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Leftists in politics, academia, and the media are waging a war against Christians in court and society

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Christianity was once the backbone of America’s Judeo-Christian” society. Today it is under relentless attack.  Left-wing activists, working in tandem with Islam and Democrats are tearing down America’s religious freedoms.

Who is attacking?

Leftists in politics, academia, and the media are waging a war against Christians in court and society. Their goal is to destroy Christianity in America. The war to destroy Christian America is coming from the left. It’s calculated effort to create a secular, a godless American society. They will tolerate nothing else. That lack of tolerance is un-American.

Jews and anyone who believes in God will be in danger if Christians are not protected. Already some extreme fringe groups are resorting to violence.  We have seen the killing of innocents, God-fearing worshipers. This is occurring, sometimes in their churches. There is a message in these events. They are a warning.

Leftists and their allies envision a new millennium in which Christianity is banished. Judeo-Christian values are at the very root of America’s democracy and its success. Leftists believe if they can kill off such values all of our freedoms could perish. Everybody will be in danger. These Leftists are working hard from within to end American values and to kill America herself.

The battle

The battle over abortion is much more than the right of “choice.” It is about an agenda to stop Christians from advocating for their most basic rights. It is a denial of the basic human right to live. Who chooses who will live and who will die?  We cannot give such a decision to a panel of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats.

Donald Trump is many things. He does, however, have a “genuine love for his country.” This is galvanizing Christians to fight the secular war Leftists wage against them.  As the president, the man has become a lightning rod for the radical left. He defends America and traditional American values and principles.

There are things we can observe and perhaps should ponder:
  • The agenda of atheism. The use of war on radical Islam after 9/11 to attack Christianity.
  • The progressive plan to substitute themselves for God. (Does government really do charity?)
  • Congress has scrubbed every mention of God from the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center.
  • Leftists fight to keep prayer out of public schools. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson’s intentions were?
  • Obama’s relationship with Saul Alinsky, who says Lucifer was his role model.
  • The facts about Donald Trump’s faith.
  • What happened in the writing of the Declaration of Independence when there was disagreement over God?
  • The manifesto of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.
    • She was an advocate of using dynamite to promote “revolutionary solidarity.”
  • The reasons for the secular left’s smug disdain for Christians.
  • The logic behind the writings of Richard Dawkins.
    • Do post-Darwinian scientific advances render belief in God irrational and unnecessary?

There is a war against Christianity. The secular globalists, leftists, Democrats, and Hollywood and Wall Street elites are responsible for it. American needs a voice that stands up to the rantings of the secular left. We are receiving a warning of the grave danger to our freedoms.

The danger will extend to our lives if we let the secularists win. If they are successful at the destruction of Christianity the value of life is put in danger. Tyranny will happen if we don’t fight them. History tells us what the struggle we are in is about. The struggle is for our Judeo-Christian principles and values, our way of life, freedom, and property rights themselves.