Norm Silber, Author at Granite Grok

Norm Silber

Norm Silber is a New Hampshire & Florida lawyer & political activist living in Gilford.  He served as a NH State Representative during 2017-18 and is an active member of numerous politically-oriented advocacy organizations, including The Federalist Society, the Republican National Lawyers Association, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, and Gun Owners of America.

The Secret Pollution of Lake Winnipesaukee

The major gem of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire is our famous Lake Winnipesaukee. Its 72 square miles of water are dotted with 274 islands, some larger than others, and many with “camps” or homes on them. To call some of these edifices “camps” might be a major understatement.

Some Steps to Reduce Voter Fraud

If we really want to have the voter registration laws in New Hampshire mean something as far as ballot integrity, this writer humbly suggests the following steps as solutions:  Eliminate same-day registration. Cause the voter checklists to be “closed” a reasonable time before each election, say 30 days or 60 days, after which if you …

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Bloody Kansas Redux

The State of Kansas has an election law requiring documentary proof of citizenship (“DPOC”) for voter registration. Why is this issue important to us in New Hampshire? NH law, RSA 654:1, makes being a citizen of the US one of the essential qualifications for registration to vote. This past Wednesday, April 29, the federal Court …

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