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Steve Earle

Biden - Obey

King Biden’s Shell Game

The heavy hand has fallen on Florida because Gov. DeSantis will not fall on his knees to a senile, god-king wannabe (Dementia Joe). A government-approved medication, monoclonal antibodies, that by all reports say work on COVID-19 (for those who can get it) are now being rationed in FL, where the need is very high.


A King’s Heavy Hand

“Take the shot or STARVE TO DEATH!” It comes to us from the moral high ground of the Left, or what passes “the obey or else” Marxist philosophy popular in DC these days.

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Go East, Go East

Beautiful sunny California, formerly the land of idyllic dreams, has clean broad avenues and boulevards in sparkling cities by the sea. Now, however, anyone can sense the rise of the politically correct Leftism in those great cities are becoming homes to the hovels of the homeless, acts of defecation and urinations on sidewalks and streets, …

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Money cash

Money, Disasters and More Money

Here is something to consider. Rep. Brian Mast (R) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee made a very strong case saying Biden should be removed, and charged with Treason. He offered three primary crimes:

The US Sun Afghani woman shot on soccer field by Taliban


It’s estimated “only low hundreds” of Americans were left behind in Afghanistan, and “maybe they chose to stay”? And maybe we should believe Biden is a master strategist and political savant and only acts like a befuddled idiot to fool our unfriendly opponents?

Gen Mark Milley ABC News

Revolt in Our Military

The s***t is hitting the fan at the Pentagon and why can anyone be surprised? Ninety retired generals and admirals have called on General Mike Milley (Chief of Staff) and Dept of Defense Lloyd Austin USMC (Never Trumper) to resign over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.