Bush with who?
Or is that the wrong question?….


Let me read you another one. “Minimum wage rates: these often hurt those they are designed to help. What good does it do a Negro youth to know that an employer must pay him $1.60 per hour if the fact that he must be paid that amount is what keeps him from getting a job?” By the way, we need not just say Negro youth there; what good does it do any young person to know that an employer must pay him $1.60 if that is the fact that keeps him from getting the job at all? Where is this statement from? From the seventh edition of Economics by Paul Samuelson.

-Paul Samuelson (first American to receive a Nobel prize)

(H/T: Ben Rogge via Cafe Hayek)


babbq-018Taco night, Chinese food, wearing culturally proper clothing from someone else’s culture. All bad. So what about a good old-fashioned American Barbecue? Right here in what’s left of America?

That’s bad too.

Students at taxpayer-funded Ramapo College of New Jersey attempted to organize a themed barbecue to kick off the new school year but administrators decided the theme — “American BBQ” — was “offensive.” Consequently, students say, the administrators forced the students to ditch the “American BBQ” theme — and to describe the event as just a run-of-the-mill barbecue.

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I’ve decided, for now at least, that new Podcasts will premiere Sunday Night. But we have the technology to stream past podcasts at almost any hour. So, for those of you who liked listening on Saturday morning, (beginning at 8 am Eastern time), here are the last three week’s one-hour programs, back-to-back.  Show #157#158#159

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An open letter to Dr. Oglesby Young, OB-GYN, 189 North Main Street, Concord, NH and the NH Democratic Party.

Dear Dr. Young,

I have verified by a call to your office that you, Dr. Oglesby Young OB-GYN, are a real doctor who practices out of Concord NH. Your receptionist confirmed to me that you wrote this letter which was sent to some voters in NH. I am not sure how we were chosen, but I was one of the recipients.

I was shocked and appalled to learn that a practicing Concord OB-GYN, had professed his disfavor of a pro-life candidate for US Senate by way of this mailing that was apparently paid for by the NH Democratic Party. Read the whole thing!


Updated:  Here’s a snippet from Politico via the Hot Air link below (that didn’t take long):

Multiple sources close to Ted Cruz say the Texas senator is expected indicate his support for Donald Trump as soon as Friday.

It is unclear whether Cruz will say only that he is voting for the Republican nominee, as other lawmakers have done, or offer a more full-throated endorsement, but the idea of throwing any support to Trump is controversial within Cruzworld.

“If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand,” said someone who had worked for Cruz’s campaign


Possibly this afternoon.

LifeZette reported it. But that could be dismissed as wishful thinking considering Laura Ingraham, who runs/owns the site, is a Trumper. But HotAir also has information from Cruz’s side:

…if Cruz’s allies are hearing the same thing. And at least one Cruz ally is. Talk-radio host Steve Deace campaigned for Cruz in Iowa and knows him personally. He’s an ardent #NeverTrumper and has said for months that he believes Cruz would never endorse Trump. A few days ago, though, when the “Cruz will back Trump” rumors started swirling, something changed

We shall see.


NH State Rep Joe LaChance - screwing NH Taxpayers on Medicaid Expansion

This is the turnoff for Medicaid Expansion

This is the turnoff for Medicaid Expansion

Happens every time when the Right allows the Left to shape and define the battlefield. From the Union Leader (emphasis mine, reformatted):

“If Chris had his way in the vote he cast multiple times, 50,000 people would not have their health care,” Van Ostern said. He admitted the next state budget would likely require more dollars from state taxpayers to keep that coverage, saying it can come from existing revenues. “I think that will be some part of the equation,” Van Ostern said.

Sununu countered that the state should not make permanent the coverage. “I have never proposed cutting 50,000 people off the Medicaid rolls,” Sununu said. He favors a “New Hampshire solution” that should not require any more money from taxpayers. “Once you make that permanent, you have lost all your leverage, all your leverage with the federal government to designing a New Hampshire solution,” Sununu said. The state shouldn’t brag that the Medicaid rolls have increased by nearly 80 percent, he added. “That is not a good metric; that we have increased the numbers that require government assistance,” Sununu said.

A couple of points:

Read the whole thing!

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  • 26 states now have right-to-work laws
  • almost half of the nation’s population now lives in right-to-work states
  • the majority of manufacturing jobs are located in these states
  • Between 2004 and 2014, overall job growth in the U.S. was 6.1%. In states without right-to-work laws, it was a paltry 3.9%. But in right-to-work states, job growth over those years was 9.1%.
  • a study published in the Cato Journal found that productivity in non-right-to-work states was just 57% — to 64% of right-to-work states.
  • people are voting with their feet by moving into right-to-work states, which saw their populations climb at twice the rate as forced-union states from 2004 to 2014
  • family incomes climbed faster in right-to-work states over these years.

And Hillary Clinton:  “I will fight back against so-called right to work. Right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for America.” So, she hates the idea that people don’t want to join unions.  She wishes to take that choice away (and this is what Socialist do – they are greedy enough to believe they SHOULD make choices for you regardless of what you want or need).

I think that is beholden to a “special interest”, Hillary.

(H/T: IBD)


Rep. Mike Mulvaney strips “the problems” down to their bones.


All of it caught on tape.  One of them dies in the driveway.

I bet this woman isn’t going to vote for Hillary.  Hillary would leave her defenseless.  This woman would probably be in the ground right now if Wobbles got her way.



Cross eyed hillaryWhat if FBA Director Comey did America a favor by whitewashing the Clinton illegal email schemes?

Would that not be justice by another means, and delicious at that.

I would imagine the progressives that run the Democrat Party could have found another stand-in candidate for the criminal they have losing in the polls now. Read the whole thing!

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Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal sums up these micro-totalitarians, perfect examples of the Progressive  philosophy: “The essence of modern Democratic Progressivism is: You will participate in what we have created for you, and you will comply with the law’s demands.” One used to believe that before pen was set to legislative paper, our elected officials WOULD contemplate “is this Constitutional”?

US Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ):

“Any person in this party that does not support Trump at this point is increasing the chances of Hillary Clinton becoming president and destroying the Constitution,” Arizona Rep. Trent Franks told CNN Wednesday. “Therefore they are betraying this party. They are betraying the Constitution.”

What a load of malarky (or worse).   Read the whole thing!




Certainly she’s ahead of Trump right now on Gallup’s Favorable rating (but it seems her rate of increase is smaller than his):


But not the NRA (her self-avowed “enemy” right there with Republicans)?  Hmm, according to this chart

Read the whole thing!


Sure, sure. We’re used to a Clinton with wandering eyes, so it’s no surprise if it’s the Clinton we expect and it’s a euphemism.  But it’s not this time. This time it’s entirely different.  It’s Hillary whose eyes are wandering.  Literally.  And they’re wandering all around her head.

Check out this video of Wobbles giving a speech at Temple University a few days ago before canceling her upcoming events. Keep an eye on her eyes, but get ready to cringe because something doesn’t look right. There’s a fuller video clip without the attempt at humor at the “I don’t need a brain test” link below.  This is the best one I could grab on You Tube (there are plenty there also):

The more and more we see of Hillary, Read the whole thing!


We wont sell to Democrats or Terrorists


Houston Texans v New England Patriots

Third-string QB Jacoby Brissett gets it done with a TD in 27-0 win over the Texans

I cut cable so I missed the first two weeks of the NFL season (except for the highlight reels) but last night I discovered something wonderful. The game was streaming live on Twitter. So I watched the first half in full-screen hi-def on my laptop. And I watched as an important national near-obsession was resolved.

The standing wish of 31 other NFL teams and their fans was that the Patriots were crap without Brady. That suspending Brady for 4 games for something that barely qualifies as an equipment violation would put them in their place. But that wish has not come true, capped off with a 27-0 defeat by a third-string quarterback of a supposed AFC contender, the Houston Texans.

The Patriots are now 3-0 without Brady and have not one but two backup quarterbacks who can get it done without him in the building. Most teams wish they had just one quarterback who could do that.

F-You Roger Goodell.  F-You!

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(H/T: Business Insider)


The Secretary of State’s Office reports there were 113,556 Republican ballots and 77,193 Democrat ballots cast in the state primary last week.

vote1Wonder of Ray Buckley (NHDP Chair) is looking it and going “Oh, crap”?  147.1% overage?  Sure, a primary is not always a future indicative of the general election but it certainly seems, well, lopsided.

(H/T: Union Leader)


Fed Trims Interest-Rate, Growth Forecasts.

In forecasts released as part of the central bank’s interest-rate setting Federal Open Market Committee, officials cut their growth forecast for this year to 1.8%, from 2.0% in June, and held steady their view for next year at 2.0%. Notably, they lowered their long-run view on the economy’s growth rate to 1.8% from 2%.

Somehow, this new “normal” has been in effect since 2008….such  economic geniuses, this President and royal posse are.

(H/T: Instapundit)

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The Problem is Women Don’t Abort Themselves…

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2016
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Read. The. Bill! Read. The. Bill! What? Voting on a bill that has nothing to read?

by Skip September 22, 2016

“The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small,but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.” – President Obama, Inauguration (2009) This REALLY isn’t “whether it works” at all – they’ve simply […]

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Politicians & Hammers

by Scott Morales September 22, 2016

One of these guys is different from the others… … and is also a bow hunter. What’s with McConnell?  There isn’t even a nail.  And Schumer looks like he’s been aiming for the past half hour.  And these guys, THESE GUYS, are leaders??!!??  #RememberPoliticiansAreServants #LimitPower.        

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Abortion Consensus

by Scott Morales September 22, 2016

Abortion is consensus.  A new March for Life Action ad launching today: As Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote “We’re a pro-life people, people. When will our laws, culture, and reality reflect this? When will our poisoned politics help our better angels…” When will it?  Alas, the way this election is shaping up, we’ll be asking that […]

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Are You Oppressed if You Keep Electing the People Who Oppress You?

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Does the US oppress black Americans?  Colin Kaepernick says “Yes”.  Is this just the attempt of a “has been” to get noticed or is he right? Are our black President, Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, Mayors, Judges, Congressmen, Senators, billionaires, millionaires, and thousands of other black officials oppressed?  Are college educated and other blacks with good jobs, […]

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Obama Orders the IRS to Harass Healthy Young People

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2016
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If you opted to pay the tax to the IRS instead of exchanging your hard earned dollars for crappy ObamaCare, well, the President is not pleased with you. He has asked the IRS to use your private tax information to hunt you down and politely ask you to get in line. (Forbes) “…at President Obama’s […]

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Coming Up on This Weeks Podcast…

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2016
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This week I have Ann Corcoran from Refugee Resettlement Watch on the program. I also spoke with John Zmirack from Stream.org who provided some interesting soundbites, two of which I’d like to share as teasers for this week’s upcoming program. Christain Reservations or the Texas Nuclear Deterrent (35 sec.) They are not actually refugees (23 […]

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Nuke The Infidel Cows

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2016
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File Under Cow Fart. Because: California! Nine days ago I shared news on the legislative leap that brings us to today’s landmark reporting. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the cow fart legislation into law. Cowfartifornia is going to do everything in its power to reduce cow farts in the name of saving the earth. Here’s another […]

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Bonds Away!

by Ed Naile September 22, 2016

According to several school superintendents in New Hampshire this lease purchase statute was designed to buy buildings, not just equipment, and it also, according to their reading, allows an SAU to lease purchase – even though an SAU is not a governing body. Section 33:7-e     33:7-e Lease Agreements of Equipment. – The governing body […]

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