So, What Starts Happening November 4th? It's Already Not Looking Good. - Granite Grok

So, What Starts Happening November 4th? It’s Already Not Looking Good.

Does Going from the Basement to the White House Make Sense?

The Left (with Democrat elected politicians running cover for their brownshirts – Antifa and Black Lives Matter) has been in training all summer long in the large Democrat “owned” cities, notably Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, NYC; the list just keeps going on and one.

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I’ve been gathering up a bunch of links about what the organizations are, how they operate, and what they are expected to do. Here’s a question for everyone on the Right should be answering for themselves:

QUESTION ASKED: “If the left is willing to violently beat supporters of Donald Trump in a public setting when they don’t have power, how emboldened do you think they will be with the knowledge that the executive power to enforce the laws is in the hands of their allies?

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My first response was “this is not going to end well.” They already have the organizations and tactics – most of us on the Right, to be truthful, haven’t been militia’d up as they have. We may well know our own localities better but who is going to be with you?

Anyway, let’s start with the links – and there are a lot of them. This one, I’d be smiling if I didn’t realize how serious this (…person?) is:

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They will be protesting:  Nearly 1 in 4 College Students Say They’ll ‘Likely’ Protest If Trump Wins Election, Survey Says

Exactly 22% of students surveyed said they are likely to protest and 17% said they will protest should Trump win the 2020 election, the College Reaction/Axios survey found. More students, 30%, said they would not protest if Trump won and 31% said they are not likely to protest a Trump victory.

“The dissatisfaction with the status quo is also reflected by the number of students who are willing to protest Trump reelection with 40% of college students saying they will likely or certainly participate in protests,” the survey said. Only 1% said they are “absolutely certain” to protest if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the election, according to the survey. Almost three quarters, 70%, said they “absolutely will not” protest if Biden wins the 2020 election.

On the other hand, most of us DO expect more “violent peaceful protests”: 72% of Americans Expect Political Violence: Take Steps to Protect Yourself From Riots and Violent Protests Now

Political violence isn’t supposed to happen in America. U.S. history is characterized by peaceful changes of power no matter the election results. However, in the age of President Donald Trump, things have changed. A new poll commissioned by the UK’s Independent shows some shocking results: almost three-quarters of Americans worry about political violence on election day and beyond.

And all of this can be laid at the feet of the Left – once again, they’ve decided to change the rules and act on them EXPECTING that the rest of us will be sheeple. And if you have donated to Trump (or other Republicans), they know who you are – and where:

Far left operatives created the Donald Trump Watch website recently to reveal local Trump donors in your community. Users are able to punch in the address of any location in the country and a map will show you the name and address of any Trump donor in the area. The website is using FEC data to target Trump voters and donors.

According to the website they provide the names and addresses of “Americans who Give Money to Support a Racist.”

It’s the typical meme of the Left – call someone an epithet and then associate any one around that person as the same. It’s the Transitive Property, If Trump is a racist, or anyone else, and you associate with them, then you’re a racist, too! Sounds stupid, it IS stupid, but they take it seriously as gospel. And that gives them leave to do anything they want without wondering “is this….right”? In their morality, it IS right because racism is bad – which is true. It’s the blithe manner in slandering (and then finishing the Othering process) that wrong – but they don’t care. It’s the self-rationalization process that has gone sideways. After all, there is a purpose for all this:

…Simpson: Well, Black Lives Matter is actually a subsidiary of an umbrella group called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, now known as Liberation Road, and there [are] two versions of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, but this one, in particular, focuses … it’s a descendant of the new communist movement, which is a Maoist movement. They’re Maoist communists.

And it’s very interesting because, there’s even an article at Heritage talking about how the Black Lives Matter co-founder and a pro-communist China group are partnering up, and there’s been a lot of speculation about communist China actually working in the background to support what’s going on in the streets with Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups.

I mean, this is a very malevolent organization. Its founders, as I’m sure you’ve seen in the recent video, Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors both describe themselves as trained Marxists, Opal Tometi, the three of them together came up with the Black Lives Matter hashtag, and that was in 2013 following the Trayvon Martin thing with George Zimmerman in Florida, and then it really blossomed after Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri.

But even as far back as then, in those riots in Ferguson, the rioters were trained by Lisa Fithian, who is probably the most prominent anarchist in the United States.

And so, they have always been a radical communist organization, and Nelini Stamp, who came up with the “Hands up, don’t shoot” slogan, said that what we’re really fighting is capitalism, because it’s not working for us anymore. And so really, they make it explicit. And the trouble is, we don’t get the proper exposure from the media about who these people really are, and what their organizational goals are.

If you read only a few links from this post, you DO want to read this one.

Next set is how Antifa actually works and organized – remember, Sun Tzu told us “Know your enemy” and know this – they are the enemy of both our Republic and our American values – it is only because the MSM is in bed with them that this is not wide spread that they are an insurrection based force:

…There are different types of bloc organization styles. The building block of antifa is what’s called an affinity group, people you live and work with and trust and know in real life. All the planning is done within that closed bloc, and they don’t let everyone know [what they’re going to do]. I didn’t know that they were going to burn the Portland Police Association when I joined. What they did was put a call out that said, “Anyone show up in black that night at this place, and you can join the action.”

That’s called a semi-open bloc. The planning is done within the closed group, but anyone who’s dressed in black can come join the action. If you know what you’re looking for, you can spot affinity groups that are working together. One thing they’ll do sometimes is have written agreements with other protest organizations that aren’t in black bloc. I know of one from Berkeley that illustrates this: “We agree that to not take pictures of anyone in antifa.” It will say that literally in writing, so everyone’s working together. It’s like a combined arms type thing, almost like the military. They work together and are mutually reinforcing…

…That’s their [antifa’s] objective. It’s not a tactical thing. That’s why all the “press” is there, the sympathetic press. They’re trying to create propaganda. They know how the police are going to react, so they carefully calibrate what they do to try to provoke the police into reacting and then filming it. They want to try to push public opinion in favor of removing the police.

This is basically guerilla warfare. They’re trying to undermine legitimacy of the state.

And go read the part about “Antifa goes for a certain type of violence, a mid-level violence”. This is what Chris Agar experienced in DC. It’s single someone out from a crowd, get them along, shove a faux victim in front of them who is agitating, and then push, push, push in order to get a reaction. And then get swarmed. It’s always a set up in order to both give you a beating and get PR for the victim. It’s what the Viet Cong did – always the information war. And if you remember, they won. They beat a Superpower with it.

More on tactics: The Truth About Today’s Anarchists

…He arrived to find young people pouring out of the store, shoeboxes under their arms. But there was something odd about the scene. A group of men, dressed entirely in black, milled around nearby, like supervisors. One wore a creepy rubber Halloween mask.

The next day, Mr. Quinn took pictures of another store being looted. Again, he noticed something strange. A white man, clad in black, had broken the window with a crowbar, but walked away without taking a thing.

Mr. Quinn began studying footage of looting from around the country and saw the same black outfits and, in some cases, the same masks. He decided to go to a protest dressed like that himself, to figure out what was really going on. He expected to find white supremacists who wanted to help re-elect President Trump by stoking fear of Black people. What he discovered instead were true believers in “insurrectionary anarchism.”

…Mr. Quinn discovered a thorny truth about the mayhem that unfolded in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man in Minneapolis. It wasn’t mayhem at all.

While talking heads on television routinely described it as a spontaneous eruption of anger at racial injustice, it was strategically planned, facilitated and advertised on social media by anarchists who believed that their actions advanced the cause of racial justice. In some cities, they were a fringe element, quickly expelled by peaceful organizers. But in Washington, Portland and Seattle they have attracted a “cultlike energy,” Mr. Quinn told me.

Don’t take just Mr. Quinn’s word for it. Take the word of the anarchists themselves, who lay out the strategy in Crimethinc, an anarchist publication: Black-clad figures break windows, set fires, vandalize police cars, then melt back into the crowd of peaceful protesters. When the police respond by brutalizing innocent demonstrators with tear gas, rubber bullets and rough arrests, the public’s disdain for law enforcement grows. It’s Asymmetric Warfare 101.

And a few observations on the above: Trans Trump-Supporting Mole Makes Important Discovery About Antifa’s Tactics and Rules of Engagement

… As we’ve seen with al Qaeda, once the idea is out there the cells organize themselves. The idea can spread well beyond any organization, to become part of the background noise of life and the conversation that seeps into everything.

Strategically what they’re doing is, they’re forcing a dilemma action. A dilemma action is when you put your opponent in a no-win situation. Your enemy has to react. If they don’t react, they look weak; if they do react, they have to react in a certain way where it looks like it’s an overreaction.

This is very similar to how the intifada terror campaigns against Israel worked in the past. The terrorists knew they could not win a full military confrontation against the well-trained and well-equipped Israeli military. Winning wasn’t even necessarily the goal. The goal was to undermine Israel’s legitimacy, its right to even exist.

The idea then is to create a scenario in which the more powerful side is provoked and uses the tools available to it, creating the illusion of an overreaction, and sympathy for the attackers and instigators.

I describe it as an open-source networked insurgency. They were incredibly efficient. They hit a target and vanished into the city and got away. Basically, they’re like skirmishers: They come in, they attack the cops, they get out.

…The Democrat district attorneys and mayors who keep releasing violent rioters and undermining their own local police departments should be asked about this. So should Kamala Harris, since she proactively helped raise money to spring rioters from jail. Is she a sympathizer or a mere dupe?

Another question: Who is propagating antifa’s tactics and ideas? Where’s the ideological incubator? Who’s coming up with the ideas that animate this amorphous open-source intifada?

More later….