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Blow Dart Blacks?

FDA Logo screengrab

Seems the political correct express has gone off the tracks, just a tad, down at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It’s all about how to enforce “mandatory” vaccine injections.

Can’t tell how many people are refusing the Jab but appears quite a few, like hundreds of thousands.

African Americans in large numbers seem somewhat untrusting of government in cases like this. A historic hangover from the Tuskegee experiments from early last century, perhaps? So an FDA spokesperson had the brilliant suggestion that if Blacks refused to get the “jab,” “blow dart” it into them. Honest to God, he actually said blow dart.

Pause reading for a moment to consider this from a Government official.

Already Mayor De Blasio has been put on notice, by BLM leaders, to not dare ban blacks from stores, theaters, or restaurants because they have not taken the vaccine. It would be viewed as racism – and rioting would be their response. Consider the response if the Feds showed up with tranquillizer guns to enforce the Biden mandate? “IT” would hit the fan, and NYC, like thunder come down the mountain.

The FDA already has a plan to register all the unvaccinated Americans even if they have to go door to door. Never mind HIPAA privacy regulations, this is a “presidential mandate” (unconstitutional?) most likely. If history buffs find this is sounding more and more like NAZI Germany forcing Jews to wear a yellow Star of David, they wouldn’t be far off. Then, who would the fools be that would do the door to door? Wonder what the causality rate among them would be? Already reading even many non-Blacks say they would resist any such act.

How to p*ss of everyone, Joe.

On another front on Wednesday members of House Foreign Affairs Committee, Republicans and Democrats “stormed out” of an intelligence briefing by Administration briefers. “Couldn’t / wouldn’t answers the simplest questions from committee members. Like, how many Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan? Why don’t the numbers add up? Then the reports that our Afghan interpreters, thousands left behind, families and they are being beheaded. Horrific stories.

Can’t say this was unexpected. Biden had to have his “great success” optics,  in time for 9-11 anniversary. How about this as a pretty picture? Democrats and the Left should be so proud!