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Is President Asterisk Starting a Bio-war Against Americans?

Is President Asterisk starting a bio-war against Americans? There he is on TV, patting himself on the back for getting his “100 million shot in arms” to beat this virus,” while importing more infected people who haven’t had them???

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BlogLine of the Day – Biden: COVID bad in American Society….but…

Biden would bar Granny from traveling but invites COVID-infected illegals to cross freely. President Asterisk is all over the issue of the WuFlu to the point of taking credit for Operation Warp Speed and then broadcasting that Trump never had a distribution process (even though over 900K arms / day were getting stuck. But know …

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Data Point – Socialist Social Security is a Bad Investment

The Bernie-Bros are going to have a meltdown. Social security is Socialist (just like the Veterans Administration’s healthcare system). Total government control and we have no choice of participating or not. But, we are told it is better than sliced bread.


A “Tamiflu” for WuFlu? A new name: Molnupiravir

Wouldn’t this be a great advance – no getting a stick, just swallow a pill (reformatted, emphasis mine). “COVID-19 pill effective in preliminary testing may be ‘holy grail’ of pandemic, Dr. Marc Siegel says.”

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Notable Quote – How Easily We Gave up Our Freedom?

It is extraordinary how easily people in the West embraced authoritarian lockdown measures. Governments must have been shocked how little resistance there was to their new laws. In his infamous interview in the Times, Professor Neil Ferguson said they didn’t think they could implement a lockdown in the democratic West.