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Does NH Gov. Chris Sununu Have a Chance For Redemption 2.0? – No Lockdowns or Mask Mandates Edition

Gov Chris Sununu

Skip shared some encouraging news late this morning. He slipped it into the published pile when I wasn’t looking, but I’m glad he did. In short, someone says the governor, Chris Sununu, has said that “we will not lockdown again, there will be no mask mandate, there will be no vaccine passport here in NH.”


I had a discussion with <redacted> last night re: Sununu’s “remorse” over how he handled the Covid incident.  He has told <that person> we will not lock down again, there will be no mask mandate, there will be no vaccine passport here in NH.


So, Sununu is only saying this now because he is (probably) running against US Senate Dem Maggie Hassan and he’s more committed to recovering the support his original COVID-policy response has cost him than anything else.

As Skip writes,


His “remorse” is spelled:  “U S S E N A T E”.

Just like his older bruddah who decided he could delay his campaign against Jeanne Shaheen 3 terms ago, this “remorse” is too little, too late.  And late recognizing what he did to thousands of New Hampshirites, not to mention the damage to The Rule of Law with respect to Constitutional restraint.

And he wants us to let him go and jump into the Washington swamp???


I think Sununu would get swampy. He is descended from swampy and he does swampy things, so I accept Skip’s concerns but in the context of this, which I wrote in early July, my position has to be a bit more fluid.

In a piece titled “Does NH Gov. Chris Sununu Have a Chance For Redemption? I note that redemption or salvation is warranted when true penance is given.

To quote myself,

I’ve spoken at the odd event now and again about the question of forgiveness. Redemption and salvation should be attainable if someone is truly repentant—even Governor Sununu.


Pennance, redemption, and salvation are the foundation of the Christian faith, just not in a vacuum. I won’t repeat that explanation again here, you can read it for yourselves, but I will repeat this.


“Be a leader and say no. Then make it a priority to do what we (at GraniteGrok) did every day, for months after the so-called December 2020 spike. Present the data to the people.”


There are bucketloads of scientific reports from experts with no political agenda that prove the entire plan was bad and is bad. Expert opinion by people whose livelihood does not benefit if we believe them or follow their suggestions – reporting on things that explain what we see and make sense.

To quote Dr. Stock from another post earlier today, “the reason we still have a problem is we are doing things that are not useful,” and that “everything being recommended by the CDC is contrary to all the rules of science.”

We’ve been pretending that a flu virus will do different things if we give it a nice name and say it enough times, and that just ain’t so. There is tons of scientific support for pointing out that this is why what we did, didn’t work – while causing all sorts of unwanted side effects (job loss, closed businesses, mental health issues, addiction, suicide, declining educational attainment, loss of life years by short-circuiting regular doctors visits, etc.), so we’re not doing that ever again.

To revisit the quote, assuming it’s true “He has told <that person> we will not lockdown again, there will be no mask mandate, there will be no vaccine passport here in NH.”

Grab some popcorn, Chris, invite NH Epidemiologist Dr. Chan. Take notes, ask questions, and arm yourself for the lies the Left will throw at you. The ones over which you now claim to feel remorse.

More simply, nothing they demanded worked then, and it won’t work now.

Don’t just say it; show them, defend it, and use those experts for armor.

Vaccines, for example, were never the answer, even if they did half of what the proponents claim – which they can’t. We have proof of that, but that proof needs more champions. Not people who say no vaccinations at all but people who believe in informed consent.

If you, Governor Sununu, are willing to carry that water and defend it (like Desantis or Noem), not “just say no,” you could find yourself with a lot more support than if you just refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past.

And before you, dear readers, start railing on me – no, he’s not my first choice, but that does not mean he can’t do the right thing anyway and improve his odds if we will all benefit from that.

Besides, what’s the point of the process, the calls, the emails, the marches, the protests, and the petitions if we punish politicians who decide that we’re right and then do as we ask and prove it through action?

Would we be no better than the things we claim to hate so much about politics? A debate for another time.

One more point. If you’re serious, Chris, will you put your AG to work defending people from local governments who violate their constitutional rights to privacy, property, assembly, and so on?

That’d be a thing to behold, and I’m always hopeful, but I’m not holding my breath.