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NH Dems Whine About Sununu But Ignore Laundering of Tax Dollars to the Bidens

Money Laundering

Do you want to hear about a real scandal? During the Obama Administration, massive sums of taxpayer dollars were laundered through domestic agencies and foreign governments into the hands of Democrats and their special interests. NGO’s, politicians, and their families.

The Bidens are currently the most visible benefactors. Joe’s payday. The Burisma hiring of Hunter Biden. Green Energy “grants” to foreign and domestic interests connected to the Bidens and Democrat donors. Money funneled to NGO’s who hired Democrat politician’s family members.

The extortion to fire a prosecutor who uncovered it in Ukranian.

They were all getting rich on laundered tax dollars.

The Democrat’s obsession with removing Trump is nothing more than a coordinated effort to hide all of this corruption. That’s why it will never end. It can’t. The swamp will eventually cough up all the “bodies” if they give him time to find them.

After three years of this, it is clear that the scandal touches nearly everyone in Democrat leadership from the DNC to the Clintons. Both Obama’s the Bidens, Pelosi, and others. Major Democrat donors and their foundations. Globalist NGOs are probably also beneficiaries and, by extension, foreign interests who participate in them. Even election meddling.

Donald Trump is not one of them, and he is uniquely positioned to expose them all.

If he wins in November 2020, he may have just enough time to get it all aired out before the public. Not that we’ll need to wait that long.

The Durham report will probably drop sometime before the election. The investigation into the investigation created to hide all of this corruption.

Meanwhile, back in New Hampshire, Democrats are doing their own little dance and making hay out of Sununu declaring Waterville Valley, an economic opportunity zone or something. I agree with them on one point. The optics are terrible. Sununu runs Waterville when he’s not the Governor.

It reeks of opportunism and self-enrichment, but Democrats have no legs on which to stand. Everything the left does is about using government force to”enrich” themselves in either money or power. Taking from others, rights or property, in sacrifice to the angry gods of government at whose alters they preach and feed.
That doesn’t excuse Sununu’s choice, but until they can come clean about the serial fraud upon which their political foundations are built, they might want to keep their mouths shut.

A political reckoning is on the horizon. When that light shines down, they might want to be hiding under a rock.