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John Burtis

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The Great Reset Should Scare Us All

Is America at war? The short answer is, “Yes, we are.” Who exactly are we fighting? It might feel like Democrats vs. Republicans, but it is not. There is a much bigger threat to you than your neighbor who has a different political view. This enemy does not care to which party you belong.

Rebuild NH

RebuildNH Requests that NH Journal Retract False Statements

You might have heard of the NH journal, but we’re going to call it the “NH jab-now” from now on, as fake-news writer Michael Graham has been vigorously spreading misinformation in favor of the vaccine and opposed to our efforts to reject vaccine mandates and respect bodily autonomy, health freedom, and medical privacy.

Don't take the Cheese

Free Cheese – or Free Men?

I attended the Executive Council meeting with Governor Sununu on 10/13/21 at the Police Standards and Training campus in Concord. 300 citizens concerned with $27Million in Federal Covid Vaccine Funds with strings attached attended the meeting.

US Capitol Bldg behind security fence

They Are Not Going to Allow Themselves to Be Removed in 2022 or in 2024

My friends, what seems a plausible plan by this current regime (globalists), especially given Schwab’s (WEF) recent fixation with a cyber grid down: An attack of one form or another with power/phones/internet down, the complete collapse of banking, food distribution, etc., followed by the closure of all state borders and interstate commerce with the cutoff …

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