If it Were Not For Double Standards, the Left Would Have no Standards at All. - Granite Grok

If it Were Not For Double Standards, the Left Would Have no Standards at All.

The United States Supreme Court recently released an opinion Jones vs. Mississippi that involved the constitutionality of a life-without-parole murder sentence for a minor. By a six to three majority, the court held that the Eighth Amendment does not require a finding that a minor be permanently incorrigible as a prerequisite to a sentence of life without parole.

Check out this footnote from Justice Clarence Thomas, who concurred in the judgment, but argued that recent precent that the court distinguished in order to uphold the life-without-parole sentence should have been overruled:

Stated slightly differently, the court’s nonsensical position is that while children have the capacity to understand abortion, they do not have the capacity to understand homicide.

This double standard is a recurring theme for the Left. You can make the same point about puberty-blockers that Justice Thomas made about abortion. The Left is outraged by the court’s decision because we shouldn’t expect children to be able to understand the consequences of homicide. Yet, according to the Left, these same children can understand the consequences of medical procedures to block puberty.

There are myriad other examples … college students lack the capacity to understand the concept of debt and so should have their student loans forgiven, but they do have the capacity to make informed choices in the voting booth … requiring ID to vote is racist, but requiring ID to board a commercial flight is not racist … the same structures that were “cages” under Trump are now simply detention facilities. Etc. etc. etc..

Double standards do not bother the Left. Hypocrisy does not bother the Left. False narratives, censorship, cancel culture, riots, etc. etc. etc. … all OK to achieve the desired end of a government of, by and for the Left that exercises total control over everything.

Tragically, many on the Right continue to deny that the American Left are communists.