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I was a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Now I'm a Browncoat fighting the tyranny of the Covidists and their Public Health Tyranny Alliance (Among other things).

James Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s “Homophobic” Telescope is Ready to Launch Into Space

NASA is ready to launch the next best thing in space telescopes, but they named it after James Webb. He “oversaw all the critical first manned launches in the Mercury through Gemini programs.” He’s a big deal to NASA, so this seemed like a fitting tribute, but someone’s pissed.

Minneapolis Riot Rubble

If BLM Gets its Way – Then What?

Not the first time the question has been broached, and baby, it won’t be the last. What happens next? Black Lives Matter wants what it wants. Their advocates carry that water, but to what end?  Not equality nor equity nor anything but more misery.