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Data Point – If So Many Are Vaxxed in NH, Why Does the Graph Look Like This?

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WHY is the operative word. Ed Mosca has a post “Everything They Told You (Are Still Telling You) About COVID is a LIE” and the above image is from Chris Sununu’s tweet. It got me to think – WHAT?

As in WHAT is the current status of EVERYTHING Wuflu here in NH.  So, I went to the NH WuFlu Dashboard where the summary is this:


NH COVID status as of 2021-11-26

(click to enlarge)

Look at the middle graph in which the green line shows that vaccination percentage SKYROCKETED here in NH.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” is turning into years. “wear your mask” was the order from on high, while we “wait for the vaccine” so we can get back normal.” Then the idiocies of “wear your mask AFTER you get Vaxxed to protect the unVaxxed,” and “if you aren’t Vaxxed, wear your mask to protect the Vaxxed.”

And now the government is clueless as to how to message what they don’t understand (or is that the other way around?).

And those in Government (and other assorted COVID Karens) are all up in arms because hospitals are full?  Why aren’t they AND the Media leveling with the rest of us by telling us, loudly and clearly, that it is because of GOVERNMENT VACCINE MANDATES (e.g., Biden! With drop-dead dates that mandate healthcare worker firings along with PR seeking Hospital High Honchos) getting rid of their staffs that mean beds are going unused.

But that’s not the point.  The Data Point begs the question:

If the Green Line has been so high for so long, and if I know that Vaccines are supposed to be protecting us, but if I know that the WuFlu case increases are going exponential, then


I’m not looking for excuses, I’m not looking for explanations. I’m just looking at the GOVERNMENT SUPPLIED Data going:


Seriously – why risk the side effect?  Especially if, by looking at the TOTAL DEATHS BY AGE on the left side, if you are 49 or younger, you have little to NO risk of death?

And yes, I read Steve’s post as well and went “Ummm?”.   Yeah, the Grandson is not going to get the Jab until THAT situation is fixed / accounted for.

And I’m listening to Fascist Fauci, King of Healthcare Tyranny, on WMUR, yammering:

We have a very effect tool. We have too many people, 60 million people or so who are adults that are eligible for vaccination that are not vaccinated. We’ve GOT to get them vaccinated!

Yeah, graph time.

And note that WMUR is no longer telling us what the ages are of those succumbing either directly from COVID or as a co-morbidity to other causes. Yeah, covering NH like no one else…

…with a pillow.