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The Intelligence Community has a Formula for Pulling off a Coup

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Why do the Democrats refuse to universally condemn the riots? Why are they again pushing Russian election interference? And what is the point of the Trump/USPS rigging the election stories? The postal union endorsed Biden. The USPS has been a mess for more than a decade.

Why did Hillary say Biden should never, ever, concede the election under any circumstances? How can she know the election is going to drag out and eventually he will win? Why would she say that?  If we don’t give an inch and are focused and relentless we will win. What’s up with such posturing?

The goal is a U.S. color revolution.

Leftists are doing it in the open now. The Left cannot let it look like a conspiracy. They so want to remove the elected president of America. The goal is for us to believe Trump did some sort of crazy election night engineering.

The plan depends on us being stupid. Everything they are planning falls apart if we understand what they are doing and we do not play into it. They are depending on us not connecting what they did in places like Ukraine. We must not link it with what is going on nowhere at home.

The process has already begun. The Left has begun grooming us, grooming America, for revolution. Because we are all locked down we are not paying attention to what’s going on. Do you believe in the coming insurrection? Are you ready? Here’s how this could work.

The Turkish Revolution Example

The intelligence community has a formula for pulling off a coup. They gave it a name. They call the process the 3 M’s… Media, Military, and Money. Before the CIA could assist in a foreign coup they ensure they have control of the 3 M’s.

This was recently attempted in Turkey. The coup was driven by a large faction of the Military. Soldiers seized control of media outlets. The coup sympathizers had plenty of money. That drove Erdogan to start seizing the banks. He then went into a hard repression. Erdogan had to purge the military, academia, and the press. He survives this attempt. But he sleeps less soundly than he did before.

So what Turkey shows us is: Having the 3 M’s isn’t always enough to be successful. It certainly won’t be enough to be successful in America. But our unelected bureaucracy is trying very hard to oust our elected government. Do you believe in the coming insurrection? Turkey didn’t really think it was coming either.