The Obama - Clinton Libyan Legacy Grows: Black African's Now Sold as Slaves - Granite Grok

The Obama – Clinton Libyan Legacy Grows: Black African’s Now Sold as Slaves

Slave trade libya

We don’t talk much about Libya. You mention Benghazi, and Demedia deflect to any topic, usually Trump bad! For what it’s worth before Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton meddled there, it was a stable autocracy. Not great but stable. Now it’s a violent s**thole where black Africans are sold as slaves.

You can thank Mr. Peace Prize and his Secretary of State Hillary ‘Hidden-Sever’ Clinton. They decided to overthrow the government. No, it wasn’t the Arab Spring, it was the terrorist winter. Create power vacuums.

Libya is still a smoking vacuum. Crime and violence are rampant. And the body of a dead American ambassador is not the only thing dragged through the streets.

African refugees fleeing points south who find themselves in Libya might just as easily end up for sale.

If a Republican President had invaded Libya and overthrown its government, then left bloody chaos, terrorism and rampant arms smuggling behind, our courageous press corps would be all over the story like a chicken on a June bug. …

But the latest news, that slave markets are now operating in Libya, where desperate black Africans are being bought and sold as slaves, ought to trigger some kind of response.

We will get little to none. Libya is off-limits. A mysterious place with an uncertain past (we can’t talk about it) and no future. Lessons learned? A crazy white lady and her black boss turned reached across the world for an international press victory and turned into a chaotic slave state.

Is that better or worse than the vacuum they left to be filled by the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

Democrats ruing everything they touch.