Watch: Left Wing Action vs. Right (Antifa in Portland vs. Virginia Gun Rights Rally) - Granite Grok

Watch: Left Wing Action vs. Right (Antifa in Portland vs. Virginia Gun Rights Rally)

VA Gun rights rally vs antifa protest in portland

The left’s agenda is impossible without violence. Advancing it requires force and a militant police state to keep it that way. You can’t take things from people or make them do what you want without a means to punish those who won’t comply.

This is why I often call the leftwing experiment in all its forms a supremacy ideology.

They insist on controlling the economy, your healthcare, and reserve for themselves the power to give and take away “rights.” There is no version of that which does not include acts of supremacy ensured by armed government agents.

We can look at what history has shown us for proof – hundreds of millions who would not comply, killed, murdered, tortured, imprisoned. You cannot sustain a centrally planned socialist nation without this. People will object. Force will be required.

If you’d like a more modern (or at least recent) look at this, here’s a bit of video. It compares two recent “protests.” The gun-rights rally in Virginia, and Antifa protesters in Portland.

In Virginia, armed citizens are polite and appreciative of law enforcement and each other.

In Portland, well, look for yourselves.

Armed law-abiding citizens (a Free-Market Constitutional Republic) or mob rule by angry thugs (Socialism, Communism, Centrally planned government. 

The first is not perfect, but the second is a tyranny that you cannot escape without more violence.

Which side do you choose?

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