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Peter Lemiska

Peter Lemiska served in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Secret Service.   Following his retirement from the Secret Service, he spent several years as a volunteer for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.   Like most of his contemporaries, he’s always loved his country, and is deeply dismayed by this new and insidious anti-American sentiment threatening to destroy it.   He’s a life-long conservative, and his opinion pieces have been published in various print media and on numerous internet sites.

Joe Biden – Boring but Dangerous

After months of promoting Joe Biden as an accomplished lawmaker, a gentleman politician, and a uniter, the best thing the media can say about him now is that he’s boring.  The New York Times published a recent article entitled “Voters Chose Boring Over Bombast…”

More Sleight-of-Hand by Democrats and the Media

Most conservatives are utterly bewildered by the national apathy toward the ongoing border crisis.  They wonder why more Americans aren’t outraged by the onslaught of unscreened aliens illegally flooding across our border, or by an American President who ignores our immigration laws, who is unilaterally dismantling our border controls. Only a very small number of …

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Is Kamala Harris in over Her Head?

The vice president has come under widespread withering criticism following her recent disastrous interview with Lester Holt and that contrived expedition to Guatemala and Mexico to uncover the “root causes” of the border crisis.

It’s not chess; it’s just the classic shell game

USA Today recently ran a lengthy article analyzing the challenges that President Biden faces as he deals with the immigration problem on our southern border.  Written by an ensemble of well-respected journalists, the piece was entitled “High-level chess”: How Biden is navigating his relationship with Mexico’s President ‘AMLO.’  The article was accompanied by a photo …

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Realizing a Progressive Dream by Rewriting the English Dictionary

Today’s Democrats seem to have a way with words. They may have learned the power of word manipulation sometime around the turn of this century.  That’s when they introduced to America a radical concept once considered outlandish.  They couldn’t have done it without redefining a single word, a word that, throughout recorded history, meant the …

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