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The Left and Islam are Totalitarian

Understanding Muslim Use of Common Words and Phrases

The left and Islam are totalitarian, they are allies and that is cause for concern. Political correctness has its own rules. The iron law of political correctness and cultures is that all cultures are equally valid. One culture is not better than another. The blasphemy of this is saying our civilization of art, sculpture, painting, music, and song is superior. It is all the worse when the comparison is to a sharia civilization which forbids these things.

Calligraphy and architecture

Yes, Islam has calligraphy and architecture. The calligraphy is beautiful for whatever it may mean. The architecture is derivative of the Romans and the Persians. They did not invent anything in architecture.

Freedom of expression

When I say that our civilization is better than a civilization which does not allow freedom of expression, this is the new hate speech. Unpleasant facts are hate. Sharia does not allow freedom of thought or expression. No thought is allowed to contradict the Quran or the Sunna. Any thought which does so is called blasphemy and is punishable by death.

Political correctness has its own blasphemy laws. If you violate them you are a racist, hater, bigot Islamophobe. Sharia’s blasphemy leads to death. Politically correct blasphemy leads to character assassination, censorship and if possible to drive you out of business.


Both the Left and Islam are totalitarian. They want to dictate our every action and every word. While you may not receive harm from a Muslim. It is the Leftists and the apologists of Islam who actually do the harm.

What if America or Europe obeyed the Sharia law that destroys art? Imagine Europe or the United States with no painting and no symphony. What would it be like without opera, sculpture, and songs of any sort? It may come as a surprise to you but this experiment has already been done.

An example

Afghanistan used to be a Buddhist nation. There was a nation there called Con Dhara which was part Indian and part Greek. They created all Buddhist art and sculpture. When Islam invades all that art was gone. Islam requires its destruction. When the Taliban destroyed the Bayham Buddhas that was Islam reacting to art. The art of Afghanistan was against the Sharia future.

Artists, many of them, feel themselves a little better than the common man. They are smarter, they are hipper, and they are trendsetters. They think they know better than anybody. When it comes to Islam, Sharia and art they are in total denial.

If you don’t listen it is harder to learn

Since artists consider themselves superior it is hard to get them to listen. This makes it difficult for them to understand some things. They see themselves as independent creative thinkers. Their politics a standard politically correct politics. They believe in tolerance even when it means destroying art.

Sharia and tolerance are antithetical. Artists deny Sharia is anti-art. Imagine if artists fought against Sharia’s anti-art position by using art. Remember the Muhammad cartoons? What if there was a mass art movement? This would be like feminists fighting against the Sharia Hara of subjugating women.
What we need to understand is we are losing the war against Sharia. This is happening because we are fearful and timid. We must become bold and defend our whole tradition of art, culture of freedom, and learning. The left and Islam are totalitarian, they are allies and that is cause for concern.