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Sun King Sununu

Why Sununu Rants Against Republicans

Skip recently posted BlogQuestion of the Day – So, Will NH Governor Chris Sununu Keep Ranting at Republicans? To answer Skip’s question, we need to understand why Sununu resorts to rants. We can place his rants into two categories.

Sun King Sununu

So, Now We Know What Sun-King Sununu Really Means by “Unity”

According to the NeverTrump website NHJournal, Sun-King Sununu is calling for UNITY within the GOP. However, the Sun-King’s words and actions during and since yesterday’s Executive Council meeting reveal that when the Sun-King says “unity” what he really means is unquestioning obedience … to the Sun-King.

Sun King Sununu

Sun-King Unhinged … Sununu Calls Governors Abbott and DeSantis “Communists” and “Un-American”

So the GOP Executive Councilors were NOT the only ones on the receiving end of Sun-King Sununu’s vitriol yesterday. I know that it has been a tough year for New Hampshire’s Sun-King. His precious poll numbers have been precipitously plummeting as more and more people grow more and more tired of maintaining an endless state …

Sun-King Unhinged … Sununu Calls Governors Abbott and DeSantis “Communists” and “Un-American” Read More »

Sun King Sununu

Biden Regime’s War on WrongThink … A Tale of Two Governors

As you know if you have read Skip’s post, the Biden regime has criminalized WrongThink about public education. More specifically, the FBI is being used to intimidate parents into not criticizing junk-science COVID mandates and the racist poison euphemistically called critical race theory.