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Dems Scared Surging Sanders Could Have the Nomination “Wrapped Up” Early


Democrats and CNN set Liz Warren on Bernie Sanders, and it backfired spectacularly. The ghosts of 2016 rose and with it Bernie’s poll numbers. He’s kicking ass in Iowa and New Hampshire. He could march out of the early States to take Super Tuesday and have the nomination “Wrapped Up” Early.

With all of Liz Warren’s supporters behind him (where else are they going to go). A factor I neglected to consider in my last analysis of the consequences of the latest CNN hit job.

A lead too large to get the Dems the brokered convention they’d hoped for – where second-round Super Delegates could sink Bernie’s dinghy. He might be the only ship in the water.

Democrats are so worried they won’t get there from here they are trying to form a stop Bernie coalition to raise money and oppose him.

Democrats. In the Democrat party. Trying to stop Bernie. As if the mere mention won’t increase his support.

A group of loosely affiliated Democratic operatives have been in discussions about putting together an effort to attack Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) should he end up winning next week’s Iowa caucus and, potentially, the New Hampshire primary a week later.

The talks, which two sources described to The Daily Beast, are in their nascent stages, and have already hit a snag. Big money Democrats have shown reluctance at funding such an effort, which could consist of ads attacking Sanders, and institutions associated with Democratic politics have largely shied away from being part of any campaign that goes after the senator, either out of fear over the backlash or growing acceptance at the prospect of him becoming the party’s nominee…

Sanders is rocking up to 30% support in Iowa (24% poll avg) and 29% in New Hampshire (also a 24% Poll Avg). His rise started right after the January CNN Debate hit job, coincidentally. And while Biden still leads in Nevada and South Carolina, if Bernie beats them up in the Caucus and the First In the Nation Primary, Biden’s lead could vanish as quickly as it did in NH and Iowa. Warrens remaining supporters will flee her sinking ship to back him.

Is It All Downhill for Democrats from Here?

Biden was ahead of Sanders before the January Debate. Both he and Warren have nose-dived in the two weeks since.

 Which amuses the hell out of me. I thought for sure Joe would survive because the DNC wanted him. Even Joe is having a hard time screwing it up. Leave it to Liz Warren and the Democrat party to screw it up for him. And them. 

A Sanders v Trump contest would be awesome. Hat tip Legal Insurrection for this truth bomb from Professor Jacobson, also care of Legal Insurrection.

Bernie v. Trump is the battle we need, just as Britain needed Corbyn v. Johnson

It’s a long way from here to Bernie being the Democrat nominee, but who else will it be? Biden? Maybe, but there’s no energy there.

If Warren continues to fall, will her supporters go to a crony corporatist like Biden? Combined, the far-left wing of the party as reflected in combined Bernie and Warren supporters far outpaces Biden. If the far left coalesces around Bernie, there’s no reason he can’t win the nomination.

A Bernie v. Trump battle is the battle we need, just as Britain needed far-leftist anti-Western anti-Israel Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn versus conservative capitalist pro-Western pro-Israel Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson.

The recent love-affair with state-run socialism would have a national stage, complete with media sycophants trying to run cover. Talk about a target-rich environment. Socialist math every night of the week from the summer till November and Democrats trying to salvage their down-ticket asses along the way.

America is not ready for that; if we get out the vote, on top of the vote-getting itself out to stop Sanders Socialism (and AOC in the White House), that potential Democrat wipe-out in 2020 would be the best thing for America since the election of President Trump.