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Ken Wyler Is Right – Biden’s COVID Money Just Another Attack on Federalism

The Federal Government is almost ALWAYS taxing We the People and filtering it through the DC bureaucracy. They then send it back to us (after taking their cut) but with strings attached. Sometimes those strings are just strings but they are often as thick as bridge cables.

And you can never get out from underneath them.

A simple example is the Feds promising money to the States IF and ONLY IF the States mandate adult seat belt use.

The argument is that if it is that good of an idea why do the Feds need to skirt around the 10th by bribing the States? I think it was about $3.60 per NH adult – such a small amount – to remove OUR right to choose that shouldn’t have any part in Federalism.

And if you have forgotten your Civics class (or are too young to have had one in the Government schools), Federalism is the philosophy that while the Federal Government is the “superior” level of Government, it is ONLY such in those US Constitutionally enumerated areas (Article I) where the States’ Rights are also enumerated in the Tenth Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Thus, the US Constitution is supposed to be a concrete fence whose purpose is to restrain the potential for vast Power from the Federal level that might otherwise overrun those Powers of the State and those whose ultimately matter: We, the People, whose consent determines the validity and legitimacy of any level of Government.

The Declaration of Independence was a document that was a perfect demonstration of a People withdrawing their consent from their government.

Back to the bribery part.

While much of the kerfuffle concerning what the percentage of those in hospitals are for Vaxxed or Unvaxxed, NH State Rep (and Grokster!) Judy Aron sent this over.

YOU SHOULD TAKE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS SERIOUSLY – the further bribing of States in destroying the sense of Federalism and State Sovereignty per the 10th Amendment:


Federal Strings Attached for COVID money


Get that?

  1. The HHS Secretary now has “reach-in” Power over our State and locally elected Representatives in an area in which the Federal Government has no Constitutional Powers
  2. The Individual has NO Right in this matter. Each of us would be stripped of any-say-so stemming from some far-away bureaucrat in DC that has little to no idea of local conditions.
  3. Give up NH’s sovereignty to the Feds in this area.

#3 is a direct assault of the Sanctuary City / County / State Movement in which those locals have decided that they will not take part in enforcing any Federal Order (like a new Biden Executive Order).  Take the money, you throw that ability away to tell the Feds that “you don’t have that Power”.

Take that money, accept those “strings attached”, and you show your constituents:

  • You love money more than your constituents’ Liberties and Freedoms – and them as well.
  • You either don’t care or are too stupid to understand and HONOR one of our Constitutional Republic’s foundational philosophies.
  • You hate New Hampshire and the State Motto that goes along with it: “Live Free or Die”.

Congratulations to Ken Wyler for sticking to his guns and not backing down!

To those Democrats that are yammering that he should be sacked from his Committee? Thanks for showing that the three points I just put up are all yours and you agree with them.