Jeanne Shaheen Wicked WitchFirst there was the coordination of the Lefty bloggers, political operatives, and “journalists” on messaging known as “JournoList” – a coordinated effort started by Ezra Kline to drive the same story the same way over and over again.  That is, until it was discovered and then “stopped” (even as some still think that it still exists albeit in some other form).

I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!  There seems to be a “secret agent drop box” process at play on the Dem side – and Jeanne Shaheen is The Object Lesson of the Day.  Yes, coordination.  Between entities that should not, by law, coordinating on campaigns.    The NRSC steps up to the blackboard for this lesson on political sleight of hand:

For some time, journalists and political observers have wondered how Harry Reid’s Majority PAC runs ads that always seems to be strategically coordinated with the campaigns they are supporting, since said coordination is prohibited by law. Now we know.

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voter checklist - legalized vote fraud in NHVoter fraud, that is.  We’ve put up a lot of the names of the perpetual Democrat / Organizing for Obama [American socialists] that come here to work on campaigns, staying at Democrat “nest” homes, quick vote here in NH, and then skedaddle out to the next piece of work.  We’ve caught the double registrants and voters – they won’t be happy when someone runs a background check on them in the future.  But the Democrats keep insisting there’s no such thing as Voter Fraud.  Well, here’s the next batch of “voters in multiple places” (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Over 40,000 People Are Registered to Vote in Both Virginia and Maryland

As midterm elections quickly approach, many are starting to think about voting and potential fraud at the polls. And once again, we find that there is cause to be worried about voter fraud here in the U.S. It appears in a new report that 44,000 people are registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland.  A vote-integrity group crosschecked the voter rolls in the two states and found far too many people registered in both states. The group, known as The Virginia Voters Alliance, is going to expand their research into surrounding states like Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and Georgia.  Read the whole thing!


Israel Religious freedom

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An hour…

“Senator Jean Shaheen voted for ObamaCare, putting doctors and hospitals further out of reach for New Hampshire residents.”


When you think about the coordination between a swarm of hexopters to pull this off, even at this crude musical level, one has to be appreciative of the programming that went into this (outside of setting up the instruments to be played by things that essentially can only go up and down) to get the timing and the “landing” accuracy correct.

(H/T: IEEE Spectrum)


GrokTALK!Whether you believe in global warming or not you can believe in this; Jeanne Shaheen’s vote for ObamaCare WILL Shorten New Hampshire’s Ski Season. Solution? Vote her out of office. No bailouts, grants, loans, carbon taxes, or higher energy rates. In fact, without Shaheen in the Senate, we might actually make some of those things go away. In segment one we also have comment on the Bob Odell retirement, and Bloomberg’s Everytown blunder.

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Truth Hurts! Cartoon by Steve Kelley, April 24th

Truth Hurts!
Cartoon by Steve Kelley, April 24th

Once upon a time, he was the sensible younger brother, but there’s Common Core and Immigration, to list but two of his RINOid tendencies.


Notes from today’s hearing on Speech-infringing Senate Bill 120 (SB 120), as reported here, suggest that there are enough concerns about who will be affected beyond what sponsors claimed was the original intent to merit more time and consideration.

Or maybe this is a challenge to see if I really can write about this issue every day until they vote on the damn thing.

Another week.   I might run out of metaphors.

The next meeting of the Speech Oligarchs (eh?, eh?) will be May 1st, tentatively for 1pm.


H/T to Kevin Bloom, Susan Olsen and Michelle Levelle.


NBC-Today-ThereUnderwear The capabilities of the Mainstream Lamestream Media leave us humble bloggers in awe, after all, crack production teams like the guys and gals of NBC’s TODAY show never make public displays of incompetence, right?

WRONG! Alert viewers lit up Twitter over the appalling display of grammatical incompetence displayed, quite literally, by the TODAY team this morning: “There underwear”????? The result of Common Core education? Standard practices as taught by journalism school?

Obviously, when it comes to NBC’s grammar department, there’s no their, there!



duck-tread Duck Gate David CampbellThe Attorney Generals Report on Duckgate is an amusing read up to the part where the AG concedes that it cannot or will not prosecute anyone because it lacks the ability to do so.  But there is one breathtaking takeaway from the entire report.

While Campbell’s and Pappas’s versions of the events in many regards are simply not credible, their actions do not give rise to criminal violations…”.

“Simply not credible…”

I’m quit sure I remarked often about how no one would be charged with a crime–except for the minor violation and fine Campbell paid for taking waterfowl with a BMW out of season.  But while the report does not result in further action of a criminal nature, it does reveal that these two men when through a series of wild contortions to ensure that result.

Read the whole thing!

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Maggir Hassan happier with the lieKimberly Morin reports that governor Hassan continues to use the debunked lie that women only earn .77 cents to every dollar a man makes because… it fits Hassan’s false narrative.

This author was in attendance and asked the Governor why she continues to use the study that claims women earn .77 to a man’s $1.00 even though the study has been proven inaccurate by the Department of Labor. Her response was less than stellar.

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Polling, Ballot box, voting

Update - Find something else to do with your time troll!  Watching the votes scroll up by the hundreds without any new visitors volume anywhere near that was a bit more padding than I was willing to tolerate, even from Democrats.  Once you hit 5 times more votes than unique visits I had to pull the plug on Hassan as a choice.

SO…If the election were held today, which of these Republican hopefuls would you vote for to be the next Governor of New Hampshire?

NH Governor
If the Election were today which candidate would you vote for, for Governor of NH



Texas-flag-and-come-and-take-it-flag In an Article at American Thinker recently, Rick Moran detailed the restless and rapacious nature of the increasingly militarized Bureau of Land Managment. But there’s a small problem – they are trying to tread on TEXAS this time.

At issue is a 116 mile stretch of the Red River along the border between Texas and Oklohoma, where the river tends to meander, and the two states have periodically disputed the precise location of the border. In that area, Texas ranchers (or should they be simply US citizen ranchers) own deeded property rights going back many generations.

WikiPedia-RedRiver-MapIn a further flexing of its muscles, the BLM is eyeing some 90,000 acres along the river, where they previously won a court case in 1986, stealing 140 acres from rancher Tommy Henderson WITHOUT COMPENSATION. Congressman Mac Thornberry, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, and AG Greg Abbot as as mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it:    Abbott plants his flag!….

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Will Democrats defend Obama silencing the press?

NH SB 120 protecting politicians from you

(Last I heard the hearing for SB120 is this afternoon at the legislative office building- 1:00- 1:30pm)

Lesson number one – Money is speech.

If money isn’t speech why do candidates need so much of it to get their ‘message’ out?  The message is political speech.  The money is the vehicle to effective political speech–speech that reaches enough ears and eyes to matter.  These two cannot be separated and any effort to do so by politicians is never anything more than a way to expand their market share.  Their domination.  Their monopoly on money used for political speech.

Bills like SB 120 impair the ability of anyone but the entrenched to optimize their message.  They take the Free out of speech and hide it in a Rube-Goldbergian maze filled with traps and pitfalls. If you are lucky enough to find your free speech, should you present an idea or do so in a manner that the new  speaking class (see also ruling class) objects, you may find yourself in front of some lawyers desk defending what used to be your birth right but is now an expensive exercise in bureaucratic buggery.

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Consistency builds Trust yielding Votes.  Been saying that for a while now but it seems that the Elected Republicans, members of the so called “Stupid Party”  can’t even figure out this simple truth.  So why should they be surprised when their Inconsistency to their so called Principles yields “UNtrust” – and less voters.  From a comment left on my post on Republicans being the Jr. Partners of the Democrat Party in raising the gas tax:

I personally have had it with the NH GOP. I have been calling and calling and done all the things you’re supposed to do but the NH GOP has turned a deaf ear to NH republicans. This is the last straw. I was waiting to give the Republicans a chance to save the day but they simply refuse to side with the people in this downward economic death spiral our country is in.

I will go down to my town hall today and un-enroll as a Republican and now declare myself an Independent.

And this is how it will go, until the NH GOP becomes a token party as it is in Massachusetts.

Not me saying this but from yet another voter that has decided to let the Party sail over the horizon without them.  I know who he is – a very principled fellow that no longer believes the Party’s rhetoric as its actions of its elected politicians drown out the rhetoric’s now hollow words.  I’ve been telling the Party Elite and high elected politicians this for a while – and they just won’t take to heart that they are doing this to themselves.  So, once more I will drag out that “conversation” for emphasis:  Read the whole thing!


“A charlatan makes obscure what is clear; a thinker makes clear what is obscure.” —Hugh Kingsmill (British writer and critic. 1889-1949)

WMURToday, the headlines read,

USA Today: “Ga. governor signs ‘guns everywhere’ into law”

NBC News: “What Georgia’s ‘Extreme’ New Gun Law Allows”

MSNBC: “Georgia governor signs sweeping gun bill into law”

And finally, our own Granite State’s WMUR is reporting on this story with a flair of excited gibberish, clearly demonstrating their editorial bias when they report, “Guns Everywhere” was signed into law in Georgia.  “Guns everywhere” is a pejorative characterization coined by the anti-second Amendment contingent opposing this measure. Read the whole thing!


Georgia-GunsI’ve got Georgia on my mind…

House Bill 60, also known as the Safe Carry Protection Act, will allow licensed gun owners to carry their firearms into public places, including bars, nightclubs, schools, churches and government buildings.

“People who follow the rules can protect themselves and their families from people who don’t follow the rules,” Deal said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The Second Amendment should never be an afterthought. It should reside at the forefronts of our minds.”



NH ConstitutionSuzanne Vail,  Suzanne Mercier Vail, (another Democrat who is clinging to the past and just can’t seem to move “forward” without dragging a hyphenated name along for the ride) is a New Hampshire House Rep from Nashua.  Back on July 31, 2012, the Nashua Patch posted a Bio of the candidate that included this gem.

Priorities for Nashua and NH: Successful advocacy and leadership (for constituents), preservation of the NH State Constitution, promotion of jobs, improvement to infrastructure, access to healthcare, attraction to businesses, restoration of affordable high quality education.  Will work to respond to constituents and represent all in a dignified manner with in the spirit of teamwork.

Does watching the Federal government exclude your constituents from most of the hospitals in the state and all of the hospitals out-of-state fulfill her promise to improve access to healthcare? I don’t think it does.

Actually, I think we could make the case against almost every one of the items in that pull quote, but I’d like to focus on that bit I highlighted in red. Read the whole thing!

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Gadsden FlagFrom the Washington Examiner (emphasis mine)”

Tea Party candidate Curt Clawson won the Republican primary in the special election seat to replace Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., who resigned after pleading guilty for cocaine possession, a victory that the Tea Party Express is claiming as “the movement’s first victory of 2014.”

Clawson received 46 percent of the vote, according to Naples News. “The results tonight were clear, Curt Clawson’s Tea Party message of economic growth and fiscal responsibility resonated with the voters of Southwest Florida,” said political strategist Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express, which was one of the first Tea Party groups to support Clawson.

“It was exactly that kind of platform that fueled Republican victories in 2010 and 2012, and we’re starting 2014 with another decisive victory here tonight. Curt’s success sends a clear message to candidates across the country: you win elections by campaigning in bold colors, not pale pastels, as President Reagan once famously said.”

So, where are all those Occupy Wall Street candidates again?  I can’t see them anywhere.  Harry?  Nancy?  Where’d they go??

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(emphasis mine)

…The massive show of federal force in the Bundy case is frightening because it gives us a brief glimpse of the totalitarian regime that awaits a sleeping populace that does not take seriously its voting responsibilities, and places in public office (and returns them to office) who do not represent traditional American values.

The fact that the ranchers were well armed and willing to literally fight for their rights probably tempered the enthusiasm of the federal forces to engage in further aggression. It was clear from the body language and some of the reported verbal responses of the government forces that they were not prepared to engage in lethal combat with fellow Americans. Read the whole thing!

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Next time at the gas pump? Thank these NH State Republican Reps for having to dig deeper into your pocket

by Skip April 23, 2014

NH GOP Platform:  Strongly oppose new taxes and fees, including an income, sales or capital gains tax NH Constitution: [Art.] 6-a. [Use of Certain Revenues Restricted to Highways.] All revenue in excess of the necessary cost of collection and administration accruing to the state from registration fees, operators’ licenses, gasoline road tolls or any other […]

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Kelly Ayotte: “I’ve not seen the plan…I’ve not seen the plan…I’ve not seen the plan…I’ve not seen the plan…I’ve not seen the plan”

by Skip April 23, 2014

The Jr. Senator from NH was on the Howie Carr show as TMEW and I went out to do some errands right after supper tonight.  We missed the beginning of her segment but it was clear that people were switching from talking about Obamacare to illegal aliens, immigration, and Amnesty.  And they were not happy!  […]

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David Campbell Will Not Run for Re-election

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014

My first thought, upon hearing the news that Democrat David Campbell will not be running for re-election, was that with the AG’s report on the cover-up that became Duck Gate due out this week, he might have gotten wind of the outcome. Whatever the thinking, we will miss the ducks, the next NH  Republican legislature […]

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GrokTALK! April 19th, 2014 – Kimberly Morin from Manchester Political Buzz Examiner

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014

New Hampshire activist Kimberly Morin joins us to talk about a recent UNH Poll with numbers that are all screwed up; which NH House Rep said we were “maxed out on Freedom”; the pending departure of State Senator Bob Odell; who is going to make the RINO report; and SB120 and government as the speech […]

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Steyer Buys The Dems, Kills Keystone

by Mike April 23, 2014
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GrokSHOTS! Who Said ‘Freedom Is Maxed Out in NH?’

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014

Kim Morin tells us a story about a Nashua Democrat who when challeneged for saying something stupid, pulled down her own facebook page and locked her twitter account. Audio Clip  (2m 6s) Listen to Kim’s segment on the podcast page here (or you can wait for it to post on the front page tonight) GrokTALK! […]

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SB 120 – Once You Sets Foot on The New Hampshire Speech Plantation…

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for SB 120 – Once You Sets Foot on The New Hampshire Speech Plantation…

Once You Sets Foot on The New Hampshire Speech Plantation…you best know the rules before speaking. Free speech exists to protect us from government tyranny so whenever the government or one of its surrogates tries to argue in favor of using government force to control political speech you need to pay attention.  When they actually […]

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Hour long Drive to See A Doctor

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for Hour long Drive to See A Doctor

AFP has a new commercial they are running in NH.  It is titled ‘Hour long Drive to See A Doctor.’  Have a look

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Econ 101 – Understanding Economics in just a Few Minutes

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for Econ 101 – Understanding Economics in just a Few Minutes

Hillsdale College has a lot of great video, of which this is one. (If they have one on Grammar I’ll be sure to check it out.) Gary Wolfram is the William E. Simon Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College, and in this video he delivers a basic nuts and bolts understanding of the subject in […]

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GrokPOLL New Hampshire CD-1 Results – April 2014

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokPOLL New Hampshire CD-1 Results – April 2014

We asked who you would vote for in New Hampshire Congressional district one if the election were today.  Almost 3000 of you responded, sadly only one-third of the votes we received in our CD-2 poll. With 2966 votes cast as of this writing, here are the results… Dan Innis wins our unscientific poll with 1518 […]

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