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Peter Lemiska

Peter Lemiska served in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Secret Service.   Following his retirement from the Secret Service, he spent several years as a volunteer for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.   Like most of his contemporaries, he’s always loved his country, and is deeply dismayed by this new and insidious anti-American sentiment threatening to destroy it.   He’s a life-long conservative, and his opinion pieces have been published in various print media and on numerous internet sites.

Voting for Corruption

How Much Corruption Will Democrat Voters Stomach Just To Defeat Trump?

Looking at the primal rage and anti-Trump hysteria burdening Democrats these days, it’s hard to remember that just a few short years ago, they were alive, happy, and filled with boundless love.  Yet there they were, metaphorically basking on the deck of some luxury ocean liner, with Barack Obama at the helm and the wind …

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One America, Two Perspectives

One America, Two Perceptions

Many are calling the upcoming election the most important in our history.  The two presidential candidates in this election clearly have diametrically opposing views of our country, the problems we face, and the solutions they offer.

Biden-Bernie socialism

Is this the Face of the New Socialist?

Democrats have spent a lot of time in recent years trying to shake off the label of “socialist.” Barack Obama used to brush it aside, scoff at it.  When Joe Biden was asked about it recently, he answered more directly, boasting, “I beat the socialist…Do I look like a socialist?”

dividing the country

Don’t blame Trump for dividing our country.

  As the Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden is talking a lot these days about unifying the country.  During his acceptance speech, he mentioned the word “unite” at least eight times.  He said, “United we can, and will, overcome this season of darkness.”

Joe Biden’s Courage to Conform

Joe Biden’s supporters have called him a man of courage. The late John Lewis used those very words to describe him shortly after Biden jumped into the presidential race.  Nancy Pelosi went a little further, calling Biden the “personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity.”

America's Future 2020

Still the Land of the Free? Maybe Not.

Before coronavirus and widespread rioting filled the headlines, there was the controversy over undocumented immigration and sanctuary cities.  Advocates of open borders were using the Statue of Liberty and the words inscribed in her base to defend their argument.

Democrat Appeasement of the Squeaky Wheels

Have the squeaky wheels taken over?

Here in America, as in all free societies, we’ve always functioned under a simple, but essential concept – the principle of majority rule.  It has its flaws, but it’s vastly superior to totalitarian regimes, dictatorships, and oligarchies.

Police Protect

Defunding the Police – An Insane Solution to a Fabricated Problem

It’s really hard to understand how we got to where we are today.  The video of George Floyd’s death was deeply disturbing, but there has to be something else at work to bring about the widespread rioting, the wanton destruction of our national monuments, the vitriol directed at law enforcement officers, and the insane demands …

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The Democrats Are Accomplices to Chaos

It may be interesting to hear rational Democrats try to explain away the insane demands of their radical counterparts, but we really don’t need clarification.  When those radicals call for defunding and abolishing the police, they mean exactly what they say.