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I was a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Now I'm a Browncoat fighting the tyranny of the Covidists and their Public Health Tyranny Alliance (Among other things).

crush the heteronormative racist patriarchy original Photo by Raphael Renter on Unsplash

This is So Queer

Remember when being queer meant odd or unusual? A definition lost to the mists of time with words like niggardly (stingy) or faggot (a bundle of sticks or a cigarette in the UK).

The Salvation Army Logo

The Salvation Army’s New Mission – White People are Racists

The Salvation Army has embraced a new mission as part of its foundational commitment to “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination. To pre-discriminate against whites, and they created a study guide to do it.