Jim Kofalt

Jim is a Board Member of the 603 Alliance and lives in Wilton, New Hampshire.   He also serves as the Northeast Director for Right Tech PAC, which provides campaign technology to candidates who will advance the cause of limited government.  Jim has served on his school budget committee and has been a candidate for State Representative.


Settled Silence

If man-made climate change is indeed the most urgent threat facing humanity, then experts should embrace the opportunity to make that case and convince non-believers. Unfortunately, the most strident advocates for climate-change remediation seem uninterested in coming to the table. 

Golden Book AOC Racism

Now it’s Racist to Oppose Jeanne Shaheen

  At Tuesday’s rally for Bill O’Brien, the crowd broke into a chant: “Send her home.  Send her home…” The “her” in this case referred to US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (she/her/hers).

Bill O'Brien US Senate

The 603 Alliance Endorses Bill O’Brien for US Senate

As the Democrats ramp up for the Presidential primary, we hear progressively louder demands for open borders, socialized health care, and increasingly absurd standards of political correctness. Our current US Senators claim to be centrists but have consistently voted in support of a radical agenda. New Hampshire can do better. This Tuesday, Bill O’Brien is …

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NEA Teachers Union Logo

Whither Quality Education? Ask the NEA.

As my friend Ian Underwood has pointed out here, here, here, here, and here, there is a lot of data on education spending and a lot of data on student performance, but no correlation between the two.


The Claremont Way

In the mid-1990’s, the town of Claremont pleaded poverty, insisting that the rest of the state should pony up more money to fund its local schools. The result was the imposition of a wealth-redistribution scheme on the rest of our state. A decade later, Claremont wasn’t looking so poverty-stricken after all.

Frame conversation framing

Re-framing, Part 2 (Money In Politics Edition)

In a recent post, I wrote about the importance of “framing the conversation.”  I cited a segment on Tucker Carlson’s show in which he debated a Bernie Sanders surrogate over the Green New Deal. In response to my post, a Grok reader added some remarks in the comments section.

woorkers vs looters right enemy wrong enemy dan mitchell

Re-framing: Workers vs. Looters

Last night’s Tucker Carlson show included a spot with Nomiki Konst, a former Bernie Sanders’ surrogate.  Tucker started off with this challenge: “Name one proposal in the Green New Deal that you’re aware of that would not increase the power of the Democratic party.”  What followed was not a debate about policies, but rather, a …

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JCN calls BS on AOC

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”  While it’s unclear who originally said this (it is sometimes attributed to Lenin, sometimes to Goebbels); the unfortunate fact is that we’re seeing it in action on a daily basis.  The left has become extraordinarily comfortable with outright fabrication, even after it has been proven …

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Some Animals are ore equal than others

Identity Politics on the NHGOP eBoard

Fair elections (in which everyone has an equal voice) are good. Special carveouts for identity groups are bad. I thought that was what the GOP stood for, but apparently not. The NHGOP’s bylaws stipulate that three specific Republican groups (NH Federation of Republican Women, the Young Republicans, and the College Republicans) are each entitled to a voting …

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