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Steve Earle

Trigglypuff the SJW

Unethical Leftist Mobs Wouldn’t Know Justice if it Fell on Them

I think it must now be clear to even the dullest wits that the activities of the “Social Justice Warriors” has nothing whatsoever to do with or any relationship to justice, no way, no how. It’s a cliche; a scam used to excuse excessive actions, even criminal behaviors by the unethical leftist mobs who wouldn’t …

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Wouldn't it be Wonderful

Are you going to work for free to pay for all of this?

According to “Main Stream Media,” President Trump is corrupt and evil, if so where is the evidence of that? Look, there have been numerous charges leveled at him. And any number of non-official and at least four official investigations.


Socialism Inevitably Leads to Absolute Rule by Elites

Can anyone be more self-deluded than those who refuse to learn from history? Even when facts are right before them, they insist on denying them. Consider ANTIFA, supposedly against fascism, yet they employ the exact tactics of the Nazi SA (Brown Shirts) did in Germany.

Blackmail, treachery, and Quid Pro Quo by the Democrats

I see that my local paper, the Laconia Daily Sun, is still printing those stupid hate Trump cartoons. This time Santa’s bringing down Trump. Well, not likely, as the Grinch Pelosi is holding onto the impeachment papers, trying to blackmail the Senate into conducting a Schiff-like kangaroo court over there.

Bind Trump Magic Resistance

Resistance is the all-consuming motive of the left

Well, Merry Christmas, as the looney left Democrats seem to be desperate for impeachment. They settled first on obstruction of Congress. That’s nonsense; every president in my memory has invoked executive privilege at one time or another. Congress has no constitutional power to override that.

Polar Bear Climate change makes me sad

Democrats’ campaign ideas never make it in practice

While it’s on my mind I should comment on a couple of letters in the Laconia Daily Sun where the writers lament our failure to buy into their climate change hysteria. Seems they believe all the disaster scenarios produced over the past 20-some years are cascading into reality. Frankly, I do not see it.

Darned if We Do, Darned if We Don’t

I think it was Tip O’Neal who coined the phrase:  “All politics is local.” That’s as true today as when O’Neal uttered it. Right here in Gilford, our school board is struggling with a  problem best described as a catch 22. I’m speaking of the transgender phenomena.

Death of Al-Baghdadi

Syria, Oil, and the Death of Al-Baghdadi

By now, we have heard from all the fake news journalists be they liberal politicians or the left’s other Trump-hating “experts.” On how bad an idea it was to pull our troops from Syria. How about the opinion of an actual expert on the region?