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More On How The 2020 Election Was RIGGED

It is VITAL not to forget AND to keep talking about how the Left RIGGED the 2020 election … OR they will just do it again in 2022 and thereafter. Toward that end, a valuable resource is a recent commentary in RealClearPolitics: 7 Things We’ve Learned About the 2020 Elections:

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Russia Russia Russia

A recent post from Skip, Data Point – Country GDP by size presentation, reveals either the lunacy … or the DISHONESTY … of those telling us that the greatest foreign threat America faces is Russia. Compare the GDP (the economic output) of America and Russia using this chart from Skip’s post:

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Boycott Carhartt

Employees cannot simply quit their jobs and go work elsewhere when they are subject to human rights abuses by their employers, despite what the Conservative, Inc. grifters would have you believe.

Kevin McCarthy

Milquetoast McCarthyism

So guess what the GOP’s agenda will be, IF Kevin McCarthy becomes the next Speaker of the House.

Sun King Sununu

Sun-King Sununu Pushes the Left’s False J6 Narrative

Not much of a surprise that NH-NeverTrumpJournal would agree with Sun-King Sununu’s ridiculous claim that the riot by a relative handful of those peacefully protesting the rigging of the 2020 election was DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Red Pilled

Are You Choosing to Take the Blue Pill and Stay In the COVID-Matrix?

Harvey Risch is a premier epidemiologist. Steve wrote about some of his work in UK Report: Vaccinated Account for Two-Thirds of all Delta Variant Deaths. Risch recently unloaded on “Dr.” Fauci and COVID, Inc. on the John Solomon Reports podcast. Some highlights from Just the News.