Jim Kofalt, Author at Granite Grok

Jim Kofalt

Jim is a Board Member of the 603 Alliance and lives in Wilton, New Hampshire.   He also serves as the Northeast Director for Right Tech PAC, which provides campaign technology to candidates who will advance the cause of limited government.  Jim has served on his school budget committee and has been a candidate for State Representative.

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The Ticking Time Bomb of Excessive Government Power

Imagine that two years ago, someone had told you OSHA’s broadly defined powers would soon be applied in an attempt to force Americans into accepting a novel medical treatment they don’t want, and some believe they don’t need.

Karoline Leavitt

Karoline Leavitt Will Bring the Kind of Change We Need

Congressional approval ratings are abysmal, – and for good reason. For years, our elected representatives in Washington have been spending our nation into oblivion, racking up debt that amounts to over $87,000 for each US citizen. With unfunded liabilities, that number surpasses $484,000 per person. If you’re wondering why the cost of everything is going …

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Empowering Parents GIP sponsored

Concerned Parents Should be Heard, not Silenced

Democrat appeals for the resignation of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut would be laughable if not for the fact that they so perfectly typify the corrosive current political climate that currently exists in our nation.


Let’s Elect Principled Conservatives, Not Democrat-Donors

One of the most hotly contested Republican primaries for September promises to be the race for Executive Council District 5. And although the Executive Council is relatively obscure to most New Hampshire voters, it is, in fact, one of the more powerful elected bodies in the state.


603 Alliance Editorial: It’s Time to Reopen New Hampshire

[The following editorial is presented on behalf of the 603 Alliance Board of Directors.] New Hampshire’s “stay at home order” was issued on March 16th. Over two months later, we continue to face serious restrictions that limit our ability to earn a living, that restrain our freedom of assembly, and that restrict our right to worship …

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