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BCRC November Meeting – Resolution: Vaccine Mandate

Belknap County NH

This past Wednesday night was the November meeting of the Belknap County Republican Committee and was held at the Gilford Public Library. Per usual, there were the normal “reports” (not recorded).

The Belknap County Republican Committee, under its new Leadership / Executive Committee, has become much more politically activist. No longer a “go along, get along” and just minding its own business (as under the previous long term and moribund administration), it has realized it is a political entity to get things DONE that is of importance to its membership. And doing it by putting Republican Principles foremost.

Imagine that! Representing its constituency instead of assuming that it is the end all be all!  Not just saying “the words” but putting them into action. What a concept!

Last night was something that I had never seen done in the years I’ve known about the BCRC since becoming politically active back in the early 2000s – taking an activist bent in passing Resolutions that speak to relevant issues of the day regardless of what the “higher-ups” would think.

This first one deals with Resolution concerning Vaccine Mandates

Part 1:


Part 2:

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