The Difference Between John McCain’s 2008 “Russian Collusion” And Trump’s in 2016


I’ll link the audio when I get more time, but this was too juicy to leave alone. Did you know that in 2008 a nearly identical Russian Collusion narrative arose during John McCain’s presidential campaign? Individuals associated with the campaign were believed to have a connection to Russia.  What happened?

George Bush’s FBI met with McCain. They explained their concerns. McCain took their advice and the campaign let those people go. It was never heard of again.

One of the big questions hanging over the Obama FBI and DOJ is this. Why didn’t the investigative community contact Mr. Trump during his campaign and make him aware of their concerns so he could do the same thing?

The answer is simple.

They wanted to use it as an excuse to spy on an opposing political campaign for President. An excuse they fabricated out of thin air for that very purpose.

I think this will come out as the investigation into the DOJ and FBI, Obama, and Clinton unfolds.

And yes, there will be an investigation.