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Progressive - you are greedy for not letting me spend your money

Belknap County Delegation Sets a Good Example

Everyone realizes that the China virus can make people very sick or die, but some people fail to consider its financial harm to tens of millions of Americans from lost jobs, greatly reduced incomes, and/or the failures of their businesses.  Some workers and business owners in Belknap County have also suffered severe financial harm.

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Nice to Finally See Democrats Condemning Violence

After years of silence as Democrat activists rioted in American cities killing dozens and physically, emotionally, and financially injuring thousands of innocent people; destroying billions of dollars of public and private property, and attacking the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court Building; it’s nice to finally see Democrats condemn, rather than support, violence.

Wind turbines, wind mills

Solar is good for Sunbathing and Wind is good for Kite Flying, But Neither is good for Electricity

Climate alarmists promote the Green New Deal and demand that we replace fossil fuels with “free” wind and solar generated electricity.  But wind and solar generated electricity are neither free nor environmentally friendly.  Both are costly and unreliable electric energy sources.  Both require huge amounts of resources that will result in extensive mining in pristine …

Solar is good for Sunbathing and Wind is good for Kite Flying, But Neither is good for Electricity Read More »

NYP Censored 400 x

Biden Diverts Voters from His 47 Year Career, His Plans, and Trump’s Accomplishments

Democrats divert attention from President Trump’s success in addressing America’s decades’ old problems, making Americans’ safer, wealthier, and providing better, more affordable healthcare; making our country stronger; and the World safer (earning three Nobel Peace Prize nominations).  Despite Covid-19, most Americans are better off now than four years ago ( 

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Justice Barrett Pledges Government “By the People”

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s brief speech after being sworn in clearly pinpoints the responsibilities of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of our Government as established in our Constitution to protect the rights of the American people.


Media Bias Displayed in Presidential Town Halls

October 15’s Presidential Candidate Town Halls revealed extensive media bias and a contrast of old plans and old promises versus rapid accomplishments. George Stephanopoulos rarely involved himself in VP Biden’s town hall, giving the audience and VP Biden time to ask and answer questions.

Our Founding Fathers Deserve Praise for the Good They Did

It’s not slavery that hurts Americans today; slavery was outlawed 155 years ago. Americans should feel proud that our founders stated in our country’s first official document the (Judeo-Christian) principle that “all men are created equal.”