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There Are No Neutrals

There Are No Neutrals In a Revolution

Are we in the midst of a cultural revolution? It is beginning to feel to most people as if there is forced change happening. If it is a cultural revolution and it really gets going there are things to consider.

moochers electing looters to steal from producers

Destroy America Based on a False Narrative

Cities across America have been burning. There has been widespread looting. In the aftermath property owners who were defending their life’s work were beaten senseless. What we see taking place throughout the country has nothing to do with George Floyd. It is an attempt at a totalitarian takeover.

Choose Socialism

What if We Choose Socialism?

What if we choose socialism? What should we expect? Does Marxism have merit? Socialism as an economic system does not work. With that said, it might be the most attractive political ideology ever.

The goal of socialism is communism

Face the Truth About Socialism

It is time for Bernie and all the people thinking of supporting him to face the truth about Socialism. Socialism works in opposition to liberty. It destroys free societies. America today faces a wide array of threats with one commonality: They all oppose American freedom.

Socialism is Marketing Promises

Socialism is Selling Slavery as Utopia

For millennials the media and more importantly educators frame the presentation of socialism.  The sellers, the media and educators, are offering what they know the potential buyer, youth and millennials, already want. This is much easier than starting from scratch to convince the buyer they need the product.