Medical Personnel Are at No Greater Virus Risk than General Public - Granite Grok

Medical Personnel Are at No Greater Virus Risk than General Public

Fight the pandemic or the people

Firing doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who haven’t had a COVID-19 vaccine is going to cause unneeded pain, suffering, and perhaps death to many thousands, if not millions of Americans, perhaps including you or your family members.

This arbitrary and unjustified presidential edict, not passed by our elected lawmakers, is also unfair and unjustified.

Is anyone silly enough to believe that “90 day wonders” churned out by community colleges, similar institutions, or even our great military medics are going to be able to provide the quality health care that our current medical professionals provide? Medical professionals spend years being educated, trained, tested, licensed, and gaining enough experience to reliably provide quality medical care.

What about, ”my body, my choice?” Our medical professionals see people dealing with the adverse consequences of these vaccines; they are fully capable of deciding what is right for themselves, and necessary considering their responsibilities. After all, these professionals have been dealing with the sick, contagious, injured, and dying long before COVID-19, following procedures to protect themselves and others.

Where is the scientific justification for requiring that all medical personnel be vaccinated? None has been provided. Where is the flood of news stories reporting the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices caused by medical personnel? There isn’t any.

Yes, COVID-19 spread wildly through nursing homes in some places, but that was mostly caused by Democrat governors like Andrew Cuomo, Phil Murphy, and Gretchen Whitmer who forced COVID-19 patients back into the nursing homes despite the nursing homes’ objections that they weren’t prepared to handle COVID-19 patients.

Where is the justice of firing the medical personnel who have been putting their lives and the lives of their families in jeopardy every day over the last 20 months to treat COVID-19 patients? Many medical personnel caught and recovered from COVID-19 giving them better immunity than provided by the vaccines, why do they need to be vaccinated? Others may have immunity without knowing it. Whatever the case, no evidence has been provided that unvaccinated medical personnel pose a significant threat to others.

The Biden administration people who made the arbitrary, and in my humble opinion insane, decision to fire unvaccinated medical personnel will suffer no consequences from their decision. They will get the medical care they need from well-trained and experienced personnel.

You, me, our loved ones, and our friends are the people who will suffer from their decision. We will suffer pain and death from delayed treatments, mistreatments, misdiagnoses, delayed and botched surgeries, and lack of attention due to inadequate training and experience, and insufficient staff.

Call your representative, senators, and President Joe Biden; tell them to stop this insane directive.