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603 Alliance: Election Recap and Update

by 603 Alliance 2018 Election Recap The 603 Alliance has been very busy in 2018 working to find, train, and elect Conservatives to the NH House. We received very positive feedback from candidates about our campaign training and mentoring, our issues education, and our seminar on what to expect in…
Molly-Kelly Clintons

Are the Clinton’s Screwed?

With 6,000 pages of evidence from a whistleblower and the testimony of players inside the organization “the vast right-wing conspiracy” has nothing on the IRS and the FBI when it comes to the Clinton Foundation. That evidence was assembled by a private firm called MDA Analytics LLC, run by accomplished ex-federal…
time piece

Palate Cleanser: how steady are YOUR hands!?

Having flown over 500K air miles in my career, I used to rack up all kinds of frequent flier miles – the vast majority on United.  Last 10 years, though, have basically stayed home and flow very little.  I did fly a bit on Delta but not enough to get…

Delusional #DemocratYouth

This: #ClimateChange “the biggest top threat to our national security”?  Only if you are living in an alternative universe where China does not exist. In the actual universe we inhabit, China is working toward becoming the world’s preeminent military and economic power. “Since the accession of Xi Jinping to leadership…
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