Before, It was All About Race and Ethnicity. Now, Segregation is all about Medical Status and Fealty To The State. - Granite Grok

Before, It was All About Race and Ethnicity. Now, Segregation is all about Medical Status and Fealty To The State.

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Rudolf Hoss was a German man who lived during the early 20th century. His chief achievement for which he has gone down in history was his service as the Commandant, the person in charge, of the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

This place served as a sort of human removal center for the German regime known as the Nazis. Millions of people were sent here as part of a project termed the “Final Solution.” Why am I writing about this today?

Not many survive today who were alive when this camp was open. Among those, few are willing or able to speak up and share their voice. The horrors of this tragic plan carried out by humans against other humans risk slipping from our consciousness unless we are reminded of them.

We are currently on course to repeat them.

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Today, in various locations around the world, governments are putting people into camps and segregating them based on their vaccination status to COVID-19. This is the new name for what was previously called simply “the cold” or “the flu.” It has been rebranded successively, primarily for the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

Who champions this other than the career politicians at the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization? These are bold statements, and would be heavily contested by anyone with a vested interest in the success of the “COVID Project.”

This project has become a veritable death cult.

Every day, members of the media supporting this madness trumpet the new figures of how many people have died. Its followers force others to wear surgical masks. Although those doing the policy-making do not wear masks other than for show, they force children to wear these surgical masks, equipment made initially to be worn in hospitals by trained medical professionals for temporary medical operations, for over eight hours every day while they are at school.

On top of this, policy-makers enforce individuals to take a vaccine against this virus, which has been proven to be nothing more than seasonal flu.

Why was the Auschwitz camp allowed to happen in the first place?

After years of successful propaganda campaigns by the Berlin government and politicians across its international power axis, including American citizens, a large enough segment of the German population became convinced that the best way forward for the German state was to kill as many non-Germanic people as possible. The primary ethnicity targeted was the Jewish, although others were as well.

This idea was a vile blossom of the eugenics movement, a strain of racial theory that is still alive and well today. We should consider, who are the modern proponents of this movement?

Look no further than the modern National Socialists, the United States’ Democrat Party.

This group of individuals has built its political platform off of scientific racism — the use of racist political speech to divide people in order to grow their power and reinforce their political positions.

Eugenics is a practice of those in favor of scientific racism.

It is a vile and disgusting branch of science that considers many aspects of population control including forced sterilization, the prevalence of assisted reproductive technology, and an overemphasis on diversity. All of this is often in breach of what has been commonly established as basic human rights by the international community.

In 2020, these people took control of the United States by very questionable means, putting at their helm a senile old man and an unpopular bully of a woman. Who would want to mess with these two harmless people? They are the perfect pair to serve as frontmen (front people?) and eventually as scapegoats for their pernicious plan.

In Australia today, concentration camps have been reestablished. Those who are not vaccinated are forced to live there. What will become of them?

It is still early in the 21st century. Unless people act against the COVID death cult, we as a collective global society are directly on track to recreate Auschwitz, only this time based on vaccination status to a half-contrived moderately-harmful illness.

These people are scary, it is true. They threaten any who oppose them. They are willing to kill to maintain their power. They have little respect for human life, especially in the face of their own livelihood and profiteering. This is laissez-faire capitalism at its worst, totally unchecked by the ameliorating checks and balances of any properly functioning benevolent government.

In thirty years, we may look back at 2020 and consider, just as the Germans did in the 1940s when they realized that World War II was over and that they had lost. We may look back and think: “What happened? Why didn’t anyone do anything?”

Now is the time to do something.