opposing political views, 19 percent said they felt neutral about it, and only 12 percent said they felt uncomfortable.

(H/T: The Federalist)


Obama is a hypocrite on money

And on the 72 degrees, SUVs, et al.  $65 million for a book deal and luxuriating on a megayacht and in the Polynesian islands.

Enough money?  Fine for me but not for thee.  “Fat cat bankers” indeed.

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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SHOT: California’s Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye letter to Dept of Homeland Security (emphasis mine):

As officers of the court, we judges uphold the constitutions of both the United States and California, and the executive branch does the same by ensuring that our laws are fairly and safely enforced. But enforcement policies that include stalking courthouses and arresting undocumented immigrants, the vast majority of whom pose no risk to public safety, are neither safe nor fair. They not only compromise our core value of fairness but they undermine the judiciary’s ability to provide equal access to justice. I respectfully request that you refrain from this sort of enforcement in California’s courthouses.

CHASER: DHS Secretary John Kelly(and USMC General) on “sanctuaries” and, ahem, courthouses (emphasis mine):

“The best place for us to pick up these illegal criminals is in jails and prisons. It is inconceivable to me that an elected official at any level would prefer these types of men and women to be released into the community…Sheriffs and police departments “want to cooperate with us and turn these people over that are in the jails.”

“If they don’t do that, we have to go into neighborhoods. We have to go into courthouses. We have to go where we can find them and apprehend them.”

These illegal aliens that are being picked up have Read the whole thing!


“Those who do not view armed self defense as a basic human right, ignore the mass graves of those who died on their knees at the hands of tyrants.”


(H/T: RedState)


Campus THough Police

(H/T: Lucianne)



Yesterday, the House Education Committee passed a ridiculous full-day kindergarten bill that actually increased the amount Governor Sununu wanted to spend from $9 million per year to over $14 million per year. The amendment was brought forth by ‘Republican’ Terry Wolf and replaces Senate Bill 191 (SB 191) completely. The amendment is actually House Bill 155 (HB 155). The committee voted to pass this outrageously expensive addition to the state taxpayers’ budget by a vote of 15-4. Read the whole thing!


baby in womb“Scientists” create artificial womb to help premature “babies.”

The device consists of a clear plastic bag filled with synthetic amniotic fluid. A machine outside the bag is attached to the umbilical cord to function like a placenta, providing nutrition and oxygen to the blood and removing carbon dioxide.

“The whole idea is to support normal development; to re-create everything that the mother does in every way that we can to support normal fetal development and maturation,” Flake says.

So if they are babies and worth saving, Read the whole thing!

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holstered-gun1The gun grabbers Constitution haters civilian disarmament movement (like Moms Demand Action and EveryTown – the Billionaire Bloomburg astroturf zombies) keep insisting that there is no such thing as a good guy with a gun – it’s only a myth.  Sure.

Myth this (reformatted, emphasis mine):

A concealed carrier in Memphis (TN) broke up a robbery last week and send the robber running for his life.

Officers were flagged down by a parking attendant who told police he was walking a woman to her car from Hernando Street. An unknown suspect approached him from behind and hit him on the back of the head. Police do not know what kind of weapon was used. The victim was then pushed to the ground, and the suspect started rummaging through his pockets.

A witness, who has his hand gun permit, saw what was going down, and pulled a gun on the suspect. Police said the suspect yelled, “I don’t have a gun,”  and hopped into a tan Toyota.

…Like most defensive gun uses, the mere presence of a firearm reminded the criminal that he had a pressing engagement across town.

No shots fired but mission accomplished.  Your turn, MDA?

(H/T: Bearing Arms)

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Why do you suppose these statistics are true?

Rank and File Republicans:

When a committee recommendation and the House Republican Alliance (HRA) recommendation differed, the rank and file (non leadership) Republicans followed the HRA on 87% of the votes.

When the committee and the NH Liberty Alliance (NHLA) differed, rank and file (non leadership) Republicans followed the NHLA on 100% of the votes.

Leadership vs. HRA and NHLA

When a committee recommendation and the HRA recommendation differed, members of Leadership followed the HRA on just 27% of the votes.

When the committee and the NHLA differed, members of Leadership followed the NHLA on just 25% of the votes.

So, who are more faithful to the Republican Platform?  Not the Leadership, fer sure.  Is anyone surprised, given the history of the NH Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper as a Democrat lackey to obtain his perch last go round?

(H/T: a loyal reader)


ACS Required by Law

Funny I was randomly selected last year to fill out the “American Community Survey” and I got something in the mail saying I was randomly selected again.

They’re doing it online, you have to answer all the questions. So this year John Smith, a black african hispanic female, born in 1900 living in a boat with no running water, electricity or fridge, identifying as “American” in every place possible, phone of 8005551212, no internet service, hasn’t worked in over 5 years.

All the literature with it says I am required by law to respond, it doesn’t say I have to respond truthfully.

They say they are going to protect my information? I call BS.

(H/T: John Smith)


El ChapoNobody can say that Ted Cruz isn’t clever with his new bill: Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order

That would be EL CHAPO.

I love a great turn of phrase: that would also be (formerly) one of the world’s largest drug dealers – El Chapo, from whom the US prosecutors are looking to recover up to $14 Billion in drug profits.  No small sum that would go a long way to building The Wall on which Donald Trump campaigned and for which a lot of voters put him into the Oval Office.

(H/T: The Blaze)



SHOT:   Obama: “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money



If he was intellectually honest, he would have stopped at his book deal, worth about $65 million.  But then again, Socialism is the means by which the Powerful become rich.



“The index came in at 120.3, lower than economists’ expectation of 122.5. It is also a decline from last month’s reading of 125.6. The index has seen a massive surge following the election of President Donald Trump, and March’s reading was the highest in 16 years for the index….”Looking ahead, consumers were somewhat less optimistic about the short-term outlook for business conditions, employment and income prospects. Despite April’s decline, consumers remain confident that the economy will continue to expand in the months ahead.”

(H/T: Business Insider)


Here are some thoughts on 21st-century Missile defense.

(NRO) There are already American-built UAVs capable of carrying up to four interceptor missiles of this size, while conventional aircraft have successfully done BPI tests using missiles of this type. Putting those missiles on a rotating UAV patrol off the North Korean coastline would mean round-the-clock surveillance and detection that provided an extra layer of security from missile attack.

Read the whole thing.



So much for the “Party of the People” when Trump beats them by a considerable margin?

(H/T: ABCNews)

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Education spending piggy bank shutterstock_2803878-600x385

The push to pass full-day kindergarten in New Hampshire might cure athlete’s foot. Toenail fungus? Why not? Advocates have come out suggesting it will help end the opioid crisis and solve the brain-drain problem–by keeping students from leaving the state after they graduate. Could it begin to heal the earth, stop the seas from rising? Is this the kindergarten “we’ve been waiting for“?

To honestly answer the question, what does full-day kindergarten do for New Hampshire, you have to forget about the children because most of them aren’t ready for half-day kindergarten. You have to ask, what do adults get? What do politicians, unions, educrats, get? And if they get it, what’s next?  Read the whole thing!


But as always, “mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money” is needed when two simple letters strung together would suffice (but that would require self-control and self-responsibility; two former ideals that were considered to be virtuous in our pre-Progressive past).  From an article titled “Amid gonorrhea outbreak, health officials urge for thorough STD screenings”, the Concord Monitor decided that personal behavior wasn’t at fault here for skyrocketing (and “unexpected!”) rates of STDs.  Nope, a preventative “no” never enters into their equation – after all, “urges” must be consummated in our no boundaries / no regrets morality, right?  Nope, here’s the reason why this article caught my eye (picked apart here, reformatted and emphasis mine):

…The sexually transmitted disease had reached outbreak levels in New Hampshire, according to the department. Between 2007 and 2013, the disease had stayed level at about 130 cases per year. Then, in 2016, the department got 465 reported cases – a 250 percent increase. “The amount of increase has certainly been surprising to us,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan. Chan and his office are now conducting research to figure out why more people are contracting the disease, but there are other STD increases to worry about. From 2011 to 2015, cases of chlamydia in the Granite State went up by 22 percent and syphilis rose by 81 percent.

It’s not just New Hampshire; America’s STD rates are at an all-time high, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Doctors and public health officials attribute the increase to a few different factors, including lack of access to health care and screening and a decrease in condom use and people having multiple partners.

Well, gollllllly – multiple partners, eh?  Who’d a thunk it?  Yet,  the “reason” totally escapes them?  Yet, they won’t blame that as the Numero Uno problem with this epidemic,

Read the whole thing!


A chart from seems to be pretty much on the mark:

“Please note that outlets on left and right sometimes publish material that’s on the opposite side of the political spectrum, or that has no political leaning at all. The placement is based on perceived overall tone and audience. Position on the chart doesn’t necessarily imply credibility or lack thereof. Sources on far right and far left have, in many instances, produced excellent, factually correct information at times.

Media Left-Right chart

Read the whole thing!


Dumbest tweets of the week and it’s only Monday



…I never saw “Social Construct” staring back at me from the other end of my microscope(s).  Frankly, Saturday’s “March for Science” was dumb, unscientific, and completely devoid of any Principles that were drilled into my head as to how REAL science operates.  That line of that shirt is a complete nullification of hundreds of hours spent as a lab rat getting high on formaldehyde and other obnoxious chemicals.  In fact, that line IGNORES science completely.

Nope, from my perspective, this is yet another example of how Socialists / Progressives have politicized yet another area of life. What now matters is the narrative instead of scientific Truth.  All those whiners were doing were despoiling the good name of Science and showed the rest of us that Science now, in large measure, getting down on your knees and begging Government to be even bigger and throw more money at them.

Leeches, Remoras – I see no difference between those two sucking parasites and those that marched in the streets.  Both of them have one and only one purpose in life: live off of others. They turned from the Scientific and to the Political.

Treat them as such.

(H/T: Powerline)

Oh yeah, this was pretty good: Read the whole thing!


Blogline of the Day – doesn’t it just put a smile on your face, too?

by Skip April 24, 2017

Trump schedules a big rally right on top of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Even better, many of them will have to miss the dinner to cover the rally. Heh! For somebody who these same people have publicly run down as incapable, lacks gravitas, constitutionally unable to be “Presidential”, he keeps foiling them all the […]

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So Zandra Rice-Hawkins is going to try to Alinsky NH Gov Chris Sununu?

by Skip April 24, 2017

“I’m disappointed that both the original posting and response violated the principles of GraniteGrok.“ That was my first interaction with Zandra Rice-Hawkins – she almost Alinsky’d me during McCain’s run for Prez when she was fronting for the Socialist-all-in union called the SEIU.  I took a picture of one of her “I’m a healthcare voter” […]

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Notable Quote – Evan Sayet

by Skip April 24, 2017

“Justice demands that the good and hard-working be rewarded and the evil and the lazy be punished (if only by the withholding of the rewards of doing the right things). Modern Liberalism demands that the good and hardworking be punished as the recipients of an unfair advantage and the evil and the lazy be rewarded, […]

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The Problem With The ‘Science’ is That It’s Not About Science

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2017

From Jonathan Wells at March [for Science] organizers say “our diversity is our greatest strength.” They say “a wealth of opinions, perspectives, and ideas is critical for the scientific process.” But they don’t really mean it. Their passion for diversity extends to race, religion, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation, but not to opinions, perspectives, […]

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Jettiness – ok, its an electric jet. But way cool!

by Skip April 23, 2017

“Lifting off from an airfield in Germany, Lilium Aviation’s Jet Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), zero-emission, electric Eagle prototype has completed its maiden flight. Being controlled from the ground, the unmanned two-seater was subjected to a series of tests, including a mid-air transition from hovering to horizontal flight. The company is aiming for a manned […]

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Notable Quote – Hugh Hewitt

by Skip April 23, 2017

“My analysis is that most faith based systems depend upon an absolute moral order. The declaration of things as absolutely evil or absolutely good, as sin or virtue, puts liberalism into a horrible position because it’s founded on no judgment on anything. As a result, any faith that is seriously practiced or understood is a […]

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Remember what I said about Educational “indirect to direct labor costs?”

by Skip April 23, 2017

SHOT: In Manchester public schools, 22 topped $100K in 2016 CHASER: In Gilford public schools, 12 topped $100K in 2016 Here’s the deal: difference in student enrollment: Manchester: 13,387 Gilford: 1,164 So, where is the problem? Manchester has twice the number of $100K+ employees but 11.5 times the enrollment. So, who is getting the shaft here? […]

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Edu-payroll creep? Do what I did!

by Skip April 23, 2017

All it takes is one question over and over and over again.  And then the guts to act when they either act stupid or won’t answer: Cal State Can’t Explain Why It Needs So Many Bureaucrats. The California State University system has increased its hiring of managers at a steeper rate than its hiring of […]

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Democrat Party – well, DO they hate unborn babies or not?

by Skip April 23, 2017

SHOT: Nancy Pelosi: There Is Room In The Party For Pro-Life Democrats “Of course” you can be a pro-life Democrat, Pelosi said. “I’ve served in the House with many members who did not share my very positive, aggressive position on promoting a woman’s right to choose.”…”Why don’t you interview Tom Perez, and not me!” she […]

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GOP Survey Does Not Ask About Repeal of ObamaCare

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2017

The Republican National Committee’s most recent fundraising spam to hit my mailbox (snail mail not email) includes a survey, as they often do. In question two, it asks me to rank my priorities from a list of choices.  Build a border wall, reverse Obama EO’s, Enforce Immigration Law, Rebuild the military, Cut regulations and taxes, domestic energy […]

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