Resistance is the all-consuming motive of the left - Granite Grok

Resistance is the all-consuming motive of the left

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Well, Merry Christmas, as the looney left Democrats seem to be desperate for impeachment. They settled first on obstruction of Congress. That’s nonsense; every president in my memory has invoked executive privilege at one time or another. Congress has no constitutional power to override that.

The second charge is “abuse of power”. What, exactly, this is we can only guess. It is opinions in any case and opinions by Trump-haters that have been trying to invent cause since the day after the 2016 election. Add that it’s a completely partisan effort that the public is increasingly seeing through, judging by recent polls.

So even if Nancy Pelosi can ring out the necessary votes to impeach, it then goes to the Senate for a trial conducted by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Poor Nancy will have a tough time trying to convince him any evidence of offense or crime has been committed. Most likely it results in a dismissal.

Could this be what Dems are really after? That way, none of them could be called to testify under oath, which I’m darn sure they want to avoid at all costs. Easier to blame a Chief Justice appointed by a Republican (Bush) than have to actually produce real evidence. It then starts all over again in January to motivate the Democratic base and detract from the fact that nothing important is being done by them.

Okay if you don’t believe me, but just wait and see. All this wasted time and money, three years’ worth, nothing to show for it. Folks, you’ve been had again.

Ask yourself why it is Democrats don’t want to pass legislation that would benefit our working families? They refuse to address our drug epidemic, our violent growing crime numbers, or actually enforce laws regarding gun crimes, but rather release serious criminals because of “race” or overcrowding, calling it nonviolent.

There are so many things that could be accomplished if they worked together, but “resistance” is the all-consuming motives of the left. Resistance to making life better, safer for our citizens is the result. Is this what real everyday Democrats want? I wouldn’t think so, hope not.

Anyone who reads my LTE knows I’m very concerned about drugs and related crimes. Most of us, regardless of whether Republican or Democrat, hopefully, feels that way. Drugs impact so many families it must be a bipartisan concern, so we must push our elected officials to take it seriously, demand they do. Every possible effort must be employed to curb this threat to our children and loved ones. Don’t let the next loved one to die from OD be one of yours. Sorry to end on a downer.

Merry Christmas, anyway, to all.