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Peter Lemiska

Peter Lemiska is an Air Force veteran and retired from the U.S. Secret Service as a Senior Special Agent. His political commentaries have been widely published on line and also in print.

Golden Opportunity

Democrats Go for the Gold

America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented.  The complete shutdown of our national economy is truly historic.  Not since World War II have Americans experienced such widespread anxiety, unrest, and economic hardship.

A Medical Necessity, a National Catastrophe

The economic paralysis we’re suffering today is catastrophic, but it’s just what the doctor ordered. Looking back, it’s clear the medical profession was caught off guard by the coronavirus.  When it first appeared in China, the medical community here was, at most, cautiously concerned.

The Shroud of Socialism

The shroud of socialism won’t be lifted with Bernie’s defeat

  Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on one thing:  Bernie Sanders cannot defeat President Trump in the general election.  While his raucous crowds and early campaign victories suggest widespread support, a recent Gallup poll confirms that 53 percent of Americans surveyed would not vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

William Barr - twitter image

Protecting Democracy by Trolling for Trump-haters?

If there’s one thing Democrats understand, it’s the science of propaganda.  They’ve been using one of the basic propaganda tools for three years.  Joseph Goebbels explained it like this: “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it…”

Shame of Impeachment

’Tis the Season to be Gleeful?

It is, as another seasonal song tells us, a most wonderful time of the year.  It’s a time when most people seem a little more charitable, more giving and forgiving.  It’s a season that brings, for most, a measure of comfort, hope and joy.

Baffled Democrats

Why Democrats Can’t Find More Support for Impeachment

Frustrated Democrats have tried everything to gain public support for impeachment.  After alternately hinting at it, suggesting it, and demanding it for three years, they brought in a special counsel to investigate the president. Then there were the hearings, closed and open. They tried appealing to our sense of justice and to our patriotism.  After …

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Can Barack Obama be prosecuted for bribery?

Over the past several weeks, Democrats have been trying to justify their impeachment hearings based on some allegations of a quid pro quo between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. But most Americans, reasonable Americans, understand that the hearings are nothing more than a farce, the culmination of the Democrats’ three-year-long neurotic obsession with …

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Biden's Latin Lesson

There’s quid pro quo, and then there’s political corruption

As Democrats continue to push for open borders while obsessing about multiculturalism, they seem to have discovered a new appreciation for multilingualism as well.  Ever since that controversial phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky, Democrats across the country have been endlessly repeating one Latin phrase they believe will lead to President Trump’s …

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Biden Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine

Race-Baiting Democrats Snare One of Their Own

As Democrats embark on their determined quest to unseat President Trump, it’s no coincidence that our national discourse has turned to issues like school busing, racial injustice, and the evils of slavery.  While Democrats seem eager to exploit those issues for political advantage, most Americans believe they belong in the history books. Slavery was never …

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