Criminal Referrals Coming for Clinton Operatives Involved in Russian Collusion Hoax

Handcuffs due process

The Democrats are not the only ones who can’t let this ‘Collusion’ thing go. As Democrat-lead Congressional committees gear up for endless investigations of political opponents Republicans must feel left out. Rep. Devin Nunes is reportedly preparing criminal referrals to the DOJ for a number of Clinton-connected operatives.

President Trump has called for an investigation into the actors behind the witch hunt but that was never necessary. Nunes, who has been a go-to guy for commentary throughout the Mueller probe probably had it worked out long ago. He was just waiting for the report to drop.

And it has.


Trump: “Hopefully, somebody is going to be looking at the other side.”

The Mueller Report Honeymoon is already over. The left is moving on to feed the media narrative. But they won’t be alone.

Given the number of violations by Democrats operatives for Clinton, exposed and ignored in the course of the Mueller investigation, this will prove to be a much more interesting ride. If a special prosecutor is assigned, they will need to survive the blistering abuse they will receive from Democrats and the press. There will be a massive crowd-sourced discrediting campaign. Not to mention the complete lack of air cover that Mueller enjoyed until near the end.

It will be Ken Starr-like abuse on steroids.

Someone needs to take that mantle. Who? When?  My guess is there will be a line and it will be soon.