This video features Leighton Steward. We interviewed Leighton back in April of 2014. After you watch the video you can listen to that interview here for more detail on CO2, human beings, and planet earth.


Alek Skarlatos

There are more than a few coincidences that suggest this attack could have had a specific target.

American Thinker  | Was the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek Skarlatos?

In August the very high-profile [Alek] Skarlatos, a devout Christian, helped to disarm Ayoub El-Khazzani, a Moroccan with ties to radical Islam, on a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. …

Skarlatos has publicly acknowledged that he is currently a student at Umpqua, near Roseburg, Ore., and that he was supposed to be attending classes there on Thursday when Harper-Mercer went on a bloody rampage.

More specifically, Skarlatos said he was supposed to be present that day in Snyder Hall, the same building where Harper-Mercer carried out his massacre.

Read the entire article. It is an intriguing idea. That this was not random. That it was a planned act of terror as retribution for the Train incident in France.


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Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina’s remarks at the Practical Federalism Forum at SNHU this past Saturday. (The Q & A will be posted separately.)

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High Commissioner for Human Rights

“The Strong Cities Network will launch on 29 September in New York on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Welcoming remarks will be offered by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who will also introduce a Keynote address by U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.”

At the United Nations last Wednesday, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced our nation’s commitment to a new, global initiative for the purported reason of combating “violent extremism”. You may not heard of it yet, it’s called the Strong Cities Network. The participating U.S. cities include New York City, Atlanta, Denver, and Minneapolis. In other parts of the world, Paris, London, Oslo, and Dakar have joined the group of a total of 25 international cities. Their work has begun, but what is that work, exactly? Read the whole thing!



Interesting that both O’Malley and Clinton have talked about making federal laws for gun trafficking more strict. Meanwhile the biggest gun trafficker in the country sits in the White House. All while demanding more gun control laws.


Dartmouth College  Fake Indian

Susan Taffe Reed Dartmouth’s Fake Indian – (No photo-shopping, she is this white)

I’m not familiar with the vetting process but some of the smartest people ever (Dartmouth College) appointed Susan Taffe Reed director of their Native American Program. Taffe Reed has a string of degrees (from B.A. to M.A. to Ph.D.) in music with a minor in American Indian Studies. But being a Dr. of Music, even Native American Music, is probably not what got her the nod. She is the president of the Eastern Delaware Nations.

Good enough for Dartmouth but only for about three weeks because people who are not the smartest people ever discovered that the Eastern Delaware Nation is not a nation. It’s not even a tribe. Read the whole thing!

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I saw a handful of emails on this from other Groksters but no one wrote about it so here you go. Governor Maggie Hassan has announced that she will challenge (sometime) Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte. The Senate seat is up for grabs in 2016 and it has been speculated for sometime that Hassan planned to run.

Hassan has a decent chance despite being a lousy state Senator and a feckless Governor. Ayotte has completely lost the GOP base with little to no hope of getting them back. The only real hope Republicans have of keeping this seat is if a Conservative or Libertarian with the political street-cred stands up and defeats Ayotte in a primary.

Thanks to Kimberly for the video link.



The Rockingham County Republican Committee had a booth at the Deerfield Fair and took the opportunity to take a straw poll. Neither the national media nor the establishment Republicans will like the results. The not-a-politician candidates dominated, corralling 69% of the vote. Trump lead the poll with 39%, followed by Carson with 29% and Fiorina with 11%. Ted Cruz collected 9%, Rubio 6%, and Rand Paul 4%.

The NHGOP establishment darling (prefered candidate of the SunuGnome and company), John Kasich, got 4% and Jeb Bush 3%.

Complete results and details of the poll on the jump.

Read the whole thing!


H/T Susan Olsen AM Facebook News Feed


“I don’t believe gun owners have rights.” Sarah Brady

Mass Shooting

Leftist Radio Talk Show Host Alan Colmes

All the liberal radio talk shows (the few that I could locate) are awash with discussion regarding the most recent mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer killed ten people at the college.  Calls for Gun Control came right out of the gate.

There is no point in rehashing the mass shooting details here. If you don’t know the details, you are probably stupid, or live in a cave in the mountains. The ubiquitous and perpetual, never-ending news cycle portends for us the coming gun control storm on the heels of another mass shooting. Obama is calling for more Gun Control. Read the whole thing!



Although it isn’t being talked about much in the news, witnesses to the horrific Umpqua Community College shooting stated that the killer was asking his victims their religion before shooting. It was been made clear that if a victim said they were Christian they were shot in the head. This extremely disturbing scenario has been ignored by Obama and others but not by the Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee, Ron Ramsey. Read the whole thing!


As I said earlier, I have read Stanly Kurtz’s stuff for years and I was really happy that he agreed to come over and yak with us after the long day of the Practical Federalism forum at SNHU.  So, what did we talk about?  Of course – the Obama Administration’s use of Regionalism to distort and break the traditional model of American local self-government:


Part 1                                                         Part 2

Hopefully we can have him on a GrokTALK! some morning soon!


In concluding the entire day’s activities, Jeff Chidester gave his closing remarks to those still there at the end:

In large part, this was due to a lot of people there to hear Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Rick Santorum – the Presidential candidates.  Yes, many did show up for the beginning (more or less) and the room was filled to standing room well before those three showed up but it was clear the exits were seeing more activity the longer the event went on after the Wannabees had left.  This I can understand – at least they are trying to understand what the candidates are about on the issues.  For a lot of people, that may be all of the “dip into the political pool” they can stand – and I can’t say I blame them.  I, as a political blogger, news junkie, and philosophical in outlook, really got a lot out of the event – but it isn’t for most.  So all I have to do is convince another couple of percent of folks to be willing to jump right in and….

On the other hand, there was the Press…

Read the whole thing!


The last segment for the event was a panel discussion on Winning Back Our County by two of the previous speakers joined by

  • Emmett McGroarty, Esq (American Principles Project
  • Ann Marie Banfield, Education liaison for Cornerstone
  • Jamie Gass, Ed. Director, Pioneer Institute

Part 1:

Read the whole thing!


I have been reading Stanley Kurtz, Ph.D for years – first on research on Obama during the latter’s first Presidential run (which told me all I needed to know and NOTHING has transpired to any of that proved wrong and then on the evilness of Regionalism – that practices of setting in levels of “governance” that obviate our traditional American levels of authority by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats by seizing the levers of power of zoning and land use – he speaks to how that is now morphing into Education.  Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, tells a poignant and heartbreaking tale of how the bureaucracy of the Feds EPA and other assorted bureaucracies are putting him out of business – and without any input from those that SHOULD be creating Law – legislators.


Stanley Kurtz                                              Robert Murray

Part 1                                                           Part 1

Read the whole thing!


I’ve heard Ken before – he gives speech to the plight of the Western States whose land is mostly still “held” by the Federal Government stemming from their days as newly appointed States.  It is this situation that makes them oft “over the political barrel” as without taxable land mass, they can be beholden to “free money” from the Feds – and the those that would use that situation against them (re: US Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).  He is speaks on “State Equality”

Part 1

Read the whole thing!


What would be a formal political event in NH without Presidential candidates being present and circling around a microphone like a pride of lions around an antelope on the Serengeti??  Three showed up and each is in two parts:

  • Segments 9 & 10:  US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Parts 1 & 2
  • Segments 11 & 12: former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Parts 1 & 2
  • Segments 15 & 16 former US Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) Parts 1 & 2

Segment 9 – Ted Cruz

Read the whole thing!


In addition to Cornerstone, American Principles Project was a sponsoring member for this “Practical Federalism” forum.  Chair of APP, Sean Fieler, spoke to the crowd on “The Politics of Easy Money”

Previous Videos:

Read the whole thing!


New WMUR logoWell, how’d that work out for him, eh Steve?  Are you looking to continue to whip up the alienation of the conservative base of the Party that Walt successfully torqued off and was subsequently unsuccessful at getting the same to vote for him (name of John Stark come to mind?) in the General Election? (and NO!, not all Republicans are conservative, truth be known – not by a long shot).

We have to keep in mind there’s a whole segment in the Party, particularly the people who are the Big Donors, who would love to have a one day national primary because that favors the people that give big money.  It could also lead to a mistake of electing a celebrity.  We could end up with Brad Pitt as our nominee in a one day national primary.

On the other hand, we have our most fervent TEA Party activists who would like us to have a caucus or primary every week for 50 weeks leading up to the convention.

This, I believe, was a shot at the 603 AllianceRead the whole thing!


Even before we could really finish with UT State Rep Ken Ivory and our discussion on why Feds controlling State lands (for no good reason, IMHO), the Practical Federalism Forum (sponsored by American Principles Project,  Cornerstone, and The Family Leader) began.  In this post:

  • Segment 6: Jeff Chidester acted as Master of Ceremonies and gave his opening remarks and led in the Pledge.   Subsequently, Bryan McCormack (Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research Action) spoke to formally open the event.
  • Segment 7: Emmett McRoarty, Esq., (American Principles Project) – “An Overview of the Federal Overreach”


Segment 6                                             Segment 7

Previous Video:

Read the whole thing!


Practical Federalism–The Videos. GrokTALK! interviews

by Skip October 4, 2015

As Steve said in his recent post, it was a long day: “We recorded 7 hours of audio and video at SNHU”.  I’ve finished processing the video (re: chopped it up) but the uploading continues.  Given work will depress my posting next week, I’ll put up as many as possible today.  Like Steve, I’ll start […]

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Practical Federalism Forum – The Interviews

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2015

We recorded 7 hours of audio and video at SNHU Saturday, and every speaker will get their due, but there still must be a podcast version so here it is. Included here are our interviews with Stanley Kurtz from National Review; UT State Rep Ken Ivory; From Iowa – Caffeinated Thoughts author Shane Vander Hart; […]

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Ask A Thoughtless Question…

by Scott Morales October 4, 2015
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Why Aren’t The Public and the School Board in The Loop?

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2015
Thumbnail image for Why Aren’t The Public and the School Board in The Loop?

ICYMI – Part two of our interview with Rich Girard, who is running for the Manchester Board of School committee. We talk about how good education policy only comes from ensuring that parents and school boards are not just involved but informed so they can be educated participants in the process. Part I Here GrokTALK! […]

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Hillary Clinton uses Moms Demand Hack to Plant Gun Control Question in New Hampshire

by Kimberly Morin October 3, 2015

Clearly Hillary Clinton thinks Granite Staters are stupid. She used a known Moms Demand hack to plant a gun control question at one of her ‘town halls’ recently.

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When you Wake Up and your Rights are Gone – it’s Too Late

by Kimberly Morin October 3, 2015

I wasn’t raised in a family with firearms. I never even thought of owning a firearm until about 5 years ago when I still lived in Marxichusetts. I never even thought much about the 2nd Amendment but knew that it was there to protect our rights to own firearms. Until I woke up.

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Big Spending, Medicaid Expanding, Constitutionally Challenged

by Mike October 3, 2015

No, not Obama, not even Bradley and Morse, but supposed fiscal conservative Governor John Kasich. Not only that, but his NH sponsors appear to have trouble discerning the true meaning of ‘conservative’, since their patriarch told me unequivocally “They’re ALL Conservatives!” Personally, I found Kasich’s justification of Medicaid expansion “because it’s for the mentally ill, […]

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Water On Mars? What’s Next?

by Mike October 3, 2015

Even if the science is specious, you can bet on the EPA (Extraterrestrial Protection Agency) beimg there to spoil the fun!

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Just Who is Sen. Ayotte Fighting For?

by Jane Cormier October 3, 2015

Why is Senator Ayotte leading the fight in the Senate against those who stand for life? Not since revelations about Dr. Kermit Gosnell shocked the nation has the pro-life movement had such an opportunity to expose the gruesome and barbaric practices of the abortion industry – which the recently released videos of Planned Parenthood have […]

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Blogline of the Day: Democrats – representing the best of history

by Skip October 3, 2015

 “Barack Obama & Co. represent the very freshest and most imaginative thinking of the 1930s,” After all, all that has worked so SPLENDIDLY here in the 2010s, right? (H/T: Instapundit)

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