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Death of Medical Science

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Covid 19 has taught us that medical science is dead, and witch doctors have taken over most of the medical profession and have intimidated 99% of the rest of the profession.

This is truly a frightening and distressing development at a period in our history when the medical profession knows better but, apparently,  cowers to the power of fauci federal grant money. The question is how did the medical profession allow this to happen and how do we resurrect our medical care from the dead.

The blessing of Covid 19 is that it exposed the rot that had conquered the federal bureaucratic medical aristocracy and its corrupt relationship with Big Pharma.

Dr. Peter Navarro in his bestselling book In Trump Time exposes how this secret bureaucratic conspiracy of the bipartisan Washington international globalist, not only provided millions of dollars to fund the genetically engineered CCP virus but also covered up the CCP origin of the virus and deliberately thwarted the use of highly effective and medically safe therapeutic treatment by hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

Everyone should read the book.

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Now as a society we must recover from our denial of these facts, proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and decide what steps need to be taken to prevent this mass murder of, especially, elderly citizens in the future.

My suggestion is to use common sense, not allow Faucicrats and Big Pharma to obscure inexpensive and proven medical treatments to be condemned, and follow the science to the simple solution: proven therapeutics.