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Steve Earle

Below zero thermometer thermometer (-27 celsius) by Martin Lopatka OpenVerse is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 11967844505_b55e86bb32_b

Promise Made, Promise Broken

At 11:10  pm this past Tuesday evening, the thermometer on my back deck read 15 degrees F below zero. For anyone not aware, that’s 47 degrees below freezing. So where is all this global warming we were promised some twenty years ago?

Sleepy Joe Biden sitting

COVID, the Vaccines, and Poor Ol’Joe – A Musing

It would seem clear and apparent to even the casual observer that after someone has gotten the full recommended doses of vaccine shots they would not be getting the virus; it’s just not the case. Around half of those tested and found positive have had their shots.


Tornadoes in Midwest Do Not Point to Weather Danger Everywhere

Seems a lot of people both here and nationally are becoming very worried about their safety after the reports of the terrible tornados out in the Midwest. The urge to panic is really not necessary as the highly hyped media reports make it seem far, far worse than it is.

US Senator Joe Manchin Flickr by WV Gov Earl Ray Tomblin

Joe Manchin

Looks very much like Leftist Democrats are cranking up their hate and smear machine to punish Senator Joe Manchin for not bowing and scraping at the feet of “President” Biden and his Build Back Better.

Defund the Police

Unintended Consequences

Earlier this year, the Burlington Vt. City Council bought into the defund police movement and jumped in with both feet. Something, however, did not go as expected.

confused-anxious-young-woman-shrugging-shoulders-spread-hands-sideways-looking-puzzled-know-nothing-standing-white-wall FreePik

The Big Tent

Well, that’s what Democrats call it and yes, it sure is. It includes any and all, no matter what they believe. It doesn’t matter how they behave or what they do (especially if they donate lots of money).