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US vs. The Ruling Class

Trump Border Security Address

You may have seen or heard what I’m about to share. But for some reason, while it has been around for 8 months, I’ve missed it. And while the issues covered are not new, I somehow missed these remarks by President Trump. Words that we need to hear.

Related: Donald Trump did not create the division, its existence is why he is President.

So, important are they, that I’m adding them to a very short list of things. Words and ideas (outside of founding documents or our Constitutions) that I deem so critical to the nation and the culture that they are revisited at least once every six months.

Angelo Codevilla’s “America’s Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution
Theorode Dalrymple’s “Don’t Legalize Drugs.”
Added: Ken White’s “Free Speech Tropes

And now thisThe threat you pose to the ruling class, outlined in a speech by Donald Trump.

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