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Let People Decide on Masks and Vaccines for Themselves

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Over the last couple of weeks, some letter writers have felt it is their job to condemn other citizens regarding the choice of not taking vaccine shots. How about leaving other adults alone to decide for themselves instead of the heavy-handed guilt trips being pressured?

Full disclosure, both my wife and I chose to take the two-shot vaccines, but we are in our late 70s with preexisting conditions, so we chose.

The problem is there has been no clear message from our government at any level giving clear facts one way or the other. Dr. Fauci has flipped around more than a flounder in the bottom of a fishing boat on masks, vaccines, and all else.

There are no clear numbers such as how many currently hospitalized with the flu have or have not received the vaccine, which vaccine works best. What we get are mixed messages depending on the latest political stories being pushed by one “expert” or politician or media authority. The last thing we need is any self-appointed local letter writers deciding who should do what.

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In a related issue, a plan by the Biden administration to send agents door to door to inquire if folks have taken shots or not isn’t something I would support. Once again there is that flounder in the boat, and it’s the same with masks. No school board should be telling parents their child can’t go to school either with or without a mask. Boards are not qualified to sift through all the contradictory claims being pushed and know what is what.

CDC appears to be as much a political agency as it is a medical one. I sure don’t trust it anymore, but that’s just me, and any board that does trust it is throwing the dice. Let parents decide, if they want their child to mask, up fine, if not fine.

On a loosely related but significant event, the Taliban is running amuck again in Afghanistan. Biden is blaming Trump, but he’s the one supposed to be in charge and looks like he’s running full steam away from that issue. Symptomatic of the Dem’s current ideology you ask? Could be.