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Trump Border Security Address

US vs. The Ruling Class

You may have seen or heard what I’m about to share. But for some reason, while it has been around for 8 months, I’ve missed it. And while the issues covered are not new, I somehow missed these remarks by President Trump. Words that we need to hear.

Clinton Witness Removal Hearse

Epstein Conspiracy Theories

Having seen some conservative commentators come out for quelling any other conservatives questioning Jeffry Epstein’s murder I thought I would put this complicated story in perspective.

Jeanne Shaheen

More #FakeNews From the N.H. Political “Press”

It goes without saying that posting about the #FakeNews peddled by what passes as “press” in New Hampshire would be an all-day, every-day job. Still it’s worth calling them out as much as possible. So this from two of New Hampshire’s foremost fake-reporters: and this: The “articles” are virtually identical, and are actually little more …

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