Frankly, this outrage about Indiana is yet another “two minute of hate” set up by the Left given that for 20 years, the Feds have had the same Religious Freedom law in place (and 20 other states).  Yet:

Obama BFF with Country that hangs gaysMoral: a Red State enacts a Religious Freedom law and the Left is screaming. over POSSIBLE discrimination.  Yet, Obama is playing footsie with a Theocratic regime that outright KILLS gays and is funding ISIS that throws gays OFF BUILDINGS?

And no outrage at all?  Thus, this is all about the narrative to, once again, demonize those that stand up for deeply held religious faith and to shut up and destroy them.

There is no tolerance on the Left, for all their bluster and any tactic that wins is morally acceptable (this is a direct result of the Left’s war on time honored, time tested absolute values for mere Relativism in which what is good is now bad in a cultural heartbeat (generally based on what the Left wants politically).

Doubt me?  Look at what retiring US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid admitted to today:

Read the whole thing!


From my post back in 2009:

Despite what some among us would like to believe it is not because of our creative ideas. It is not because of the merit of our positions. It is not because we care about children and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.

And we have power because there are more than 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of millions of dollars in dues each year, because they believe that we are the unions that can most effectively represent them, the unions that can protect their rights and advance their interests as education employees.

This is not to say that the concern of NEA and its affiliates with closing achievement gaps, reducing dropout rates, improving teacher quality and the like are unimportant or inappropriate. To the contrary. These are the goals that guide the work we do. But they need not and must not be achieved at the expense of due process, employee rights and collective bargaining. That simply is too high a price to pay.


Yes, Steve posted on NH Rep Mel Myler him “raptoring” those poor school kids testifying against Common Core and essentially tearing them limb from limb with his remarks.  I DO wonder why WMUR didn’t splash this all over their news shows and show similar contempt for this Democrat as they did the Republicans?  Liberal / Progressive bias.

Anyways, here’s the smackdown on the true nature of unions – and NH Rep Mel Myler, being a mucky-muck of the NEA Teachers Union for 21 years certainly fits right in with Milton Friedman (Nobel Lauriate, Economics) observation that unions benefit two classes of people only – union members and their union hack leaders:


commoncoreToday the New Hampshire House Education Committee the executive session was held on Senate Bill 101 (SB 101). It is a bill that will prohibit the state from requiring the implantation of Common Core. The bill is sponsored by Republicans in both the senate and the house. It was sought after by parents across the Granite State who are already experiencing the nightmare and lowered standards of Common Core. Read the whole thing!


Bringing a hog for slaughter to a Muslim butcher, bringing shellfish to a Jewish fisherman for shucking, or this

KKK asking black baker for wedding cake

Yes, this is not a religious example at all but certainly one of conscious.  Again I ask – which is of more importance in the law: an explicit Constitutional Right to Freedom for those of faith, secondary laws at the Federal, tertiary laws by the States, or regulations at the local levels?  Which should always take precedence?  Should secular sexual license trump Religious Freedom?  Or are we seeing yet another attempt to shove those of faith out of the public square?  And if that happens, what’s next?  I can claim religious conscious and not fight in a war (consciencious objecter) but have to serve

As George Will has observed:

“The gay rights movement has become a sore winner. It is winning everywhere, it is winning quickly.  There’s a transformation of American attitudes that shows how plastic we are and malleable and yet they’re unhappy and they are going from, as Tucker says, tolerance to the belief that whatever isn’t forbidden must be made mandatory”.

No, this is all about “You WILL be made to care” in the form of an angry mobocracy.  Agree with us or be destroyed.  Individual conscience, formerly a stalwart of American philosophy, is being absorbed by The Collective.

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)


Rep Mel Myler

House Rep Mel Myler

Ann Marie Banfield | c/o Facebook

During the House Education Committee hearing today, Rep. Myler representing Merrimack District 10, rebuked the large number of parents who e-mailed him in support of SB101 saying he’s sick of hearing from the people who are e-mailing him. (Video on the jump)

Isn’t it the duty of our elected Representatives serving on these committees to consider all testimony and even when there is disagreement, encourage individuals to speak up? Doesn’t this kind of rant discourage people from weighing in on important legislation?

Read the whole thing!

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Shades of “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” – From

A Kaiser Family Foundation study released in January reported that 48% of uninsured Americans say they will remain uninsured because Obamacare prices are too high. That also explains why the Kaiser Foundation estimates Obamacare will cost $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years, and why the U.S. Treasury Department estimates that 6 million Americans who lack healthcare coverage will be forced to pay the Obamacare tax penalty for 2014.

It has always been about Government in control – that’s what socialism / fascism is all about.  The only difference is who owns the means of production and fascism realizes is that if you control the owners of those means, well, you own it de facto if not de jure.  Government almost always puts itself first nowadays

(H/T: Big Government)


From Austrian economist, Ludig Von Mises:

Many people are still haunted by the idea, which dates back to the preliberal era, that a certain nobility and dignity attaches to the exercise of governmental functions.  Up to very recently public officials in Germany enjoyed, and indeed still enjoy even today, a prestige that has made the most highly respected career that of a civil servant.  The social esteem in which a young “assessor” or lieutenant is held far exceeds that of a businessman or an attorney grown old in honest labor.  Writers, scholars, and artists whose fame and glory have spread far beyond Germany enjoy in their own homeland only the respect corresponding to the often rather modest rank they occupied in the bureaucratic hierarchy.

There is no rational basis for this overestimation of the activities carried on in the offices of the administrative authorities.  It is a form of atavism, a vestige from the days when the burgher had to fear the prince and his knights because at any moment he might be spoliated by them.  In itself it is no finer, nobler, or more honorable to spend one’s days in a government office filling out documents than, for example, to work in the blueprint room of a machine factory.

After all, they work for us – although lately, many are thinking the opposite.  Read the whole thing!

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henniker_signOnce one is labeled as anti-government, which simply means you are opposed to waste and abuse of tax dollars, the lefties lock-step up and let their hair down.

At first it might be disturbing to people not familiar with moonbats but soon you can see the usual pattern.

Obama shoveled a dose of it to political opponents after he was elected. His pent-up chance to deliver came as something in the order of, “We won you lost.” Oh how long he must have pined to say that in public.

And here is an example of the same constipated condescension from the college town of Henniker, after their recent Town Meeting. It is one of three letters sent anonymously to three individuals who spoke at the Town Meeting:

Read the whole thing!

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This needs some work, but I think you get the point.  The budget is growing, not shrinking.  We are spending more.

Spending “less” more is NOT a budget cut.

Budget cuts 3-31-2015




Clinton Email ServerAs Hillary marches, falls, stumbles, and waddles towards the Presidency of the United States , an office that no longer holds much luster anyway, you have to remember one thing about the Clintons – time is always on their side.

Back when Hillary hired Craig Livingstone to grab as many FBI files of Republican opponents as he could get away with she simply lied about it throughout the average time frame a Clinton scandal lasts, about 18 months.

They know this. They live this. It works for them.

Read the whole thing!


droughtPolicies started by Moonbeam Jerry Brown and enforced by environmental allies since the 70’s has born fruit, more foreign fruit, less California fruit, and general misery for the left coasters.

California water policy, no dams, no stopping water flowing into ocean, lack of desalinization plants and others policies based on environmentalism and ideology have created a water shortage.  It cannot be reversed until the policies are repealed.  Until then, the jobs of Californians are being lost and the cost of food for a whole nation will go up.  Government water policy is lose-lose.

When will the public realize the lack of water is due to government, not nature?



H/T Susan Osen

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Ramirez-ObamaKing-NukeDealWhen I made fun of King ObamaChamberlain’s Bad Deal this morning, it was hard to imagine that things could get worse, but we underestimate the ingenuity of fools at our peril…..

First we heard that there were yet more concessions, such as no longer requiring that Iran’s most highly enriched uranium be removed offshore, or that activities at their fortified bunker-lab be curtailed.
French urge No Surrender….


alton_logoWe seem to be losing all common sense these days. Our First Amendment Rights are clearly under attack. Not only are our public officials flouting Right to Know laws, they are using LAWFARE to shut down dissent, arresting citizens exercising their right to speak freely in public.

We all watched the drama unfold in Gilford when William Baer was arrested for making inquiries to the Gilford School Board which the board deemed inappropriate. (In his December decision, Judge James Carroll ruled that Baer was “impolite, but not criminal…the sequence of the arrest actions cause pause by the court as to the chilling, if not silencing, of a citizen by the state, for actions which do not warrant a criminal arrest nor conviction.”) This was one for the good guys.

And now, in the town of Alton, we are watching this drama once again unfold with the Feb. 3 arrest of Jeffrey Clay. Arrested for “defamatory” comments, Mr. Clay is quoted as saying, “Every time I show up here, it is with my fervent hope that I find you folks have resigned…But you continue to show an unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions as selectman and resign.” Hmmm…Defamatory? Not so much, I think.

Read the whole thing!

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Of COURSE they are – and after watching the Conservative / TEA Party loathing Lois Lerner, we get another “non-partisan” bureaucrat that only has our best interest at heart and dearly wants to do the BEST for society:

Elizabeth Ashack

The problem is, the hard core Progressives DO believe that the rest of us are Nazis – even as the Nazis were socialists (National Socialists).  And it is clear she’s a Government worker.  Nice to see that our Public Servants hold their employers (that would be us, by the way) in such high regard.

(H/T: The Blaze)


Well, Saturday’s event at the Seacoast Republican Women / Rockingham County Republican Committee Brunch at the Portsmouth Country Club was fun to be there.  Even though I was under the weather (and in coming down from Central NH where some of the snow squalls were starting to go whiteout, that’s setting a low bar to crawl under), I was glad I went (and for the first time in a long time, TMEW came with me – she wanted to see Ted Cruz in person and not just posted on GraniteGrok.

So, time to play catchup and post what we livestreamed:

  • SRW/RCRC Brunch with Ted Cruz – Intro Banter
  • SRW/RCRC Brunch with Ted Cruz – Interview with Joe Barton
  • SRW/RCRC Brunch with Ted Cruz – Interview with Jack Kimball and Jo Horvath
  • SRW/RCRC Brunch with Ted Cruz – Interview with Jeff Chidester

Intro Banter:

And of course Steve has been posting the audio as well!  More video for this post and more video from the event in the next post:

Read the whole thing!


Ah yes, that So, last post I decided to relay to you, readers, of the intent by politician (re: from the Latin “poly” meaning many and “tics” meaning blood sucking parasites only out for their own good) Dennis Senibaldi  to intimidate me to pull down the GraniteGrok posts that Grokster Kimberly had put up about the malfeasance done in Windham.  Certainly his supporters have come up to call what Kimberly put up as inaccurate and, in some cases, outright lies in the various posts here.  After all, they pouted, the pulled their posts down and they are a FAR better site than GraniteGrok.  Yet when challenged, NONE of them could actually point out a single data point that was in error.

Naw, it just means they did an almost instantaneous takedown after receiving the demands from Dennis Senibaldi and Al Letizio but extended no loyalty or due process for Kimberly and just caved.  Political and Journalistic courage be damned (and their First Amendment protections) so it seems.  And I have waited most patiently to hear back from Dennis Senibaldi who said that he would “contemplate” my offer over the weekend to write a rebuttal AND tell us where Kimberly was in error.  As Howie Carr oft says, however, when the phone don’t ring you know its for you.  No lovely phone call, no loving emails – I’m crushed. Read the whole thing!


Jeff Chidester, host of New Hampshire Perspective, joins the program for more discussion on First in the Nation Presidential Primary politics. Ted Cruz taking New Hampshire Seriously; Rand Paul working the Establishment side of the aisle; who is running to be president as opposed to VP, or a cabinet gig, and a lot more.

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