Hitler: “How and by What Means is Capitalism to be Eliminated?” - Granite Grok

Hitler: “How and by What Means is Capitalism to be Eliminated?”

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Paul H. Jossey, writing at Medium.com, notes accurately that, The Nazis Were Leftists, Deal With It.’ And so they were. National Socialism was socialism. Hitler, himself, thought it the better sort than the others.

And before Hitler became ‘Hitler’ his fascism was well regarded. Well thought off. Inspiring to the Political Left. Inspired by the Political left in America. War socialism, social engineering. We still see these elements of leftism today. But there is an easier way to show the differences between the left (the Democrat socialists) and Nazism, and the Right or what we might call American conservatism.

Jossey explains.

The right consists of free-market capitalists, who think the individual is the primary political unit, believes in property rights, and are generally distrustful of government by unaccountable agencies and government solutions to social problems. They view family and civil institutions, such as church, as needed checks on state power.

These people don’t think government should force a business to provide employee birth control or think law should coerce bakers to make cakes against their conscience. They think the solution to bad speech is more speech, and the solution to gun violence is more guns. These people talk about freedom—the method of individual decisions.


The left believes the opposite. They distrust the excesses and inequality capitalism produces. They give primacy to group rights and identity. They believe factors like race, ethnicity, and sex compose the primary political unit. They don’t believe in strong property rights

They believe it is the government’s responsibility to solve social problems. They call for public intervention to “equalize” disparities and render our social fabric more inclusive (as they define it). They believe the free market has failed to solve issues like campaign finance, income inequality, minimum wage, access to health care, and righting past injustices. These people talk about “democracy”—the method of collective decisions.

There is nothing about Hitler’s socialism that is anything but a left-wing endeavor. It is about control centered on government power. TO keep that control some manner of force is required, and so a police state must rise, intentionally or otherwise to keep matters in hand.

And there can be no free market and no such thing as capitalism. Something everyone on the left, including Hitler, agree. “How and by What Means is Capitalism to be Eliminated?” That’s your left-wing buddy Adolf. He didn’t have Climate Change or a Green New Deal, but he managed just the same.

Jossey is much more convincing so, by all means, read more of his observations here.

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