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Does Going from the Basement to the White House Make Sense?

So, What Starts Happening November 4th? It’s Already Not Looking Good.

The Left (with Democrat elected politicians running cover for their brownshirts – Antifa and Black Lives Matter) has been in training all summer long in the large Democrat “owned” cities, notably Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, NYC; the list just keeps going on and one.

We have two enemies to fight today

We Have Two Enemies to Fight

Today, in America we have two enemies to fight. So who are they? They are the Left and Islam. Why are the Left and Islam such allies? The Left and Islam have much in common. They share many goals and many beliefs. This is what creates their willingness to work as a team.

Leftist Insults

Notable Quote – ITXU DÍAZ

To be a conservative is to wake up every morning to a new insult. It makes life more fun. I never know exactly what I am until I open up Twitter every morning. I can be a reactionary vermin, an ignorant caveman, an ultra-Catholic primate, or a neoliberal scorpion.

Bind Trump Magic Resistance

Resistance is the all-consuming motive of the left

Well, Merry Christmas, as the looney left Democrats seem to be desperate for impeachment. They settled first on obstruction of Congress. That’s nonsense; every president in my memory has invoked executive privilege at one time or another. Congress has no constitutional power to override that.