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Covid test positive

A September Surge in Coronavirus in N.H. Finds no Surge in the Disease

There was big coronavirus news for New Hampshire this week, and most of the media missed it.  At his Thursday press conference, Gov. Chris Sununu displayed a graphic (pictured below) showing that the average number of coronavirus tests per day has more than doubled since mid-August.

American Flag2

Nashua Aldermen Disrespecting Residents

Mayor, I was listening to the Board of Aldermen meeting last evening, and I was dismayed that Aldermen Skip Cleaver took it upon himself to omit words to the Pledge of Allegiance.  Aldermen Cleaver decided to drop the words UNDER GOD.

Bolduc Messner

Bolduc vs Messner

Good evening fellow citizens, supporters of both Don Bolduc and Bryant Messner.  As we head into the primary emotions are high, and everyone’s swords are drawn in favor of their preferred candidate.

Eli Clemmer

This is the time for Unity. 

With a primary this Tuesday we must remember that working together to unseat the Democrats is our primary goal. To this end, I, Eli Clemmer, am supporting and endorsing my prior primary opponent Steve Negron for U.S. Congress in the 2nd District.